Monday, February 17, 2014

MyPBX - Quality and affordable PBXww hosting solution

Today I'm going to present you MyPBX, the perfect PBXww based business solution, which is cloud-based virtual phone system that you will surely love if your business or company uses phones very frequently. It can definitely lower your expenses and be a step forward from the limiting traditional telephony. The drag and drop phone system setup will also give you amazing control of your phone numbers and calls.

MyPBX comes with remarkable web app that will help you manage all the phone numbers your company has and all the inbound and outbound calls. You can use MyPBX for multiple purposes and most importantly all this great features are really affordable and simple to use.

Features of MyPBX

- You can manage every incoming call.
- Every call can be forwarded to land line phone, mobile phone, Skype, Google Talk or VoIP destinations like Viber.
- You can also forward a call to multiple destinations simultaneously or by predefined order. So, if you forward a call to the manager and the manager doesn't pick up the phone, the call can be forwarded to the assistant for example.
- You can also forward the calls to a voicemail. You can directly record or edit the voicemail. Any received voicemail will be sent to the mail you desire.
- Recording of messages and text to speech feature.
- Fax reception and forwarding of the fax to email.
- Conference room with multiple participants and blocking unwanted calls or numbers.
- All phone calls can be recorded and sent to certain email address.

Because it is cloud based, you can access and manage your phone system literally from anywhere. Also MyPBX will give you not only great control, but also it will cut or lower the costs you pay to your phone company. All you need is to purchase a phone number from one of the 50 countries and you will get unlimited calls to over 70 countries. It can really be great business solution that can make you more effective and that can improve your earnings.

Basically with MyPBX you can get extremely flexible pricing options. One of my clients is currently using the $5 per month option and with only $29 you can get unlimited global outbound and inbound calling. Another great offer is the $19 per month, for unlimited US and Canada calls.

More information can be found at the MyPBX Website.