Sunday, October 20, 2013

Succeed on SoundCloud with SoundCloud Promotions

Every music professional knows how big SoundCloud is. Basically if you have big success on SoundCloud then the chances for your success in the music industry are basically much bigger. However, it is extremely hard to succeed on this music website, especially for the newbies. So, today we are going to present you one service that will be extremely useful if you want to make it on SoundCloud.

The deal is actually very simple, you buy real soundcloud followers, and only followers, but plays as well. They offer 4 different packages that will surely satisfy your needs and budget. For example, the cheapest one is €25 for what you will get 250 followers and 2500 and more plays. They support all music genres and what is also great is that they allow paypal payments.

How they do it 

These guys own various music networks where they will actually promote your tracks. So, you will get unique, real plays for your track. Their music websites get over 30,000 unique visitors daily, which surely guarantees you real and quality audience and followers. Behind this project are really marketing and music experienced professionals.

Because most of their blogs are for electronic music (70%), this is perfect for that genre. The guys that are working on this site are extremely professional and supportive. For any issue, tip or if you want to just talk you can contact them on their email. As I used one of their packages recently I can guarantee you that they are supportive, kind and they fulfilled my demands professionally. I'm definitely ordering again in the near future.