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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Finance App of the Month - The Money Pouch

Our Finance App of the Month is called The Money Pouch. It is a free powerful finance tool for both Android and iOS users that want to have an efficient and useful wealth management app, one that will take the hassle out of their stock trading and investment managing. Read on and see why we love it so much.

One of the best automated investments apps on the market

The Money Pouch wealth management app will help you with its automated ETFs trading at a lowest fee you will encounter. The philosophy of The Money Pouch is that investing should not be expensive, so it provides investment management at a fraction of the price that traditional financial advisers and fund managers’ charge. Its computer algorithms and robo advisor never sleep and will trade on your behalf while you can focus on more important things in your life. It automated trading system will select  a strategy based on your risk profile, without the interference of human emotions and bias.

The Money Pouch and its useful & sophisticated features

The Money Pouch app is inspired by Buffet and Bogle’s work, investing in low-cost ETFs and rebalancing them often enough to keep the risk return more constant. This tactic offers your portfolio more protection for when a stock market fall by reallocating your investment portfolio to cash or bonds. With this app there is no lock-ins, so you can cash out your portfolio any time you want. You can also top up your investment account at any given time. The Money Pouch offers lower fees, automatic dividend investing, lower taxes, liquid strategy and it will maximize the risk/reward ratio. Also, The Money Pouch app invests in real companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft, which means it’s not some reckless gamble on Forex or commodity robots!

If you want to try this app, you can find and download it for completely free at the Google Play store or the iTune’s App Store.

Google Play Store download link: The Money Pouch  

App Store download link:
The Money Pouch

Jennie Francis Hypnosis – Make Positive Changes in Your Life to Enhance Your Well-Being

The mental health app marketplace is “very messy”. If you are looking for a quality mental health app that offers you effective and efficient methods and techniques that will help you to form healthier habits and learn how to relax and improve your way of life, choosing the right one can be quite hard. We decided to help you, we did our research and we found the right app that leads you to healthier habits, improving your quality of life in general. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS users, offered by Jennie Francis that helped hundreds of clients to make positive changes in their life, this health app is helping users to improve their quality of life and get rid of their bad habits, to enhance their mental well-being. Users one the app just by listening to the audio sessions with highly effective methods and hypnosis techniques will be able to make their unconscious mind form healthier habits. Completely naturally and safely, users with the help of this app will improve their mental health and make positive lifestyle changes.

What are the best features offered?

The Jennie Francis Hypnosis has incredibly helpful and useful features for its users, helping them to enhance their well-being and regulates their equilibrium. With the app’s help, users will be able to get rid of bad habits, make positive changes and improve their health in general. By using this app, only by listening to the carefully designed audio sessions users will just need to let their unconscious mind absorb the appropriate amount of information and accept the suggestions offered. It’s the best for users to listen to one audio session a day, without interruptions, for 21 days.

Each time the user is listening to an audio session he may zone out but that will positively affect his unconscious mind to form healthier habits. Users with the app will be able to stop smoking, lose weight, alleviate sleep deprivation and improve confidence issues. Also, by using the app users will learn how to relax their mind completely and learn how to stop stress and anxiety.

Download the app for free now on App Store and take care of your mental health!

App Store Download Link: Jennie Francis Hypnosis

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

GoKid – Simplify Your Life & Easily Set up Carpools for Your Kids

Setting up carpools and managing the school rides for your kids while finding people you trust to drive your kids to school or anywhere else is not easy to do. If you are looking for a way to simplify your life and save time by finding trusted people to carpool your kids, there are apps to help you with that. Among so many apps offered, we did our research and we have for you one incredible productivity app for organizing carpools for your kids with trusted families and friends. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for IOS users as one easy to set up carpool organizer app that is suitable for busy and active families, schools and teams, this app is helping users to quickly and easily set up carpools for their kids with people they know and trust, such as friends, families or neighbors. The app is offering users complete information needed to organize and manage carpools anytime on reach when they need them, making each carpool completely safe for the kids. With the help of this app, parents will save a lot of time and simplify their daily life by finding carpools for their kids with trusted people.

What are the best features offered?

