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Aquilon Software Review - One of the best ERP software that can take your business to another level

That is why today we will talk about one of the best in the business software niche – Aquilon Software. It is a software that earned critical acclaim due to its features and functionality. Companies widely use it for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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Travel apps have been constantly popular on these devices ever since their inception, but these days they’re so good that they’re actually useful even when you’re not desperately trying to have fun on vacation.

Game of the Day - Flapping Dragon Hidden Mushroom

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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Addictive New Game for Chemistry Class Lovers and Matching Arcader fans – Chemistry Pop

To be honest, we know that there are millions of Android arcade games that might be addictive like this one we share with you guys today. But the truth is we found a very special one that we think stand out from the others classical arcade game, especially if you’re the chemistry class lover.

Colorful game play

With simple and colorful screen Chemistry Pop is an atoms popper arcade game that will easily conquer your heart and give you remarkable moments of fun. Experiment like a chemistry professor, match the colors of the chemicals and pop the atoms.

Increase concentration and focus

Chemistry Pop is also a very good game for increasing concentration and focus while you try to make more high scores. Becoming a pro will challenge you to compete with others and friends through global leaderboards.
Highly addictive

No doubt, Chemistry Pop could be highly addictive especially if you were the nerdy boy/girl that adores the chemistry classes. The game is designed to awake your inner child and relax your mind through colorful play and interesting sounds.

The color match game is free for download and from our experience Chemistry Pop definitely, deserves a place on our Android’s game play list. Check it out on Google Play Store or download on the link down bellow. Get lost in hours.

Google Play Download Link: Chemistry Pop - Atoms Pooper Game

Monday, July 24, 2017

Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards is going to change the way people exchange business cards

When Apple launched the iPhone, many people in the business world – including Microsoft's CEO at the time, Steve Ballmer – sneered at it. It did not have a keyboard, was expensive, and did not even have 3G in its original form. A lot has changed since then, and the numerous updates and tweaks that Apple has made have turned it into the perfect on-the-go smartphone for business. The App Store is the main driver behind the surge in productivity on Apple's mobile devices, but it has become very crowded – 1.5 million apps, at the last count – and finding exactly the right apps can be difficult. This is exactly why we have compiled this review for an app, Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards.

What is Nexals: Digital Business and Networking Cards?

Nexals: Digital Business and Networking is an app that allows you to create e-business card by means of using QR coding technology. It creates the QR code of your contact information so that you can easily share with anyone who has the smartphone. This app also launches a powerful business card scanner that lights, scans, and interprets all of the contact information. It gives the user plenty of ways to maintain that new relationship in the future, making it a business-person's must have tool.

Key Features
  • It allows you to edit the contact information anytime in case your phone or email changes.
  • It offers easy to use interface and you can generate a QR code of your contact information within few clicks.
  • It works offline
  • It is a great to manage your business contacts on the go
So what else do you need? This app is available free to download on your iOS platform devices and it eliminates the use of the paper business card. Download it today from the link present at the end of this helping review.

Flick - Dating with video and stories Brings an Amazing Dating Platform for iOS users

Finding true love may not be too easy but if there is a desire to discover nothing less than the very best soul-mate, even fortune has to bow down to the quest. So, what if you haven't yet found your ideal partner? You are never too late for love…There are a number of iPhone dating apps which provide wonderful chance to meet your match. To give you the best solution and to eliminate the distances, we are here for a review of an app Flick - Dating with video and stories.

What is Flick - Dating with video and stories?

Flick - Dating with video and stories app is an innovative step towards the creation of new age online dating platform for the singles to mingle with the singles in their present location and to give the user their right partners. All you have to do is to install this cool app on your device and register yourself by adding the necessary information about you and your personal life. This makes it easy for you to find the people based on your interest. Moreover, if you found the compatible profile, you can use the instant messaging feature and if your partner agrees, you can go for video call to see each other in a real time.

In addition, this dating app also allows you to share your life stories in the form of pictures or selfies to let the nearby people find you. Flick - Dating with video and stories is the best app giving you an opportunity to meet the singles locally that are your Mr./Mrs. perfect either it’s about long duration love relation, or it's about hanging out in the club or if it is a one-night stand.

Download this best trending app with many singles online and enhance your social life. You can get this app for your iOS devices the link below:

App Store Download Link: Flick - Dating with video and stories

Simplifi Me will Save you a Lot of Time if You Use Social Media Frequently

Sometimes all you want is updates from your loved ones without all of the social media clutter, Simplifi Me – All of your social media in one app, for Android does just that. Keep on reading this review until the end to find more exciting features about this amazing app.

