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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Taping Game Flappy Skulls that will Glue to Your Android Device in Hours of Epic Game Play

When it comes to mobile gaming, Android no longer finds itself in the shadow cast by the iPhone. And that's good news if you've gotten your hands on a Galaxy S9Pixel 2 XL or any brand new Android phone ready to fill up with all kinds of games. Browse through Google Play, and you’ll find a surplus of top games across a wide variety of genres. Whether it’s action and adventure, puzzle games, or titles that the entire family can enjoy, our roundup of the best games available for Android offers something for every kind of gamer.

Addictive and Challenging Casual Game

Anyhow in today’s article, we proudly want to represent our special selection of a casual game that you surely going to like it if you are already a fan of this genre of mobile gaming. Here we will talk about Flappy Skulls, an epic taping game that could easily affect you with its addictiveness and bound you in hours of challenging and exciting gameplay.

Compete with Your Best Friends

Yeah, we strongly are recommending, especially to play it by competing with your best friends, because then the fun is doubling. This game is about tapping away the skull and avoid all the obstacles along the way and try to earn coins by getting as far as possible. The challenge is to win the highest scores and get your chance to become the ultimate tapper of this incredibly addictive casual game.

Available for Free

Flappy Skulls is available on Play Store for free, so you better don’t miss it! Get it immediately and jump into enjoying gameplay that surely is worth every second of your free time. Play it and share it with friends!

Google Play Download Link: Flappy Skulls

Android Game of the Week - PRG Retro Gaming App

Go back to your childhood years and play your favourite games from back then with our Android Game of the Week - PRG Retro Gaming App. PRG Retro Gaming App is an awesome game app full of 50,000+ retro games from all parts of the world, currently available for Android users. Enjoy guaranteed fun and hours of entertainment with the best retro games, keep reading and find out what this app is all about.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for android users, this is the ultimate highly unique retro gaming app which is offering all gamers and retro lovers a chance to play 27 consoles with thousands of retro games from all around the world to have hours of fun and relive their childhood. All available inside one app and for the player’s android device, players will easily discover their most favorite retro games and enjoy each one of them directly on their phones. Users can test the app for 5 day free trial before purchasing it just by download it and signing in.

What are the best features of PRG Retro Gaming App?

The PRG Retro Gaming App is an incredible gaming app that offers even more amazing features that will keep attention of each player and get him addicted to the most popular and fun retro games from all around the world. On the app, players are offered to play 27 consoles and choose among 50 thousands of retro games available for playing from the whole world. Not only that but also the app offers users to even add controller to their device or simply use the keyboard, the mouse or the on-screen controls for playing. Any game offered can be saved on the cloud if the user wants to and he can play the games on 6 android devices as well. More emulators are being added too and the app is offering its players a 7 day offline mode. If any game or the app in general is causing some problem to the player, he can contact the customer support and get the help he needs. Before purchasing the app, players have the chance to test it and download it for 5 day free trial.  

Download the app for free and get your 5 day free trial to play all retro games from around the world!

Official Website: PRG Retro Gaming App

Casual Game of the Month - Zen Block

For all Android game lovers out there, here comes a calming and fun gaming experience called Zen Block. Zen Block is an awesome match 3 puzzle game with various game modes, stunning visuals, addictive match 3 gameplay and user-friendly interface. If you want to enjoy hours of relaxation and entertainment, then this is the game for you. We love it so much that we’re pronouncing it a Casual Game of the Month.

What is so special about the game?

Developed for android users, easy to play, simple and yet very addictive and fun, this one amazing match 3 puzzle game which is offering all puzzle lovers to have fun, relax and enjoy the calming match 3 gameplay why they try to solve the puzzle and clear as many levels as possible before the time runs out. On the game, players will enjoy the beautiful graphics with relaxing music and the beautifully animated game boards and blocks, choosing between themes like flower gardens, rainfalls, cute kawaii and much more. Endless fun and relaxation for each puzzle addicted offered on the game.

What are the best features of Zen Block?

