Friday, May 3, 2019

Health App of the Week – Moody

If you need help in bettering your mood and tracking your progress to change the way you think and act, there are tons of mood journaling apps out there to help you out. Moody is an incredibly effective and super simple mood journaling apps that offers you the help you need to restructure the way you feel on a daily basis, changing your mood and tracking your progress. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our Health App of the Week.

What is Moody all about?

Developed for iOS users, this health app is designed as an incredibly effective and helpful daily mood tracker and journal that helps users in their need to change the way they feel and act so they can change their mood and better it on a daily basis. With its amazing features and simple user-friendly interface, the app helps users by pinpointing the nature of their bad mood and giving them insight on how to change it. Restructure how you feel and act to change your thoughts.

What are the app’s best features?

Moody helps you to improve your mood and the feelings you have by recording daily how you are currently feeling and allowing you to set simple goals to apply daily. To make sure that the goals you’ve set are met the app offers you to track your progress and get reminders. Turn off your critical internal voice using the app and change your mood by changing the way you think and the way you act and feel. Two taps are needed and you are done, the app offers users super simple journaling. Make your posts as long as you like and also add photos to them if you want to.

Additionally, there is an option for automatic syncing with iPad and iPhone and also integration with IOS Health App so you are able to make connections to your physical health, sleep patterns, and general daily events with insight around your mood variations with taking physical data into consideration when analyzing your mood trajectory like your sleep, exercise, meditation practice, and medication. With personal security, your info and data will never leave the device and a personal passcode will protect them.

Download the app now on the App Store for free to set goals and track your progress to change your mood!

App Store Download Link: Moody