Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kiiroo - the innovative, provocative and unique private social network

I know that you are probably confused. What is Kiiroo? Ok, it is a social network. But there are many other social networks, why Kiiroo? Well, Kiiroo is unique in many ways. It is a private social network that will add different dimension to dating and love. It is still in developing stage, but I think it will be huge. 

It will combine the tech gadgets, sex, dating and intimacy into one really cool social media network that will try to improve the love life of many. However, Kirroo will be more of a sex, intimacy society. It will look very classy, it will look urban and futuristic, and it will be NSFW. They are still running provocative media promotion, including the likes of Sasha Grey, and they are getting the social media attention. 

Kiirro good amount of likes and follows in a short period of time on their Facebook and Twitter Profiles. If you are interested you can continue to follow the campaign there.

Kiirro will include luxury, fashion, but sex toys and intimacy related stuff. Kiiroo will also be the place where innovative sex gadgets will be presented. Bellow you can see some pictures from their campaign and a provocative teaser video. It surely got me interested and there are around 23 days left till this social network launches.