GoKid has to offer various practical and helpful features to make the user’s life and the life of their kids easier, helping them organize carpools for kids easily and quickly, without much effort. By using this carpool tool, users are allowed to send automated invitations and schedules to other parents, avoiding all these long chain messages, saving a lot of time. Users can get all carpool information needed whenever they want, getting the chance to do optimization of routes, to look at maps, get reminded and learn about the families that do carpool by looking at their profiles.

Parents can invite other parents and kids to join their rides. With constant information available for carpools dates and times, event location, pick-offs and drop-offs, info about who’s driving and who is joining the ride, parents can constantly keep track. Parents will also get reminded when is their turn for carpool rides and get notified if there is some change in schedules. The app allows users to choose between monthly billing of $4.99 or yearly billing of $49.99.

Download the app now on App Store and get all carpool info on one place to simplify your life!

Official Website: GoKid

App Store Download Link: GoKid

Echo – Keep Track of Trending & Read Stories & News That Matter

Social networking apps are certainly one of the most popular apps we use on our smartphones. After some time of using the same social app it can become quite boring. Luckily for us, nowadays, many new and interesting social apps are created to help us meet people that we share similar interests with or to just share our opinions or thoughts with. We did our research and we have for you one great social app, one friendly and safe community. Let’ discuss it. 

What is so special about this social network?

Developed for android users, only by registering a profile, this social app is a community that is created by a user for all users that want to post and share opinions and meet new friends that share their interests. On this social networking app, users are offered to leave their impact on their community by discussing and reading stories and news that matter, connecting with users by using direct messages and follow the people they like. Giving users fresh and interesting information and news, this app is not allowing any type of harassment or discrimination, with completely friendly approach allows users to enjoy their time in the community.

What are the best features offered?

The Echo as social networking community is offering its users to enjoy spending their time reading, posting and following interesting people with who they can share similar thoughts and interests with. With this app, users will be able to follow people they like and chat with them or let others contact them by using direct messages. Users can read many interesting stories and news that matter that are posted by others and post their own profit posts where other users can comment if they want to. The user’s newsfeed is constantly offering him new and interesting things to read posted by other users, letting him to keep track of what is new in the community or to simply learn the new trending in the community. Users will always be on track of what’s happening, never missing a thing! The app is keeping users always updated on the news and changes in the community, allowing him to enjoy his time being a part of this community, meeting the people that share similar interests as him and discuss with them on any topic he likes to. 

Download the app on Google Play for free to follow people that share your interests!

Google Play Download Link: Echo

Hero Escape – Infinite Fun Adventure Game

Arcade games can make you feel like a kid again, and take you back to an era where the graphics didn't matter, and you filled your pockets with quarters trying to beat your favorite game. Your Android devices have more processing power than an old arcade game did in the 80s or 90s, meaning plenty of companies have transferred over classic games to the mobile platform allowing you to play some truly memorable games in video game history. Whether you're looking for an old classic or a newer title inspired by arcade games of old, here's one of our favorite arcade games for the smartphone and tablet – Hero Escape.

What is Hero Escape?

Hero Escape is a cool and unique arcade game that features an endless gameplay, playable on both Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re 7 or 77, the game will keep you entertained and addicted for hours and on. It is designed with amazing visuals, awesome sounds and a very challenging gameplay that will put your reflexes to a test.

How to Play?

The main goal of Hero Escape is to run, jump and avoid obstacles on a randomly generated platform. You will have to be quick and focused at the same time, and that is if you want to score higher and win rewards. All you got to do is run on the platform, jump to overcome the dangerous obstacles on your way and collect coins that will help you unlock new characters in the game’s shop. If you tap once on your screen, you will do a single jump, and if you tap twice, you will do a double jump. You’ll need the single jump to overcome the obstacles on the road and to make turns, while the double jump will be needed to jump over a broken road or to cross multiple obstacles on the road. There is also a giant stone ball rolling behind you, following wherever you turn, so try not to slow down or else you’ll be ran over by it.

Challenge your tapping skills, export GIFs and PNGs of your gameplay, share your scores with friends and family and enjoy different backgrounds each time you load the game. Download Hero Escape for free from Google Play or from the App Store.

