Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review of Freezone's web hosting services

If you have a blog, and want to monetize it, at some point you'll have to buy domain name. There are some great hosting sites that you can find on the Internet, but, one of the best is surely the web hosting from Freezone.

First of all, they have an awesome offer - absolutely free web hosting for one year. What makes this offer great are the 3 options they offer if you decide to "buy" it:

1. You can choose new domain.
2. You can choose to transfer in a domain.
3. Or you can choose and use an existing domain.

You can use this offer only if you use Linux and you'll get 1GB of web space and 2GB of transfer limit. This is great for small publishers that are still at the start.

Of course, freezone.co.uk offers various other web hosting services. "Professional Hosting" gives you 3 months of free web hosting and the price is £3,99 per month. Definitely not a big price for what you are getting and you are getting 10 GB of web space, unlimited transfer limit, 1 free domain name, etc..

Maybe the best option, but the most expensive one, is the "Ultimate Hosting". The price is £5,99 per month.  Here is what you get:

- 3 months free web hosting.
- 5 free domains for life.
- unlimited web space.
- unlimited data transfer limit.

Freezone is a UK value hosting company. They also offer other services like buying domains, web design, email services, affiliates.