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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Does your website use jQuery? Here's how you can increase its SEO efficiency!

Ever since its inception in 2006, jQuery has remained a popular choice among web developers due to the ability of this shorthand JavaScript to stylize elements on a web page that contribute to the behavioral pattern of the website. Although developers have to depend on the foundation of HTML and CSS for creating web content that search engine spiders can crawl easily, jQuery helps to incorporate additional functionalities beyond the capabilities of HTML and CSS. In the process, developers can enhance the user experience, which is the ultimate goal of web development. jQuery has found wide acceptance among developers, but when creating SEO friendly websites by using the language, it needs careful consideration to understand how to adapt the latest SEO techniques.

While maintaining the SEO friendly aspects of websites is important, there can be no compromise in offering the best experience to users when implementing jQuery. Also, you must ensure that the language does not create impediments by blocking valuable content from crawling by the search spiders that can be detrimental to SEO. It should not increase the page weight that can increase page-loading times. jQuery has the powers to make websites adapt and implement SEO in a much better way and is the reason why marketers rely on it for achieving their overall goals.

jQuery simplifies web development

The purpose of the launch of jQuery is to simplify the process of web development by making programming easier for developers. The language can simplify HTML document traversing by streamlining it along with animations, event handling AJAX interactions. The best thing about jQuery is that it is lightweight and complies with the industry standards including CSS3. Besides these characteristics, jQuery enables developers to create plugins that facilitate the creation of concepts related to low-level interface and simulation. It also helps in creating widgets with high-level themes and advanced effects. The overall effect is the creation of powerful and dynamic websites.

Beware of the downside

Despite the ability of jQuery to incorporate various effects and flashy tricks into the web design, it might even render your creation invisible by keeping it out of view of searchers. The experts at Visionsmash.com advise its clients to take proper care when using jQuery because lack of visibility can harm the SEO prospects. To automate coding and content handling with the purpose of streamlining the process and making the page viewable, much of the data that search engines used for retrieving pages from the view of the spiders remain confined within jQuery.

The spiders are responsible for marking the content and presenting it to search engines. When spiders are unable to access data that remains within jQuery, it does not crawl the pages, and hence the pages never appear for display to viewers. This defeats the basic need for good SEO that depends on high visibility.

Take corrective action

Once programmers know about the flip side of jQuery, it becomes easy for them to work around the problem and ensure that the visibility of web pages remain unaffected. They have to learn the tricks and techniques of keeping important content together with its markers given the search spiders while availing the benefits of automated coding by using jQuery. There are numerous ways of achieving the automation without affecting SEO, some of which you would find in the paragraphs that follow. The methods although workable are far from exhaustive because any questions related to programming always have several answers.

Bring the content in view

Since visibility is the name of the game, programmers have to ensure that they can bring the content in front of users whenever they search for it. They must know the tricks of unlocking the content from jQuery or Javascript. When programmers embed multiple anchor tags and hard links with the href, they can accomplish the task of maintaining visibility of content. To achieve it, you have to avoid placing links in the jQuery but instead put it in the HTML source. Programmers have to be conversant with the methods that allow them to seek trade-off from jQuery and AJAX to increase the scope of gaining more visibility. You can even try to increase the page loading time by using div, but this might have a negative effect on page metrics reporting.

Use of jQuery plugins are another way of aiding the website to remain SEO friendly. By following the path of progressive enhancement that entails building the pages in accordance with the lowest common denominator and then adding enhancements to keep data reachable by search engine spiders. Embedding the needed page into the request in href is another way of making the content visible to spiders.

No matter whichever technique you use, make sure that it helps to make the jQuery content crawlable by spiders.

Effective SEO Steps That Help in Increasing the Conversion Rates

When it comes to increasing the conversion rates and making an ongoing SEO campaign successful, the key is to bring and work them together. However, it might sound much easier than done. Every business owner has raised a white flag to digital marketing and is working their best in making their business website visible on the major search engines like Google. Speaking of SEO professionals, who are trying to achieve this exposure on the search engines try to optimize the website for more and more conversions.

