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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

App Review – Live Chopz

Musicians have no shortage of options when it comes to great iOS apps that enhance their music making abilities in some way. Whether it’s by allowing them to be a DJ through an app, helping them learn to distinguish between beats, or by giving them sheet music no matter where they are, a trusty iPhone or iPad can be really handy. If you’re a musician that often performs live, then you’re familiar with the frustration of performing to a fixed soundtrack. Well, those days of stress are over because we have discovered the perfect solution – an incredible app called Live Chopz.

What is Live Chopz?

It is a reliable, friendly and dynamic song section player developed especially for live performances and arrangements. This iOS app can be used for music gigs, shows events, rehearsals, dance practices and other live performances, requires iOS 9.0 or later and works for both iPhone and iPad. Let’s checkout its features!

Standout Features

If you’re a touring musician, singer, performing artist, or choir director who wants to stop performing to a fixed soundtrack, Live Chopz can help you chop up and label your own imported audio tracks into sections (such as Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc.), snap song sections to the nearest quantized beat for perfect synchronization with beat and tempo, start and stop audio playback with zero latency enhancing real-time user experience, and much more. It supports mp3, wav, aiff, m4a and mp4 audio files which can be imported from any source (iTunes, Dropbox , email,etc.).

Experience a better life performance by downloading the Live Chopz app from the App Store’s link below.

App Store Download Link: Live Chopz

CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard offers you fast & secure-texting experience

The iPhone’s auto-correct function is a source of endless entertainment and frustration for iOS users. Although most users probably don’t stop and think about it, Apple’s keyboard is, in part, to blame for this comedy of errors. If you are an Android user, or you know someone who is, you know the keyboard that comes preinstalled on your device isn’t the only option out there.

For years, Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more took over millions of Android smartphones as the default keyboards, while iOS users looked on enviously. However, ever since June 2014, iOS users have been downloading alternative keyboards like crazy. Here we have picked out an app for this review that falls in the same category of apps. We are talking about, CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard.

What is CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard?

CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard is your smart typing keyboard that is committed to give you an experience of error free and typing and enhance your typing experience by ensuring the safest and secure texting as it encrypts your text messages. No matter you are typing a confidential email or an ordinary text message it works with all the apps that need keyboard access.

Key Features

· It comes up with a smart and intelligent algorithm that is personalized to the way you type, the more you type the more it gets smart and efficient.

· It offers the best auto correction feature.

· It is very easy to learn and with fewer times of use, you will be feeling more comfortable.

· It offers more than 1000 color emojis that make your texts more creative.

· None of your text is transferred to cloud storages

· And much more…

So what else do you need? Have it today free for your iOS or Android OS devices and get that installed by using the direct download links present at the end of this helping review.

App Store Download Link: CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard

Google Play Download Link: CipherBoard – Secure & Encrypted Keyboard

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Extra Offerz – An Awesome App for Your Daily & Weekly Shopping

Today's smartphones not only help us stay connected, productive, and entertained on the go, they can also save us money. From comparing in-store prices to revealing the best deals, there are a lot of free mobile apps you can have in your (iPhone or Android) arsenal before making your next big or small purchase. If you live in UAE and you want to find the best offers from your favorite stores, here comes one cross-platform app that can help you - Extra Offerz.

What is Extra Offerz & How Does It Work?

It is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for all users that want to discover new offers and never miss out on great deals. The app allows you to browse and discover more than 10,000 offers from different stores and 1500 different retailers in UAE. Everything is organized and categorized – you can search in many categories, such as fashion, caf├ęs and restaurants, hypermarkets, health and fitness, electronics and computers, pets, etc. Additionally, each offer is presented with the details you need, like the stores’ addresses, contacts, opening hours, website and social media links.

Find what you love, get amazing offers and share them with your friends and family. Get the Extra Offerz for free from Google Play or from the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Extra Offerz

Google Play Download Link: Extra Offerz

Monday, May 22, 2017

Squapp is very useful app for people who love being socialized

There are many ways to navigate the world of social media. Every time a new platform pops up, an old one becomes obsolete. The best services are the ones that we can use for free, and these are many best apps for the best free social media services in the App Store. However, in hope to help you to get the right one for your devices we are here with a review for an app, Squapp.

What is Squapp?

