Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Create quality customer support with SherpaDesk

Having a great and quality relations with your customers is always one of the best things to do. The engaged and loyal customers are always the best customers. In a lot of ways you can benefit from the great relationship you build with them. One of the best customer service software is surely SherpaDesk Customer Service Software. These dedicated group of professionals created this excellent IT & SaaS customer support software based on their knowledge and experience.

More then 300 organizations already use SherpaDesk. That is another proof for the quality of this software. So, lets see what this software has to offer and how can you benefit from it.

It generates invoices and bills

Each project or account you create will get various billing options depending on the task type. What is great is that the billing plans they offer are very simple and very flexible. 

It organizes your accounts

We all know how the reviewing of your history with the customer can help in maintaining a good relationship. SherpaDesk will enable you to see the history and all activities related to certain person and account.

You can view asset history

This SaaS customer support software will also enable you to keep database of all of your assets. That also means that you can see the real time cost reports on all of your assets.

You can easily setup projects 

When you create certain project you can create and time of work it is going to take you to complete. You will be able to setup estimated amount of hours, estimated cost.estimated value and time of work it is going to take to complete. What is interesting is that after you set up the project you can create to do list to plan it as well.

Email Integration and creating tickets

With their SherpaDesk Email Parsing you will be able to integrate SherpaDesk with your email. Thus, you can easily engage with your customers and even create tickets with your own support email. On top of that, you can update your tickets with replies and confirm that the tickets are resolved. 
Hope this explanation will help you to understand the features this quality customer support software offers.