How Are SEO and Conversion Rates Interconnected?
Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of a business’s online marketing campaign that allows the business website to show up on the search engines with top rankings. Contrary to the purpose of SEO, marketers try to optimize the site’s conversion rates by trying to enhance the user experience on their website. This is exactly where both the disciplines get connected with each other since Google has made it clear to every online marketer that better user experience is the top ranking factor on its search engine.
With that being said, here are some of the excellent SEO tactics that will help you in boosting your conversion rates:

Focus on Dynamic Content
If you are thinking that posting a high-quality content is the end of your SEO’s content marketing, you are unaware of the reality. Of course, getting your content writing team to create brand befitting content is great and crucial, but making routine changes to the content is equally important nowadays. In terms of online marketing, dynamic content actually refers to website content that is already present and goes through regular modifications based on user engagement. This form of content helps an online business to gain more exposure by meeting specific needs of the user. What makes the content dynamic is the application of user-friendly layouts, video, and harmonizing color scheme. With dynamic website content, you can employ your SEO techniques to boost the user experience in an organic way without being prosecuted by the Google search algorithm. 

Captivate Users with Neurodesign
The term “neurodesign” was first used in 2012 for the industry of online marketing, where experts laid down a new concept of website design that will be sensible, appealing, and improve the overall experience on a business website. Neurodesign is all about aesthetics that comes in handy in increasing the conversion on your website. You can get your SEO team to optimize neurodesign with intent to enrich the user experience, which will further assist your efforts in improving other SEO metrics. With neurodesign and better user experience, you can improve the time visitors spend on your site, ensuring repeat visits and lowering the bounce graph. All these metrics will drastically improve your website’s chances to rank better on search engines.
While applying neurodesign on your site, make certain of the fact that web page titles are written with user intent. Pleasing the users is far more important than focusing your design for search engines. Moreover, if you are able to provide user-specific titles along with organic keyword optimization and captivating on-page content, your conversions will rise to a great scale.

Boost Engagement with Visuals
Another factor that determines the search engine rankings for your site is how much time the audience is spending on your website along with the total number of audience views. In simpler terms, the longer your target audience remains on your site, the better your chances are to rank higher on the SERPs. Owing to the nature of today’s audience on the web, incorporating visuals on your site is exceptionally critical for both conversions and SEO success. According to a recent digital marketing survey, it was reported that the content on your website can gain up to 37% more user engagement, if you are able to captivate them by integrating visual and videos to your on-page content.

Besides, visual content has higher possibility to obtain more likes and shares when you optimize your social media marketing by leveraging the website content. On top of that, offering visuals to your content will allow the audience to understand your business and its objectives, which will lead to increasing your brand influence. You can easily deliver your brand’s message to your targeted audiences with the help of compelling visuals and videos. It will help you in getting more inbound links, improving both your conversion rates and SEO.

Better Page Loading Speed
The loading time of your web page is by far the most critical aspect of your overall SEO campaign. It is the margin that determines both higher user engagement and site abandonment. If you page loading speed is great and consistent, users are more likely to prefer your services over your peers in the industry. A slow loading page really annoys the audience no matter how great your services are. With the rise of smartphone users, most of the websites are now being accessed on mobile devices, making the page loading speed more important than ever. Google supports websites with decent page loading speed, as it plays a key role in improving the experience of the user.

Avail Long-tail Keywords
When it comes to search, there has been a huge change in the keyword optimization. Users search for their needs and insert a few words. This is where you have to display your competency in SEO by employing long-tail keywords in order to meet the specific needs of the user and securing better rankings for your website. Also, keep your local SEO in mind while creating long-tail keywords for your website and create content accordingly. You can also think of using several tools for scouting long-tail keywords that will increase the conversion rate on your site.

Concluding Thoughts
With the help of the aforementioned tips and strategies, you can increase your conversions and improve your SEO campaign at the same time. Not only will these SEO tactics help you boost the conversion rate, but it will also allow you to stand out in the SEO competition.