What is Simplifi Me - All of your social media in one app?

Simplifi Me - All of your social media in one app is all in one social media personalizing tools that allow you to see the post, comments, and updates from only selected accounts from your twitter or Facebook by avoiding to scroll tons of unnecessary post to search the required ones. The app sync with your Facebook and Twitter account and to see the post or tweets by someone you would have been adding his/her contact.

In addition, by using this social media manager app you can also post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and comment the post by your friends and your family. The app also comes up with an option to synchronize with your contact list making it easier for you to set up the personalized list of contacts. In order to add your contact from social media accounts or phone’s contact, you can either select multiple contacts or if you are interested in individual contact it is also possible.

This app can be the best option for old citizens who only want to stay in touch with their family across these social media accounts. Right now, this app is made available for Android Platform devices and the best thing about this app is that you can get this free from the direct download link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Simplifi Me - All of your social media in one app

App Review – CutCuts

Creating and editing videos can be highly complex, it can take days or weeks to create the perfect video to share it online. What if you only wanted to create fun entertaining video and you don’t have that much time to waste it on editing. No worries, there are many apps for your iPhone that could help you create an awesome video without losing a lot of time creating and editing. We’ve have for you today one simple and cool recording app – CutCuts.

What is CutCuts?

Highly entertaining and easy to use recording app developed on IOS platform. Using famous clips from many categories, the users can create their own parody video with recording voices. Press record, start talking and leave the rest to CutCuts. When the character starts speaking, the app starts merging the recording. With the option to preview and edit the creations the users can create videos by their preference and taste. Start recording and CutCuts will make for you the most entertaining video.

Standout Features

Awesome and kind of unique app with many different options for the users to create funny clips and share them. Aside from recording, the users can re-record the voice they think needs changes with only pressing record for the character they want to edit. Record and speak until the time recording bar allows. No timing. The app starts the auto merging in the exact moment when the mouth starts moving. The app gives the users a lot of categories with famous clips so the users can choose which clips they want to use for their own creation. Browsing the feed, the users can follow other users and comment on their creations. Share the best and most entertaining videos on social media platforms.

App Store Download Link: CutCuts

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Daily App Recommendation - Bzzy

Staying organized is one of the hardest things to do. Everything in your life needs at least some kind of organization and it’s also something that you have to do and keep track of every day. It’s okay if you can’t keep track of it all because most of us can’t either. It’s almost certain that you’ll be more productive with a little organization. That is why today we will recommend a great new iOS and Android app for both personal and team organizations in the name of Bzzy.

Bzzy is one of the simplest to do task and project managers you will ever use, yet the app can be extremely helpful for anyone who is battling with organization and staying on top of the everyday tasks. With 3 ultra-simple commands you can do so much!

How to make use of Bzzy?

The 3 key features of the app, expect the amazing UI and intuitiveness, are the ability to categorize each task by hashtags, set reminders with simply putting “!date” to your tasks and “@team_member” to assign a task to a team member.

Another great feature we liked is the ability to hide everything from the app, without the tasks that are predefined for that day. Dragging and dropping of tasks is also included. The best thing is that this all round, ultra-useful to do task manager is free for both Android and iOS. Get it from the links bellow, it can be a life-changing moment.

Official Website: Bzzy

Google Play Download Link: Bzzy

App Store Download Link: Bzzy

Saturday, July 22, 2017

GOOSE VPN private proxy server for secure internet is very comprehensible for casual VPN users

Your iPhone may be well protected against malware, but it can’t protect your data as it travels the internet. Using a VPN keeps your information safe and private, even when you’re connected through an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot. A VPN most importantly enables you to protect your data from snoopers and mask your true location. It hides your online forays in a secure tunnel that outsiders can’t penetrate, but you must choose wisely since you’re trusting your VPN provider with all your online activities. There are well over 1000 of VPNs on the market and not every VPN works well with an iPhone, iPad or another iOS device. To make your life easier, in this review we are presenting you our favorite pick that is, GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet.

What is GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet?

GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server for Secure Internet is trying to provide its customers in the digital world; complete protection of internet traffic and the safeguarding of one’s privacy and personal information. GOOSE VPN Private Proxy Server For Secure Internet is ideal for securing your connection when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Furthermore, the service hides your true IP-address from hackers, the websites you are visiting and the authorities.