The Zen Block offers all puzzle lovers various interesting features that will let them have fun, match and puzzle, relaxing and enjoying the incredibly exciting gameplay. The player on the game has one simple task and that is to match 3 in a row in order to clear and try to act fast to clear as many levels as possible because the timer is running out. If the player wants to add some more time to the timer he can easily do that by clearing 3 in a row or getting multiple match 3 bonuses. By playing the game, as the player progresses, he gets a chance to unlock power ups and bonuses and even unlock new exciting levels, each one different than the one before so the player has a unique puzzle experience. The game allows its players to choose gems, candy, jewels and stickers, customizing their play experience as they like to.

Players can even choose to play against others with the multiplayer mode or to match 3 by themselves with the endless match 3 game mode. The global leader board of the game is allowing players to see where they stand against other players and each player with a good strategy will have a chance to in more coins and win more prizes offered by this game.

Download the game for free on Google Play to relax and enjoy the calming match 3 puzzle gameplay!

Google Play Download Link: Zen Block

Monday, August 20, 2018

Finance App of the Week – Eidoo

Manage your assets in blockchains with one of the best multicurrency wallets on the market! Meet Eidoo, a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the blockchain and its users, a cross-platform app that’s simple, user-friendly, created with powerful features that will help you manage your assets. We’re pronouncing this incredible app a Finance App of the Week!

What is so special about the app?

Developed for Android, iOS and PC users, easy to use and highly efficient this multicurrency app that is offered as an amazing multicurrency wallet for all the users’ assets, tokens, and cryptocurrency, allows users to manage it all directly from their phone whenever he wants. Simple and with various features offered on it, the app allows users to manage assets with just a single backup passphrase with an HD security level guaranteed. The assets and Bitcoin of the user can be managed within the app based on the Ethereum Blockchain, available to the user on his phone, around the world.

What are the best features of Eidoo?

The Eidoo app, with the features that are offered, is helping its users with the management of their assets, giving them one multi-currency wallet for all their cryptocurrency, tokens and assets, all available on their phones. Using the app will help the user with bitcoin, ethereum, and erc20 token wallets and at the same time will keep their address safe by using just a single backup passphrase. Management of the assets is easily done with this app and the user is given more that as well. The user can send and receive digital currencies, read QR codes and share their address with his friends too. The app is handling the addresses of the users’ contacts all in a simple and standard way.

Also, the app detects automatically the tokens supported by Ethereum Blockchain and transactions made can be seen in the transaction history where the user will see all the bitcoin, ether and token transactions he even made. If the user wants to back up his assets he can generate a passphrase. Also, ICO engine is offered too so users can get ICOs periodically updated, offering all the information they need and allowing them to participate only using this app.

Download the app now for free to manage your Bitcoin and assets with high security!

Official Website: https://eidoo.io/

App Store Download Link: Eidoo

Google Play Download Link: Eidoo

Desktop App: Eidoo

Lifestyle App of the Month – DididApp

If you’re looking for a better way to wake up and remember important things, we highly recommend you check out our Lifestyle App of the Month. It’s called DididApp, an Android alarm clock and reminder app that will make your days better. Improve your waking up and remembering, bring love to your mornings and get the motivation you need. Keep on reading to find out more about this amazing app.

What is DididApp?

DididApp is an extraordinary alarm clock app that will wake you in a better way. If you’re looking for something original, simple and user-friendly, then this is the app for you. Currently available on the Android platform in 2 versions (free and pro), DididApp delivers enjoyable wake-up and reminder experience at the tip of your fingertips.

Standout Features

DididApp is one of the most entertaining ways to wake up from sleep, and one of the easiest ways to set up detailed reminders. Offering well-packed features, this app will change the way you start your days. First of all, you have to download and install it on your Android device. Then, you will be able to customize its settings like you prefer. Wake up with photos and videos – choose from over 20 built-in photos and videos or add them from your own gallery. For instance, add a photo of a loved one and you will wake up and see something you love the minute you open your eyes, which will definitely brighten your day; you can set motivational videos as an alarm, to feel more encouraged to wake up, to find the daily motivation you need. In addition, the app offers an option for you to record your voice to set it as alarm, to set sounds from your phone or built-in ringtones as alarm, to add detailed reminders to never miss an important task or event, add vibrations, edit the volume options, test the alarm you set, etc.

Download DididApp from Google Play right away – get the free or the pro version and enjoy waking up and remembering with love!

