Monday, September 3, 2012

8 million Nexus 7 tablets will be sold by the end of 2012.

Research company Gartner recently predicted that by the end of this year Google could sell between 6 and 8 million copies of Nexus 7.

That's more than double of the estimate that was immediately made after the presentation of Nexus 7 by the representatives of Google. They have estimated that by the end of the year there could be sold around 3 million copies of Nexus 7.

The estimates of the analysts at Gartner are based on the data for the deliveries of touchscreens used by Nexus 7. So, according to this data there will be 4 million screens shipped for Nexus 7 in the third quarter of 2012.

For comparison, Amazon's Kindle Fire who is sold at the same price as Nexus 7 ($199), from his appearance in September last year to date is sold in approximately five million copies.

The great demand for Nexus 7 is what encourages Google and Asus, who produces Nexus 7, to further accelerate the production of this tablet.