Google Play Download link: Hero Escape

App Store Download link: Hero Escape

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CompareHunt – Book Hotels and Flights with the Lowest Prices for Any Worldwide Destination

There are plenty of hotel and flight booking apps available to help you find and book hotels and flight tickets for worldwide destinations. But not all of them allow you to compare prices and find the cheapest one before booking a hotel and flight. Luckily for you, we did our research and we discovered one great app for you travellers that will help you find the cheapest prices for flights and hotels and book with saving money each time you travel. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for android users as one highly helpful and useful travel app that is easy to use with simple interface to help all travel lovers look for the cheapest booking price for hotels and flights. By using the app’s help, users will be able to save a lot of time and money with finding the cheapest prices for flight tickets and hotels for any worldwide destination they want and book the prices that suit them fast and easily. This app allows users to enjoy their travel time with saving them money each time they book a hotel or flight, finding for them the best prices as possible.

What are the best features offered?

The CompareHunt is especially created with efficient and effortless features which are helping users to save money and time each time they plan their travelling arrangements. By using this travel and booking app users are offered to use the information from 200 different booking websites to compare prices of flight tickets and hotels in order to find the cheapest price they need and book it easily. Users can look for flights and hotels for any worldwide destination they want to. All the users need to do in order to find the best and cheapest prices for flight tickets is to enter on the app information about the location for travelling, the number of passengers and the date they want to book the tickets for.

If users are also looking for the cheapest hotels as possible they can use the app to find the best prices by entering their current location, the date and time for checking in and out of the hotel and the number of people that want to stay in that hotel. Simply and very practical, the app offers effortless way for travelling without worries and saving a lot of money by booking the cheapest hotels and flights.

Download the app for free now on Google Play and find cheapest hotels and flights for any destination!

Google Play Download Link: CompareHunt

Official Website: CompareHunt

Have an Epic & Wonderful Adventurous Experience with Adventure Island - Super Boy Game App

After unboxing your new smartphone and satisfying your eyes on its glory, you’ll probably want to test its potential with some heavy graphics games. Smartphones today are even better than most hand-held consoles, so you can expect some amazing games with realistic graphics in the app stores. If you are ready to bedazzle yourself with some breathtaking smartphone games, then check out our pick from the high graphics games for Android and iOS.

Adventourus game in the real meaning

Finding epic adventure for a crazy fun time it’s not so easy, but we have already then that job for you so please read carefully. We want to introduce you the charming and addicting Adventure Island – Super Boy Game App that must take a place into your mobile games collection if you’re looking for some high-quality entertaining way to fulfill your free time.

With fantastic graphics, amazing animation characters and quite interesting sound effects and music, this game will hypnotize you and throw you in hours of exciting and intense gameplay. Prepare your Super Boy to face 20 enemies, traps and obstacles that gets more difficult as open new levels. That’s why we suggest visiting the game store where you can upgrade your character with some special items to win the game successfully. There will be also hidden bonus items and coins that make the platformer game more enjoyable to play.

If you find Adventure Island – Super Boy as a game app of your taste, don’t wait a second longer and download it immediately for free on these App Store or Play Store links. Enjoy it, and write us back your experience!

Google Play Download Link: Adventure Island - Super Boy

App Store Download Link: Adventure Island - Super Boy

Monday, February 19, 2018

Casual Game of the Week - Seed Shooter

Our Casual Game of the Week is one of those rare gems that are hard to find, but extremely fun to play. Seed Shooter is a free-to-play game with positive gameplay of growing trees and plants. You will enjoy hours of playtime and be able to learn awesome facts about flora and fauna. Keep on reading and see what the game is all about.

What is so special about this game?

The Seed Shooter is developed for android users as one very addictive and fun shooting game with positive and interesting gameplay for all ages and for all green lovers. By playing this game, players need to simply shoot seeds and grow plants while getting a chance to learn facts about the nature, the forests, the trees and plants. While playing players will enjoy the beautiful design and IU with growing different types of plants and saving the trees. The shooter game is raising awareness about pollution, global warming and climate changes that are very important in the today’s world.

