Saturday, January 11, 2014

Text Shaker - Amazing text editing tool

Today we are going to present you one simple and really useful one page website, that will help you to edit your text or paragraphs very easily and in very simple manner. It has some really useful tools that will save you big amounts of time, especially if you are editing already written text. The name of the website is TextShaker 1.0, it is a one page website, light, fast and without any ads or distructions.


The first feature is changing the order of your lines. You can choose sort your lines according to alphabet, length or random. The next feature is the Transform feature. You can make all of your letters upper case, or lower case. But also in this section there are features like capitalize the first letter only or trim lines, which will stripe the white space from the beginning or end of every line. 

The transform section also will enable you some SEO tools, like unpsin spintax or lines to URL slugs. In this section you can also add suffix or prefix, which is also really useful option.

The third category of features is Remove. Basically, here you can remove duplicate lines, empty lines, accents, spaces, numbers, trim lines and duplicate and empty lines. The next category of features is search and replace. Here you can easily find words or sentences and replace them with any desired words.The last feature is to keep or remove the lines that are containing certain characters.

As a publisher and writer I will surely continue to use this simple and very useful text editing tool. I love the features, the design and the fact that it is one page website without any spammy links or ads.