Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Airtime - revolutionary or failure?

Airtime is a new site that allows users to video chat with strangers, and was launched last week, the BBC reported.

The launch of this website is another attempt to build the project on the concept of "random" interactions, and airtime connects users based on common interests and friends. In addition, you can video chat with your friends, and logging into the site is done through Facebook accounts.

It is a project from the founder of Napster and the man who was working in Facebook, Sean Parker, a CNN described it as "like Skype, but you can watch YouTube clips with others."

Also, calls it the "skilled" version of the site Chatroulette and asked whether this means that the project will not succeed, or why would people want to communicate this way with strangers.

Try it here www.airtime.com.