Google Play Download Link: DididApp (Free)

Google Play Download Link: DididApp (Pro)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Educational App of the Week – Zoomania

Welcome to the first kids educational app that can be completely customized by parents! Zoomania is an iOS app that offers tons of interactive games and activities for your children to learn in a more fun way. Teach your kids colors, shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, counting, patterns, sequences and so much more with our pick for an Educational App of the Week.

What is Zoomania all about?

The Zoomania is one incredible educational app especially created for parents and their kids, offering them wide selection of learning games and activities that they will love. Developed for IOS users, simple and yet offering fun personalized learning experience, offering the kids, hours of fun, helping them learn more about shapes, colors, math and more easily through playing with cute animals while enjoying colorful graphics with catchy sound effects to keep their attention. Kids will enjoy playing while developing, allowing the parents to encourage them with fun challenging tasks and activities.

Standout features

This educational app is offered with various amazing features and in 3 different versions that can be downloaded. All three versions offer the parents to engage their little ones and encourage them by picking a game with thoughtfully planned learning experience. On the first version of the app, the Zoomania Pro, the users are offered different educational games like  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Counting, Counting with Groups, Patterns and Sequences, offering the kids a lot of fun through activities and learning games. On the second version, the Zoomania Lite, the users are offered games like Bigger vs Smaller and Colors, learning about shapes and colors. On the third version, the Zoomania Editor, the parents have the chance to configure the settings of the game and change the default images in the app with other images they want, uploading their favorite videos for the kids if they guess the correct answer, allowing their kids more personalized experience that they will enjoy.

By using this amazing educational app, no matter which version, parents will enhance their kids’ education, teach them all the basics of math, help them develop while they have hours of fun playing with different cute animals.

Download for free on App Store to help kids’ with their education and development through fun games!

App Store Download Link: Zoomania (Pro)

App Store Download Link: Zoomania (Lite)

App Store Download Link: Zoomania (Editor)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Fashion App of the Month – Instawear

Our Fashion App of the Month is called Instawear, currently available for all Android users on the Google Play Store. This cool app is here to provide you with fashionable and trendy clothing ideas and outfits. Find an outfit for every occasion and discover beautiful clothing inspirations with the one and only Instawear app.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for android users as one easy to use, practical and highly helpful outfit app, this fashion app is offering the users a chance to choose the perfect outfits for every occasion and event they want and need. Depending on the user’s style, taste and needs, just with indicating the occasion they need an outfit for, the app will show the user the best stylish and fashionable outfits for her. Users will be able to discover the latest trends and keep up with it, get amazing fashion tips and advice, learning what others are wearing around the world, getting always amazing ideas for any event.

What are the best features of Instawear?

The Instawear has to offer all fashion lovers the most amazing features that will help them in choosing outfits for every event and occasion, allowing them to discover styles and trends around the world. With the help of the app, the users are able to find outfits that will suit them the best and even vote on outfits that are posted by friends, family or other girls that use this app, always discovering some new outfit they would love to wear it. Users can follow friends, family and other girls to find out which outfits they chose and get an idea of what they can wear too. The app allows users to explore outfits and styles posted by users they follow and if the user decides to post her own outfits and styles, his followers can rate it and vote to help her decide what is best to wear. If the user wants, the results of the voting can be shared with hers Instagram followers so they can tell her what outfit they prefer better.

With many amazing new fashion influencers and bloggers on the app, the user will always get amazing fashion and style tips, keeping always on track with which are the latest trends worn around the world. Download the app for free on Google Play to choose the perfect outfit and discover styles you’ll love!

Google Play Download Link: Instawear

Ensure the Safety of Your Child with Stroller Patrol

We spent 40 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this article. Finding a care provider you can trust is difficult, but you can use a nanny cam to help put your fears to rest. They let you remotely check in on your baby, so you can always be sure they're getting the highest-quality attention possible. If you’re looking for an app that will make things easier, one that will ensure your child’s safety when you’re not around, keep reading and check out our app recommendation - Stroller Patrol.

What is Stroller Patrol?

