Monday, October 7, 2013

Recover your lost files with the exceptional Partition Guru

On my last vacation a really devastating moment happened to one of my friends. At the last day of our vacation, he accidentally deleted all photos from his camera. He was devastated and sad. However, I found relatively cheap and extremely quality software called Partition Guru, that I bought with huge discount. I saved all his pictures and he was extremely grateful. So lets see what are the features of this recovery software.

Partition Guru is produced by the experienced company called Eassos, which is specialized in Data Recovery and Disk Partition Management. Mainly, it offers you features like recovering of files you accidentally deleted or the deleted files from your Recycle Bin. What is also great is that it offers you to recover them from certain partition or certain disk. That means you can recover data from USB drives or Micro SD cards (like I did for the camera photos).

Partition Guru supports over 100 file types. So, when you want to recover certain file type (for example jpeg. images), you can search for just type of file only. Thus, you will save time and find the desired files faster. Also, there is preview of every file that is found.

Not only a recovery tool

Partition guru is not only a recovery tool. It will also let you to manage, backup, re-size or even split partitions. So, you will also get quality management for all of your partitions like Local Disk (C:), Local Disk (D:) etc. It will also show you detailed information about every partition, information that you can't find in other software. Additionally, you can clone partitions and disks, as well.

Also, we all know that there are some files or pictures that we want to get rid from forever. Partition Guru will help you doing just that, you can delete files permanently with it.

I hope that this Partition Guru review will help you realize what are the benefits of having such software on your PC. It will not only make you confident and secure, with the management features it offers it will make you more organized and it will speed up your computer. What is also great is that the creators of Partition Guru offer various coupons and big discounts for it.

Screenshot from my Partition Guru