Chinese Strokes Order – Write, Recognize & Learn the Meaning of Chinese Characters

When it comes to learning languages on the go, whenever you feel like and wherever you are ready, there are many smartphone apps that are developed for this specific purpose. If you decided to learn Chinese, there are many apps to help you with that. To make the search easier for you, we did our research and we found one amazing educational app for learning to write Chinese strokes, learning their order and meaning without much effort. Let’s discuss about it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS users, easy for using, simple and yet highly efficient, this Chinese educational app allows users to easily and without much effort learn the Chinese strokes and their order, learning how to easily write the characters before they even start learning the Chinese writing. With using this cross-platform learning tool, users will be able to learn the order and logic behind the radicals, easily understanding the characters on the simplest ways as possible. Learning the Chinese writing is less confusing and difficult with the help of this app.  

What are the best features offered?

The Chinese Strokes Order it’s created with helpful and practical features that make the app quite simple and easy to use, allowing users to learning Chinese stroke writing without much effort. On the app users are offered to easily learn the Chinese strokes and their order just by using their phones. Also, with the app users will learn more than just writing and recognizing the strokes but they will also be able to learn the meaning of each stroke. Users on the app just have to type a stroke and the app will instantly show to them the animated stroke order. If a user has an issue with keeping up with the speed of a stroke the app allows him to change the speed in the settings if he wants to. Users can also user the app for calligraphy and visualization as well, and the app is supporting the traditional and simplified versions of Chinese. Simple as possible and without much effort, with the app users will learn stroke writing and make it easier for them to learn writing on Chinese.  

Download the app for free now on App Store to master the Chinese strokes and learn their meaning!

App Store Download Link: Chinese Strokes Order

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Make Your Nights Even More Fun with the WineNights App

There are more wine appss out there than anyone could possibly want — or need. The iTunes and Google Play app stores each contain hundreds of apps for oenophiles: tasting logs, wine pairing services, review databases, educational services, and many others. But which ones are really useful? As a longtime wine collector, I decided to try as many as I could, and found one that stood out. This app, which combines the concept of a tasting log with social networking features, is called WineNights.

What is WineNights?

WineNights makes your next get together with friends even more fun. Start spicing up your wine nights and parties with a tool that’s specifically designed for wine lovers – for both experienced wine connoisseurs and novices in the wine world. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, it is designed with friendly user interface and has tons of fun features. Let’s check them out!

WineNights’ Highlights

Start having more fun at your wine gatherings and parties with one of the greatest wine apps on the market. WineNights takes it on a whole new level, with a user-friendly interface and various options that you can use with an ease. For instance, the app can help you organize wine events and invite whoever you like, set the criteria for your night - venue, date, time as well as the country, region and wine variety, and so on. You can rate, find and enjoy new wines, keep a list of your Favorites, challenge your friends to a wine night to finally prove who the true sommelier is, earn status points to see how you rank against everyone, taste and judge wines through the app to find out who is king among your friends, and much more.

Wine is more fun with friends, and easier with the WineNights app. You can download it for free from one of the following links. Don’t forget to show it to your friends!

Google Play Download Link: WineNights

App Store Download Link: WineNights

Official Website Link:  WineNights

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Monday, May 21, 2018

PokeRAIDchat – Choose Your Team & Get Notified about Raid Events

Now with the right app, you can do almost anything directly from your smartphone. If you are in need for an app that can help you find and track all organized Raid events, create your team easily or to just contact and connect fellow players, there is certainly an app that can help you do that without much effort. We did our research and we have an app to help you get notified, keep track of events, find your team and chat with fellow players – PokeRAIDchat. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for Windows, IOS and android users, this app is very practical, efficient and effortless, allowing all its users to easily keep track and get informed about Raid events that are organizing. With the help of this easy to use app, users just by creating their profile and choosing their usernames will be able to stay anonymous and get all the information they need directly on their phone, quickly and simple. Users will easily connect with their team and fellow players, chatting and tracking all Raid events in the moment.

What are the best features offered?

The PokeRAIDchat is containing a lot of useful and efficient features for all the users to easily stay on track with the Raid events and easily connect with their team and other users as well. On the app, users can send or receive videos, photos, voice messages, documents, connecting with their fellow players, sharing their location or exchanging contacts by preference. With the help of this app, users will also have the chance to customize their wallpapers by choice and to even set the notification sounds as they want to. Users will easily track their email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts in the same time and use the features for slash screen and login screen to choose how to login on the app, connecting directly, using the login pass or using temporary ID.