Whether you’re in need of a nanny cam for the outdoors or to always know if your kids are safe when you’re not around, the Stroller Patrol app offers the features you want in one platform. Currently available on the iOS platform, this useful app lets parents of small children know how their kids are doing in care of a nanny. Plus, it is designed with neat user interface and it’s free-to-use.                                                                                  
Standout Features

Stroller Patrol is pretty simple and easy-to-use tool. All you have to do is download the app on your iOS device and ask your nanny to download it on hers/his. Then connect your 2 accounts and don’t forget to complete your own profile with your child’s photo (optional) and stroller info. And that’s it! Now any user Stroller Patrol can identify nannies and children within 100 yards, and message you with feedback if they see your child receiving great or not-so-great care. This community-sourced feedback definitely ensures your child’s well-being; it allows your friends and neighbors to be your eyes and ears when you’re not there. Another amazing thing about this app is its geolocation technology – it basically lets you GPS track the location of your child and nanny, no matter where they are. You can also read other parents’ reviews about nannies in your area so you can wisely choose who you’re going to invite in your home and in your child’s life.

Join a virtual community that keeps an eye out for each other’s children, download the Stroller Patrol app for free from the App Store’s link below and share it with other parents!

App Store Download Link: Stroller Patrol

Official Website: http://strollerpatrol.com/

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fitness App of the Month - 5k Running Training Plan

Introduced not so long ago and reviewed on Hightechholic, 5K Running Training Plan was the best Fitness app we reviewed this month. Read more why it is our Fitness App of the Month and how you can make use of it to prepare a 5K marathon.

Created by Certified Personal Trainers

However, we have found a perfect application for all of you fitness boys and girls who are interested in improving your health and lifestyle with some running training routine. Namely, we want to introduce you the 5k Running Training Plan App, created by certified personal trainers and professionals and which offer an amazing incredible 9 week running program that will help you to achieve the 5k race goal.

Motivate and Inspire Others

Using this incredible fitness app can make you become a pro runner effortlessly and having fun in the same time and that’s why we strongly recommend it. With this app you can get step-by-step instructions and the inspiration you need to get to the finish line of your first 5k race. Use the GPS support to track your distance, pace & map routes, play the music player for more motivation, track your performances and progress and share it on social media platforms if you want to motivate and inspire others.

Change Your Lifestyle

Catch the rhythm of life with 5k Running Training Plan App and become a pro runner, a champion alike. Change your lifestyle, change your routines and enjoy life like ever before. Our job is done, now it’s up to you! 

App Store Download Link: 5k Running Training Plan

Chakra Chi – Sound & Color Chakra Therapy for Meditation & Self-Reflection

For users that like meditation and like to spend some of their free time to transmit and receive good energy and get their chance to self-reflect, bettering their mind and body, the easiest and most efficient way to do that is with the right meditation app. There are many types of meditation apps but we did our research and we discovered one amazing meditation app especially created to take care of your chakras, allowing you to get the maximum enjoyment. Let’s discuss about it.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for IOS users, easy to use, simple and yet very relaxing and enjoyable this chakra meditation app offers its users to take care of their chakras, relaxing their mind and body just with using their phones. With the help of this amazing app, the user is able to choose any of the 7 chakras and let himself enjoy the process completely. Because the chakras are thought to be the energy centres of the body, each one of them with its own color, symbol and Solfeggio frequency, each user on the app will be able to transmit and receive subtle energy, aiding for mediation and self-reflection, taking care of him.  

What are the best features of Chakra Chi?

The Chakra Chi is offering all its users various amazing features that will allow the user to relax and meditate, taking care of his chakras and in the same time with that taking care of his mind and body. This amazing meditation app and the various features offered for the users will help each user to take care of his mind and body.  The user only needs to open the app and choose any of the 7 chakras that are available with rich background in color and relaxing tones that will offer maximum pleasure for the user. The app captures the corresponding color and sound frequency of every chakra and that allows maintaining the integrity and therapeutic benefits of each chakra. Not only that, but also the app offers users chakra information that include additional details on each chakra like the name of it on English and Sanskrit, the value statement of the chakra to internalize through self-learning, and all that with major characteristics such the ‘’bila’’ mantra for vocalization during meditation and physical location of the chakra’s energy. The core of the creation is thought to be the chakra sound and Solfeggio frequency.

Download the app on App Store for only $1.99 to relax and meditate choosing any of the 7 chakras!

App Store Download Link: Chakra Chi

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