Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Highlight pages and take notes with Annotary

In one day we open tens or hundreds web pages and often we don't remember what we've opened and what we've read. The start up Annotary organizes your pages, but also organizes the parts that you highlighted.

While you save the page, you can mark certain text you need and place so called PostIt notes on it, which will help you to remember why you open the page or highlighted that text. Additionally, your notes will be visible to the remaining users Annotary, but also you'll be able to see theirs.

For start, you will need to add Annotary to your browser. Annotary button and toolbar will appear on the browser. Despite the mark (bookmark) and "highlight", there is a button to share selected content on social networks, but also an opportunity to view the highlighted content by other users.

The first link is the Google Chrome extension, so here is the one for Mozzilla.