Also, the app has to offer to users to easily choose their team, set an area of interest, create and delete events by choice and to even use the features for single events screen and events screen to get informed about users who liked and event and paid for it or to easily get info about all the events in their area of interest happening in the moment that they would love. With the push notifications, the notifications for new events and the clear chat option, users will effortlessly find all Raid events and connect with fellow players easily.

Download the app now for free to connect with fellow players and to track Raid events and connect with your team - it's available on Google Play and soon to be released on the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: PokeRaidChat

App Store Download Link: PokeRaidchat App

Official Website:  PokeRAIDchat

Maximizing on WordPress as a Platform for SEO and Increasing Organic Traffic

WordPress has evolved since it was first released several years ago. It began as a simple tool for blogging and has now become a top content management system around the world.  WordPress is currently used by a large number of websites in the world and is often described as an exemplary form of software.

WordPress and SEO
WordPress users realize why WordPress continues to be a powerful platform. It has more than enough add-ons or plugins to customize your blog or site according to your needs, it is free and easy to use.  While this does not imply that other management options are not good options, WordPress stands out, especially when dealing with SEO.
Whether you have previously used WordPress or want to embark on using for your personal blog or business, there are various factors that contribute to WordPress being the most ideal platform that you can use as the basis of successful search engine optimization.
Optimizing Websites
·        Developing a website can be an overwhelming task if you are not familiar with the development world. I the past, finding a complicated management that was capable of handling the array of tasks that WordPress offers would have been costly initially, even before figuring out how to use it.
·        WordPress can be downloaded for free and with some assistance from the popular installation method, you only require minimal technical skills to get WordPress running on the usual hosting provider.
·        Over the years, many web hosting providers have simplified the process further by providing the option of a single click installation. By simply signing up for hosting, logging in and clicking on one button, you can begin the process in your browser without the hassle of touching core PHP files.
·        Another crucial aspect of WordPress is that it is open-source. This is why WordPress is a powerful content management system. Developers around the world can create plugins or themes and contribute them to the community.
·        If you want a theme that is well-designed and conforms to current search engine optimizations standards, you can choose from thousands that are available, including those that are free and paid. If you need a WordPress site that can perform certain SEO functions, there are thousands of these as well.
·        Your WordPress site offers virtually endless capabilities due to the community’s open-source nature.  This enables you to update your site easily and keep up with the best practices that are suggested by search engines rather than another proprietary content management system that can take months and years to catch up.
Managing Basic SEO
One of the reasons why people often choose WordPress over the rest of the competition is the ability it has to manage basic SEO relatively well. While SEO may be regarded as a complicated practice that involves several factors, installing WordPress allows you to manage the basics easily without coding knowledge.
After installing WordPress, the first step is to go the settings tab, click on the drop-down menu and look for a section known as Permalinks. This is an important part of ensuring that your URL structure will be optimized in order for you to be able to customize the words when you begin editing a page or blog post. Learn more at Omega SEO.
Website Speed
Using proprietary or alternative paid platforms can be detrimental to your SEO requirements. Dealing with site speed is one of the examples of how such problems can be encountered. Over the years, search engines like Google have made it clear that website load times are considered as an important factor when optimizing pages.
A basic WordPress installation along with standard themes loads efficiently and quickly. Users can slow down their sites depending on the type of content that is added or the themes that are chosen. Fortunately, there are numerous plugins that can keep your site moving.
Optimization for Mobile Devices
A website that is not optimized for tablets or smartphones risks losing higher placements during mobile searches. A responsive design is therefore necessary for enhancing the experience of mobile users on your site. WordPress websites have been compliant with mobile site standards with responsive capabilities, which is another reason why WordPress is the best choice for SEO.
Versatile Plugins and Themes
For people who are focusing on their SEO skills, something that is easy to develop is the most ideal option. With the abundance of WordPress developers, there are numerous options that you can use to customize your site and there is usually a plugin or theme that is already available for virtually any feature.
Optimizing Themes for Different Sites
Some people think WordPress is solely for blogging but the reality is that you can build different types of websites with WordPress. You can look for a theme that transforms your installation entirely and enables you to build it for optimized search. Whether you want to build a directory site or e-commerce site, the options are endless.
SEO Specialists
After installing WordPress and reviewing the guidelines and working towards improving your SEO, you may need to find an SEO specialist to take your online traffic to another level based on your goals.
Final Thoughts
·        WordPress has taken over the world of web development over the past few years. It is the platform that is chosen by many SEO professionals, developers and designers.
·        With the ease of use that is beneficial to non-programmers, its community of theme developers and open-source plugin and core installation, WordPress continues to be a dominating content management system within the SEO community. 
·        WordPress is a popular content management system for building blogs and websites. It is also a worthwhile choice for SEO and there are various reasons to use it rather than other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.
·        WordPress sites come with SEO features that are already built in such as alerting search engines after content is published and the ability to enable search engine spiders to crawl content and many more.
·        The third-party services, resources and SEO tools are highly beneficial. These include WordPress SEO specialists, WordPress SEO guides and SEO friendly WordPress themes that are all likely to play an integral role in your search engine optimization efforts.

