Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lenovo is building factory in China

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational information technology company,   will invest nearly $ 800 million to build factory for the production of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, as stated in the official announcement of the company.

The center will be in Wuhan, China, and the facility will start operating in October next year. In the center the developing, manufacturing and selling of smartphone and tablet will be issued. 

Lenovo, who is the second largest PC manufacturer in the world, wants to improve its position in the mobile market, both in China and abroad. 

“When it begins operations, the Lenovo (Wuhan) Industrial Base will greatly improve our innovative capability and further optimize our supply chain, giving us a solid foundation to win in a broader market.” said Yang Yuanqing, the Lenovo Group chairman and CEO.

"We’re determined to firmly seize the tremendous opportunities for innovation in this market, so that Lenovo's customers have even more opportunities to own our award-winning products, from PCs to mobile Internet devices,” he added.

I think that finaly Lenovo realized that the PC market era is decreasing and the mobile devices are the future of the technology. We are expecting something good from this company.