Thursday, May 3, 2012

Panasonic presented giant 145 inch TV

The new plasma TV in high definition will introduce you to something that so far уоu only dreamed of: 34 million pixels for unique enjoying.

In the world of television there is only one true rule - "bigger is better". Japan's NHK in collaboration with Panasonic made the bigest HD plasma TV with a diagonal of 145 inches (3.69 meters).

This giant plasma TV also unveiled a new TV format, Super Hi-Vision of NHK, that provides the big picture to see from a distance of 1.6 meters, with no loss in quality and detail, respectively, as the head of Panasonic Hideo Toyoda "even very close you feel like seeing a picture, not display."

Toyoda said that this TV does not use 3D technology, "but the picture is so realistic that you are fully incorporated into the stage."

TV brings two innovations: the first is that there is no need for backlight as most other TVs, the second is a new system that avoids the "flicker" on screen, stabilizing the 34-million pixels.

Toyoda said that this TV will find its place in the small cinema halls, but says that the ultimate goal is the technology to be present in the homes also.

At present it is unclear when this giant TV will find a market because it made only a prototype, but Toyoda says that it will be this year, said the media.

For the price we can only speculate ...