SPIN – Research New Models, View & Compare Prices to Find the Best Car for You

It’s only been recently that good car shopping apps started popping up. Going to a dealer is still the best way to look at cars. You can test drive them and view the inventory yourself. However, apps can be a great way to shop around and see what’s available. Choosing the right car buying app can help you find the car that suits your preference and learn all details you need before going to your local auto dealer. We did our research and we have the app to help you. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developer for IOS users, easy to use and highly helpful this car buying app helps users to easily and quickly, directly from their phone find cars, SUVs, trucks and crossovers for sale. With the help of the app users will find the best car depending on their taste and preferences, getting complete information and details they need. On the app users are able to research new models, build and view pricing, save favorites, and compare prices to find the right vehicle. When the user chooses he can use the app for contacting auto dealers to get prices or to schedule test drive.

What are the best features offered?

The app allows its users to find the vehicle they are looking for by giving them a lot of helpful and practical features to use. With the help of the app users are offered to discover new cars depending on their preferences and they can also choose to access any category manually with just a tap on the phone. Depending on the selection that the user chooses the apps displays a list of vehicles that the user may like and that complete suit his taste. Users can also update preferences if they changed their mind about the car they like to buy.

On the app users can find available hundreds of models and thousands of configurations and the app is helping them by automatically saving all the vehicles in the app’s recently viewed section and he can view them whenever he wants. With over over 16,000 hand selected images users can see the cars they like from different angles and get information about it easily and also the cars the user likes can be saved in his favorites as well. Users can use the app to learn which cars have safety features and when they choose the car for them with the app they can use the build button to update price and options and get the car dialled before they contact their local auto dealer.  

Download the app for free on App Store to find the best car at the best prices without much effort!

App Store Download Link: SPIN

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Don’t Miss Free Daily Notifications of Football Tips and Bet like a Pro with Win Bet App

While brick and mortar betting shops and bookies have been around for hundreds of years, online sports betting is still a relatively new thing. A decade ago, we used betting websites to place bets, but now, more and more people around the globe are using apps on their smartphones to do so. Yes, football betting apps are a thing now, and not only football – every sport that you can imagine is represented in these betting apps as well.

Get Free Daily Betting Tips

If you’re one of the sport hardcore fans, especially a soccer/football lover and if you enjoy making money by betting on games than keeping read carefully, our today’s proposal of an app will perfectly fit on your Android device. Here we recommend you the Win Bet App for free daily betting tips which have already helped hundreds of thousands of online football betting users. The app feature friendly user interface and doesn’t require an internet connection.

Only for Entertainment Purposes

Win Bet analyze the data for almost all football leagues worldwide and kick out the best 1X2 and Asian Handicap tips and gives you a great chance of winning often. Using the push notification will give you free betting tips & high win percentage football tips that you shouldn’t miss it if you’re interested in getting some cash. The important thing that we must note is that Win Bet is only for entertainment purposes and may not be used in connection with any form of illegal gambling.

Use it for Free

Download immediately on Play Store for free and enjoy the benefits of betting like a pro. Say goodbye to football betting tips that frustrated you and mislead you! Good Luck!

