Wednesday, October 16, 2013

App of the Day - Vector Drawing and Illustration

If you want to draw amazing vector illustrations on your iPad, iPod or even iPhone, we are going to present you to one of the best apps for doing just that. Adobe Ideas - Vector Drawing and Illustration will enable you great drawing experience and you can get it for free on the App Store.

Produced by the giant Adobe, this app will enable you wide variety of great features that will make the creating of vectors, sketches, drawings and illustrations much more joyful and easy job. Also, Adobe Ideas is great graphic app which web designers can use to build great websites.

You can customize the toolbar and put only your favorite colors and brushes. The app runs practically flawless and you will draw what you want very fast, because the app has color theme extraction, simple vector drawing tools and you can apply the desire color very quickly with the Paint bucket tool.

Additionally, there is eyedropper tool that will enable you to compare and match the colors of your photos or drawings. That is how you will drive your drawing to perfection, especially with the additional HSB and RGB color pickers. Of course there is a eraser tool which will help you to fix and improve your drawings.

Adobe Ideas gives you 10 drawing layers and 1 photo layer for each sketch. If you think you messed up your drawing, don't worry there are up to 50 undo/redo moves.

At the end of the day, Adobe Ideas will give you control and precision in your drawings. At least I feel like that when I'm using this app. The drawing tools, the features and how this app is optimized for iPad, iPod and iPhone are just outstanding. Be sure to try it because it is free. Also, there is in-app purchase where for only few dollars you can get creative cloud storage for your drawings and photos.

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