Tuesday, April 23, 2019

SixPack Calculator - Hit Calculate to Find out When Your Abs Will Show

Sometimes when you work out or you are on a diet, it can be quite hard to determine the time you need to get your results. However, nowadays there are many apps that can help you estimate the time you need to work out or diet in order for the results to be visible. Among so many of these apps, finding the perfect one to calculate the time needed for your abs to show is not that easy. We looked and we have to offer an amazing abs calculator.

What is SixPack Calculator?

SixPack Calculator is created for Android users, especially designed as an efficient abs calculator which offers you the chance to determine the weeks needed to diet in order for your six pack to show. With the help of this quite easy to use fitness app, users are only needed to enter the body information required and hit calculate in order to find out how much time is needed for their abs to show. Without any effort, the results of the calculation are available instantly on the user’s phone.   

App Highlights

With the features that offers SixPack Calculator the user gets the ability to easily and quickly determine the weeks he needs to diet so his six pack is visible. In order to calculate the time needed, the user is required to put in the body fat percentage and body weight and hit calculate to find out. The user is also able to change the measurement units as he likes, switching between kg and lbs.

To determine the body fat percentage easily, users can use the reference pictures to estimate their body fat percentage correctly. The app will save you a lot of time and effort, instantly calculating the weeks needed in order for your abs to show. All you need to do is to enter the body information required and hit calculate to find out how long before your six pack shows.

Download it on Google Play now for free and calculate the time you need for your six pack to become visible!

Google Play Download Link: SixPack Calculator