Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is Google planing to sell Motorola?

We all know that almost a year ago, Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12,5 billion. The main reason were the 17.000 patents that Motorola possessed. But latest speculation suggest that Google plans to sell it. Reporter from "The Wall Street Journal" writes that there are rumors that Google will sell Motorola to the company Huawei. 

The future plans are not yet known. The reporter talked with many insiders in the company and learned about the sale, which is not officially confirmed by the company itself

The latest rumors suggest that Google has already made ​​an offer to Huawei, and the fact that Google has never been a hardware company, and that is better for the company to remain neutral in software (Android) warms up the rumors.
"The reason for buying Motorola was to strengthen the patents. Now that they have them, it makes sense to sell the rest," says analyst Pierre Feragu.
I think that now or then, Google will sell Motorola, maybe not to Huawei, but they will sell it.