This VPN service opts for an accessible approach and keeps it subscription structure simple. There are 3 packages to choose from: the Basic Package for €2.99 per month, an Unlimited Package for €6.99 per month, and an unlimited annual package for €59.99. Payment methods include Credit card, PayPal, IDEAL, and GiroPay. The service allows you to try out the product for free for 30 days without obligations.

It is especially interesting for those seeking a simple, qualitative and fast VPN. P2P and Netflix compatibility are also noteworthy assets. Installing this app is free and you can get this for your iOS device from the direct download link given below.

Friday, July 21, 2017

U Assist – Share Your Device & Get Support from Your Contacts

The reason smartphones exist is so we can be more productive. They’re like tiny super computers that we keep in our pocket. They connect to the web, let us do work, and we always have them on us. That makes them prime candidates to help us all be a little more productive. There are a ton of options for apps that can help you be more productive in your life. Let’s take a look at one of the best productivity apps for Android, called U Assist.

What is U Assist & Why Do We Like It?

This is a high-quality and efficient productivity apps for all Android users that need simple and quick remote control of their devices. With it, any user can easily invite a contact and share their device for co-controlling. Plus, it’s designed with smooth and elegant UI!

Like we said, U Assist is a simple and easy-to-use screen mirroring app for remote control. Featuring dozens of functionalities, this app lets you invite a contact of your choice and share your device with a quick approval. The contact you’ve shared your device with will be given a remote control and will be able to view your device’s screen, manage your device, transfer files, to activate apps or stop them, view information about your device, etc. Additionally, you two will be able to chat with each other!

Click the link below for more useful info and get the app for free. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Google Play Download Link: U Assist

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Effortless & Detailed Cinema App for All Movie Lovers – UAE Cinema Showtime

You’ve decided to go to the movies spontaneously but you need fast and precise information about cinema schedules in your nearby cinema, movie listings and details about the movie you want to watch. Looking these information on cinema websites can take a long time. What about an app that could help you get all information quickly? We’ve found a cinema app that will satisfy your movie needs – UAE Cinema Showtime.

What is UAE Cinema Showtime all about?

Precise and intuitive cinema app for users that want to find detailed information about movie listings and cinema schedules instantly. Fast and complete movie listings for android and iPhone users, for every city that has cinema catered by UAE. This one of a kind app won the award for Best App UX of the year on the Shortlist Mobile App Award in Dubai. Simply choose your Emirate and this app will quickly give you full movie listings. Get quick, precise information about your closest cinema and favorite movies with this awesome app for all cinema lovers!

Why do we choose it?

You want complete and quick information about cinema schedules and detailed movie listings, this is the right choice for you. Source effortlessly any kind of information about your nearby cinema and movies catered by UAE. The users are offered to search movies and cinemas by their city or preferred cinema with simple fast functionality filter. Quick information about movies, genres, actors and plots. With reminder notifications about movies you wish to watch you will never miss another movie. For every movie you search, this app offers you full movie details: actors, ratings, genres and trailers about the movie. Share your experience about the cinema and the movie with friends on social media!

Google Play Download Link: UAE Cinema Showtime

App Store Download Link: UAE Cinema Showtime

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tool of the Month – Any Unit Converter

Any Unit Converter was already reviewed on our site, but due its functionalities and usability, we decided to give it another appraisal, but this time as our choice for a Tool of the Month. Let’s see what this awesome Android app is all about.

What is Any Unit Converter?

Free to download, simple and easy to use we introduce you to Any Unit Converter – Free Conversion Calculator, an app to boost your productivity and make your calculations easier than ever before. This app that we found, we’re strongly recommending to all engineers and chemical workers that working with converting units on a daily basis and especially for students on AP/College level physics.

Conversion units can be complex and hard so Any Unit Converter was created for simplifying the whole process and give you great visibility. You can add units or remove the one that is not important for your calculations.

There is a whole list of units that Any Unit Converter offers to work with like meter, kilometer, light year, inch, foot, hectometer, angstrom, nautical mile, nanometer etc and other conversion categories like distance, energy, flow, light, power, mass, pressure, radioactivity, speed, temperature etc.

So if you’re finding great use with this productivity app, it’s available on Google Play Store for downloading. Share with your colleagues and improve your productivity effortlessly!

Google Play Download link: Any Unit Converter