Thursday, August 16, 2012

The award for best social media phone goes to HTC One S

Have you ever wondered who is "the best social media phone"? According to EISA (European Imaging Sound Association) the best social media phone is HTC One S.

“Delivering the most personal consumer mobile experiences is a primary focus for us as at HTC – the ability to connect people and enable them to share content socially via their smartphones quickly and easily is something that consumers want to enjoy everyday. We’re delighted to be honoured with this award for a second time and would like to thank both EISA and our customers for their continued support of HTC,” stated  Florian Seiche, President of HTC for EMEA region.

This is second award for HTC in this category. Last year they grabbed the same award for HTC Cha Cha. 

Samsung Galaxy S III got the "Best European Mobile Phone" award, while Sony grabbed the Green Award for its model Xperia P.

And if you wonder what is EISA, it's an industry body representing 50 tech-focused magazines from 19 European countries. Representatives from the magazines every year meet and decide which products (who were presented in the magazines) are the best.