Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nintendo Wii U will arrive in November!

The new console from Nintendo, Wii U, will arrive in American stores in 18th of November and will cost $300, while the deluxe version will cost $350.

The deluxe version will be black and will have more options, more memory, a docking station and the game "Nintendo Land".

This is the first console from Nintendo since 2006. Wii U has a touch-sensitive controller (Wii U gamepad) and on it you'll be able to play all the games made ​​for the original Wii.

With the new console, the New Super Mario Bros U will be launched also, with new ways of playing and new challenges for advanced players, like passing the level without touching the ground.

Among the available games on Wii U, will be the bestseller - "Call of Duty Black Ops II."

The company also has announced a new service, Nintendo TVii, who in one place offers a variety of options for watching movies, TV shows and sports events. The Game Pad will be able to be used as a remote control.

This service will "freeze" the scene of a live TV program and show the scene to the controller. Spectators will then be able to comment on the scenes and sharing them on their Twitter and Facebook, if they wish.