At its core Squapp is a social event organizer or event planner app that allows you plan for worthy moments or events by the service of your smartphone and help you to stay updated if any of your friends or family members are going to plan something. It offers a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation through the app and you can manage and see all of your previous moments at your home screen. you can also add your Facebook friend to the app by the help of its Facebook integration.

It allows you to be registered by using your mobile number. Like the other available apps, it uses mobile contact numbers to identify users and invite them to join your moments. After you log in, It’ll then access your address book so that you can then instantly connect with them. It offers notification features so you will never miss any important about your created moments created by you or your friends.

Enjoy the rich quality of socializing experience with Squapp and stay in touch with people you want to stay around. Download for your iOS device today by using the link present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Squapp

Learn New Facts & Have Fun with The Quiz: Trivia Adventure

Mobile games can be much more than just flinging avians or killing zombies. Rather than take the route of mindless entertainment, some mobile games can actually get your brain working hard. Enter trivia. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you’ve got many options for trivia game apps. There are so many trivia games out there, because there are endless questions and categories. It seems like a no brainer, pun totally intended, but believe me, there were some bad ones out there (and some broken ones with the wrong answer set).

What is The Quiz: Trivia Adventure?

If you’re an Android user, we have a great trivia quiz game for you. It is called The Quiz: Trivia Adventure, a innovative game full of fun questions, different categories, unique features and designed with wonderful graphics. It can test your trivia skills, your general knowledge, boost your brain and provide hours of fun.

Why Is It One of Our Favorite Trivia Games?

It’s not quite easy to impress us, but this game definitely has. Why? Because it lets you choose between a singleplayer as well as local multiplayer & three different types of questions (image questions, guess questions and trivia questions). All questions are organized in various categories, such as Religion & History, Science & Technology, Politics & Society, Nature & Geography, Literature & Language, Sports, Human & Animals, and Popculture (including Movies, TV Series, Music and Games). Additionally, the user can use help – 50/50 jokers that can be bought from the shop or unlocked through playing.

With challenging levels and awesome achievements, The Quiz: Trivia Adventure can be downloaded for free from Google Play. For more features, upgrade it to its pro version.

Google Play Download Link: The Quiz: Trivia Adventure

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Geoflow – Explore and learn something new wherever you go

Thinking about taking a road trip? Be sure to load up on our picks for the best road trip apps. Whether you’re out of gas, looking for something to see along the way or want to steer clear of speed traps or traffic, there’s an app to help.

And, of course, remember to stay safe—don’t try to use your phone while you’re driving, no matter how handy the app. Today we present you a new app that will help you while on travel called Geoflow.

Geoflow is a new mobile app for iOS and Android that uses your location to find nearby Wikipedia articles (and soon content from other sources). It’s very useful for curious travelers, and city wanderers who want to know more about what’s right around them. It’s an easy to use educational tool that exposes the history of what’s nearby.

By default, the app uses your location to find articles in your area, but users can navigate around using the map view to select different regions. Geoflow will then search in this new region for content.

Use Geoflow to learn something new! Go explore what’s around you.

Available on both AppStore and GooglePlay. You can find it and download it from the links bellow.

Google Play Download Link: Geoflow

App Store Download Link: Geoflow

Website: www.geoflow.io

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Enjoy the smooth and secure communication with MoboLink - Call/Text/Money

One of the primary uses for the smartphone is communications. At a base level, that means phone calls, web browsing, text messaging and emailing. However, when you extend the thought of communications deeper, you see that it also applies to the way our devices communicate with each other: tethering, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. There are generalized apps across both the iOS and Android platforms that tailor to our human-to-human communications like Gmail, Google Voice, and Google Chrome. Moreover, while iOS does take a modicum of apps to the device communications level, Android comes out on top by a landslide.

This is an aspect of Android that directly relates to the fact that it is built on an open development platform. Well to help you get started with these features we have found a communication app named, MoboLink - Call/Text/Money.

What is MoboLink - Call/Text/Money?

MoboLink - Call/Text/Money free communication app is aimed to make you daily conversation and calls with your beloved ones even more interesting and productive, as this app understands that how important it is to stay in touch with your beloved and that is why when you are on the call through this app a constant addition of points is in progress in the background when you are communicating through this app. Now, these points are redeemed in the form of real money to give you few extra features like international calling etc.

The app perfectly manages your contact within the app which is categorized through separate tab so it is easy for you to check how many people in your contact list is using this app. it also brings separate tabs for individual messaging and group messaging, which saves you from being overwhelmed.

