Monday, April 22, 2013

List your Android app in this quality selected directories

If you are a struggling developer that is desperate and want the world to hear about your Android app, then you need to do several things. First you'll need to promote the app on Android websites (which is expensive), then you need to write about your app on forums and promote it on social media and then we recommend adding it to these Android app directories.

Adding your app to some of this Android directories will give your app strong back links. This will improve your search rankings and visibility on Google. How? If your app is for example called "Application Locker", after you get strong backlinks and links from authority sites and directories, the next time someone searches for "App Locker", "Best App Lock" etc. on Google, your app will be probably on the first page. This will enable you to have more CTR on Google search and thus, you will have more users of your app.

This site also offers more quality directories. is also listen on some of them. There is information about the Page Rank and Alexa Ranking of every directory. So, you will know what are you registering into. Directories are categorized and divided in different groups like General, Free, Paid, Niche and Latest Directories.

Registering to a good directory will definitely improve your search rankings, so why not try it?