Google Play Download Link: Win Bet App

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Heuro – Grow the Intellection & Creativity of Yourself & the Community

Nowadays with the growth of the technology, even learning has become more available, directly on our phones, whenever we want it. So many social learning apps are being developed and that makes it harder for us to find an efficient and yet fun platform where we can connect with others to learn and share valuable information, ideas, and knowledge. We did our research and we found one great app that offers all the features you need to grow your knowledge. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for Android and IOS users as one simple to use and yet highly educational and fun social learning platform, this social learning app allows users to feed their intellect and creativity by connecting, learning and sharing valuable knowledge and information with like-minded individuals from the whole world. With using the app, users are able to grow their intellect, interact with others, creating educational content and finding posts by others that can help them build up their educational needs while they are having fun and enjoying the best creative and intellectual experience directly on their phones.

What are the best features offered?

This social and educational app is allowing users to use different features and various tools that will help them share and at the same time increase their intellect and creativity. By using the app, users are able to instantly gratify their intellect and curiosity with the app’s organized feed which is providing all users with the latest news and knowledge from many different blogs and news publishers, organized in a way that will expand their diverse need for knowledge and information. Feeding user’s curiosity, this app allows users to use the amazing feature for knowledge search to find all information systematically organized from Wikipedia, to blogs, to academia, to books to deepen their knowledge on many educational topics. Users can use the app for taking instant notes and all notes of the user can be easily added to his favorite notes app, all that in one click. On the app users can mobile blog, create, publish and share articles, papers and essays whenever they want directly on their phones to document easily their intellectual and creative life effortlessly.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to grow your intellect and creativity!

Official Website: Heuro

App Store Download Link: Heuro

Google Play Download Link: Heuro

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Have Your Content Needs Fulfilled by Outsourcing the Same to Experienced Writers

Search Engine Optimization cannot be ignored by business owners today because it helps to boost your website's search rankings. The higher the rankings are, the more chances of you have of people finding your site and learning about your business. It is difficult to maintain all the parameters of SEO single-handedly for a business owner, so it is suggested that you outsource some of the work to other sources. Outsourcing the content writing for SEO is one of the primary skills which you can consider. In this article, you shall learn why it is essential for you to outsource your content writing job.

1.    It will help keep your content writing remain fresh
Regularly coming up with new content for your SEO is a challenging task, but if you have a dedicated writer for content requirements, then it can alleviate your problem a great deal. You will get fresh copies of your SEO regularly. Outsourcing the job will save you both money and time.
2.    Writing content for social media is also useful for SEO today
To create a good social media marketing campaign, you have to start with good SEO content too. You want people to tweet, share, comment, like your content. It can only happen when the content you provide is excellent and when they easily find that content. A good SEO writer will give you additional benefits of writing for your social media pages too. Thus you will have fresh content on your Facebook page, your Twitter handle, your blogs and everything else. Thus, outsourcing the job will considerably lessen the hassle of all these writing.
3.    Content for your video also
Videos which you upload are based on the scripts and are introduced by the copies on web pages; this has to be SEO copy. Thus you cannot neglect the importance of having a dedicated writer.
SEO writing is optimized in such a way that it can be ranked highly according to the algorithms of the search engines which are used today. There's a difference between SEO Content Writers and conventional writers: professional SEO writing is qualified and optimized to be ranked highly by today's search engine algorithms, whereas general writing is not.
You can visit the professionals to learn more about SEO outsourcing and how it can benefit your business and improve your revenues.
Search engine optimization is the primary requirement for any business house these days because it will help your business website to rank higher in search engine results and ensure your site gets more views which will consequently lead to you getting more leads and sales. One of the prime techniques to tweak your SEO is having an efficient content writing system in place which will consistently put out fresh and innovative new content onto your business website. To get this done, you can choose to outsource your content writing jobs as it will ensure that you get good content regularly on the topics which concern your brand. Hopefully, this article would have given you some understanding of why outsourcing your content writing jobs might be a good idea.
Author bio: Shawn Williams is an experienced digital marketing strategist and social media marketing genius who has written for various blogs and websites about innovative ways for business owners to boost their online business presence. Shawn recommends you to learn more about SEO outsourcing.