There are many other exciting features this app brings that need to be revealed just by downloading this app free for your Android devices from the link present at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: MoboLink - Call/Text/Money

Friday, May 19, 2017

Puzzle Game of the Week – Word Ranch

If you’re a word search puzzle game lover, you’ll find something to pique your curiosity in our Game of the Week – Word Ranch. It is one of those word games that you will love to play each time you have a free time. We loved every second of it and that is why it is still one of our favorite puzzle games!

What is Word Ranch?

One of our favorite word puzzle games is called Word Ranch. It is an ios game app that allows you to find hidden words, exercise your brain and build your ranch of your dreams. You can play it on your iPhone, iPad, use it while being offline and use its iMessenger. How amazing, right? Also, the game features stunning graphics, smooth user interface and a challenging gameplay.

What Does It Offer?

The gameplay is based on forming words with the tip of your finger. You slide across the puzzle on your screen in order to form words – backwards, forwards, sideways, etc. It may sound simple, but it isn’t, it’s quite challenging to be honest. There are more than 900 levels for you to play through, all kinds of bonuses and coins, goodies, beautifully designed puzzle grids and tons of other fun functions. So your main goal is to solve as many puzzles as you can in order to help Sarah build her ranch.

Exposing yourself enough longer to this incredible word puzzler will definitely boost your brain and keep you entertained no matter where you are. Download it for free from the App Store now!

App Store Download Link: Word Ranch

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shopping App of the Week – Vendr

Buying and selling things online isn’t quite easy. We are well aware of that, that’s why we did a review on our favorite shopping app few days ago. It received a good feedback and it is still updated with great content, so we decided to show it to you again, this time as a shopping app of the week.

What is Vendr?

But even if you have everything you need ready, you will still need a good app to list your things. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We present to you the first cashless local marketplace app called Vendr. This iOS tool lets its users to buy and sell things locally, effortlessly, and safely. It is an innovative app full of unique features that can make you think “Buying and selling has never been easier!”.

Standout Features

Vendr is a feature-rich marketplace platform that stunned us with its organization and intuitiveness. It is perfect for buyers and sellers as well because it takes away all awkward bargaining on the spot, driving to an ATM before a pickup or being nervous about carrying large amounts of cash to a stranger's place, sharing personal information, etc. All you have to do is list your things for selling or scroll through the listings to see if you want to buy something, reserve and pay/receive payment through the app. All transactions are made via the app itself, so you no longer have to wait 24 hours or more to get your money. You can even make audio and video calls, set up a mile fee for delivery, user it on your iPhone and iPad, etc.

If you want to get Vendr, click the links below, read more useful info and download it for free!

App Store Download Link: Vendr

Official Website: Vendr

App Review – Progress Graphs

Juggling tasks is an important skill in the modern world. From that presentation you promised to send your boss by today to picking up some ingredients for dinner, from holiday planning to present-buying, remembering everything can sometimes be overwhelming. Fear not – your smartphone can help you avoid drowning in a sea of tasks. There are a range of apps aiming to help you get on top of your to-do lists.

Today we present you an app that can help you plan, visualize & grow by keeping track of everything you do in your daily life – a fantastic lifestyle & productivity tool called ‘Progress Graphs’.

What is Progress Graphs & Why We Love it?

Progress Graphs is a journal, timeline and to-do app that tops other of its type in terms of overall app quality, user experience and ease in creating timelines & notes. Available for both Android and iOS users, the app is developed with elegant design and 17 professionally created themes. We love it because it truly helps in visualizing important things and in becoming more productive in our lives.

With it, you’re able to create notes with heading & sub-texts, dates, multiple images upload with or without input of texts, download your content into PDF format, share it via email or other compatible apps, create and access your lists (they called it ‘Graphs’) while offline.

Perfect for taking daily notes, scheduling tasks, making grocery lists, creating digital baby books, photo albums, school history projects, visualize your life journey or creating future career path etc.

Progress Graphs is free for download on both Google Play and App Store. In App Purchases are available, if required. Check out its full set of features & usage by visiting its Facebook page, YouTube Channel or official website.

App Store Download Link: Progress Graphs

Google Play Download Link: Progress Graphs

Facebook: Progress Graphs

YouTube: Progress Graphs

Official Website: Progress Graphs