Monday, April 15, 2013

Game of the Day - Foxy Lady Casino - Another interesting Android Casino Game

Few days ago we did a little review of Pookies HD Casino, so we decided to do review of this interesting new Android Casino Game called Foxy Lady Casino.

It was released just 4 days ago from the developers "Pookies Factory". Foxy Lady Casino features 2 games: Subtopia Touch and Starbust.

Subtopia is interesting video slot game in which the scatter is a compass and there are interestingly drawn characters. Developers of this game did a nice job with the design. Everything is clear and concise. You'll have a clear view of how many coins you got left, how much are you betting and you can easily change the multiplier up to x5. Dynamic, interesting and fun video slot game.

Starbust is a bit different from Subtopia. The game offers interestingly shaped objects and lovely sounds. The colors and the objects just make you to want to play more. The animation when you win is awesome.

UI is similar to Subtopia. Although Starbust is good, I liked Subtopia better. Maybe this was because I won more money on Subtopia though.

However, these were another two video slot games that will make your Android devices even more fun and enjoyable. Don't hesitate to try them out.

Google Play Download Link: Foxy Lady Casino