What are the best features offered?

This shooter game has to offer incredible and interesting features that will keep the player’s attention and help him learn about the nature while he is enjoying playing and shooting. This game has to offer over 100 fun levels with shooting that are uniquely created and challenging the player’s skills. The player just need to shoot the seeds precisely in the right colored pots and grow various types of plants. Players also get the task to save the trees by shooting the bugs that attack the trees. In every level players are learning different interesting and cool facts about plants, nature, forests. With over 1000 facts, players can choose their favorite ones and share them with people to raise awareness about the nature. Also, players can play other fun game modes as the Wheel Jump, the Color Wheel and the Odd Tile Out games as beginners or to challenge their skills with a harder mode. Players with highest scores will get on top of different leader-boards and have the chance to win various achievements for their skills.

Download the game on Google Play for free to have fun shooting and learning about the nature!

Google Play Download Link: Seed Shooter

App Review – iEvolve

Every day is a new day to explore the beauty of the incredible person you were always meant to be.  We are firm believers that in order to become our true amazing self, it’s essential that we do so through daily practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, nutrition and so on.  Personal development has become a huge part of our lives and we’re always on the lookout for the most effective ways to create the best life for us, and those around us. So here we are, sharing with you one of the best self-improvement apps we’ve ever encountered – iEvolve.

What is iEvolve?

iEvolve is a powerful Android app for users that are interested in personal growth and in becoming a better version of themselves. Focusing on control and management of our negative traits, iEvolve’s goal is to to better understand yourself by monitoring your stream of consciousness and build a capacity to understand everyone else as well.

Manage & Control Your Negative Traits

We all have negative aspects of our personalities, “dark shadows” that influence our daily mood and behavior. Whether you want to change them or to become more aware of what kind of a person you are, iEvolve is definitely going to give you a hand in that. It features objectives, such as bitterness, arrogance, greed and many more, that you can work on every day and eventually learn how to control them. You can also put your own objectives and customize them in a way you want to. The journey won’t be easy, we won’t lie to you. It requires your patience. You will discover new things about you and see a version of yourself that you will not like, but don’t worry - that means you’re on the right path of personal development and growth.

The less aware you are of the negative aspects of yourself, the greater their influence on your actions, so if you want to slowly learn how to control them, download the iEvolve app right now. It’s available on the Google Play Store for only $0.99.

Google Play Download Link: iEvolve

Cookooz – The Perfect Home for All Your Recipes

For decades and decades, it seems that every household had a binder or folder full of paper recipes written, handed or copied. But with mobile technology seemingly taking over our everyday lives and making them simpler, there is a new way to manage your recipes. Not only it this way simpler and faster, but it also involves less paper and binders cluttering up your kitchen or home. The App Store is loaded with dozens of different cooking and recipe organizing apps both free and premium, we decided to give you a hand with deciding which one to download and try. Meet Cookooz one of the best free recipe organizing apps out there!

Save & find all of your recipes in an instant

With the Cookooz app you get to save all of your recipes with just a few snaps of your device’s camera. Take a photo of the recipe, whether it is from a cooking magazine, website or your recipe binder, and save it in your Cookooz app. You can take up to 5 photos per recipe and crop the photos for better viewing.  The app comes with 2 viewing formats you can choose from: list or image. Cookooz also automatically backup all of your saved recipes so you’ll never lose any of them.

Make meal plans & share them with friends & family

The app has its own calendar which helps you plan a menu. You can create menus, plan out wich recipes are going to be included in the menu and arrange them in the order you are going to be serving them. You are able to share your calendar and recipes with friends and family via email if you need to. 

When it comes to organizing, Cookooz has it all. You can tag your recipes with multiple tags like: meal type, cuisine type, ingredients or custom tags. This way searching for a recipe becomes fast and easy.  You can also browse the recipes by alphabetical order, rating and creation date.

With Cookooz you don’t have to clutter your kitchen with tons of paper, cooking magazines, fat and messy recipe binder, when all you need is an app on your phone containing your whole recipe collection.

Cookooz is free to download and you can find it at the App Store.

App Store download link:

Official Website Link:

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