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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Montagio – Enhance Your Photos by Creating Collages

As the best smartphone cameras are increasingly able to perform phenomenal feats of photography, we are all looking for ways to present our photos in style. Photo collages are a great way to show off and share a selection of images, so it's no surprise to find that collage makers are hugely popular creative tools right now. To make the search for the best photo collage maker easier, we did our research and found one great photo collage app that all photo lovers should try. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this collage maker?

Developed for iOS users as one easy to use and yet very fun and creative photo collage maker, users have the chance to build their dream photo using their favorite photos and enhancing them in unique and artistic photo collages. With the app, the user will just need to choose the photos he likes to put in the collage and let the app randomly generate them in eye-catching and memorable collage. Different styles are available to try on the app and all the collages can be shared by the user with others to see.

What are the best features of Montagio?

The Montagio is offering all photo lovers amazing features that will help them to create unique and artistic photo collages from their favorite photos on their phones. All the photo collages created by the user can be used for their social media profiles or just as a photo on their phone screens. The user on the app only needs to choose any of his favorite photos that he likes to put in the collage and the app will immediately generate them randomly in a creative and unique photo collage. 

Moreover, the app allows users to the square in photos, rectangle in photos, mix structured images, putting photos in fun and creative collages.  The created photo collages by the user can be saved in his Camera roll album or the user can even choose to share the saved collages on Facebook and Twitter and even share them with others via email.  With the app, each photo addict has a chance to have fun creating artistic collages and share the most interesting one with others.

Download the app now for free on App Store to create artistic collages and build your dream photo!

App Store Download Link: Montagio

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Monday, September 24, 2018

4Down – A Fun & Interactive Card Game

For some, card games are the ultimate way to relax. Killing time on your morning commute or unwinding at the end of your day playing card games can happen on your phone now, which is fantastic. You can play solo or face opponents in virtual game rooms anytime, day or night, in casino-style games or fantasy card games of every kind.

Collectible card games aren’t just for hobby shops anymore. Now, you can play with your friends on your PC or mobile device from almost anywhere. And with card games having gone digital, you can undertake solo adventures with the same intricate rules and endless variety as their physical counterparts. Check out one of the best card game in the digital space.

What Is 4Down – Social Card Game?

4Down is a multiplayer social card game that can be played and downloaded either on iOS or Android platforms. 4Down has amazing networking features that has the ability to make the players experience face-to-face playing a simple cards game.

Very entertaining and slightly addictive, the game starts when each player gets eighteen cards in their hand. Eight of the cards are on the table, four are facing down and four are facing up. You can choose either cards from the table, pick one from those that you are holding in your hand but your goal is to get rid of the cards before anyone else does. If you play a higher card that is foul and it means you have to pick up a whole pile of cards.

4Down – Social Card Game Features

If you are new to this card game and you want to know how to play it we have a tutorial you just might need to show you the way of the game. The most enjoyable feature of this game are the HD graphics and having the ability to choose if you want to play the cards in 2D or 3D.
In order to win a round you need to clear the deck of cards and you will automatically be able to play three rounds in a row. Join tournaments, challenges and multiplayer card game tables with people from all over the world. You can keep track of your scores on the online leader board, chat with players while playing or create private game rooms.

Aim for the highest points and see if you have what it takes to be the winner of this game! Download it now from the App Store or the Google Play Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: 4Down

App Store Download Link: 4Down

Official Website:  4Down

Hotel Discounter – Unbeatable Last Minute Accommodation & Flight Deals Worldwide

Finding the most affordable flight and accommodation while making sure that you will have plenty of money to spend during your trip can be a little tough without the right booking app on your smartphone. This type of app can help you in finding amazing last minute deals on flights and accommodation and save money with each booking. To make the search easier, we did our research and we have for all you travellers a great booking app that can help you a lot. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for Android and IOS users this is one amazing accommodation booking app which is specially created for all travellers that need help finding flights and accommodation for their business trips or vacation and all that without paying high prices for it. Amazing last minute advanced deals on accommodation and flights can be discovered on the app at the best prices, from all around the world. Users will easily book hotels, motels, villas, apartments and flights, saving time and money planning their next trip with complete safety and security on the app.

What are the best features of the Hotel Discounter?

The Hotel Discounter with the features available on it is allowing each traveller to organize his next vacation or business trip without spending much time and money finding accommodation and flights for it. Using the app will help the user to search and find thousands of discount hotels, motels, apartments, and villas with amazing savings up to 80% all inside one app. The offers are available all around the world and the user can discover many special offers from many popular accommodation providers with amazing prices guaranteed without any booking fees to pay.

On the app users will find major airline agents and travel agents available which are offering last minute offers for them while securing the user’s safety and security with the ABTA and ATOL protection when he is checking out on the website.  Flight and accommodation unbeatable deals as well for package holidays are available too so the user can discover amazing last minute deals on hotels, motels, condos and apartments. To compare the top providers, the users can use the accommodation comparison page in order to choose the best deals at the best price as possible for their trips.  

Download the app on App Store and Google Play for free to find last minute accommodation deals and flights for your next trip!

App Store Download Link: Hotel Discounter

Google Play Download Link: Hotel Discounter

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Blow Your Boredom Immediately with Bubble Shooter Island Fun & Enjoy it for Hours

Given that there are hundreds of thousands of titles spanning a range of genres — role-playing, platforming, sports, etc. — we’ve also decided to break them down into distinct sections for your perusal. Now, if only everything in life was as simple as choosing a game for your evening commute.

New, Fresh and Addictive Arcade

Are you interested in new, fresh and quite addictive arcade to blow your boredom immediately and replace it with epic game experience? If it so, then keep read carefully because here we have an amazing arcade puzzle solving proposal of a game called Bubble Shooter Island Fun that you shouldn’t miss it if you’re looking for a new incredible game for your mobile compilation that is worthy of attention and time.

The Game Point

The game point you may already know. Over 100 smashing levels packed with powerful boosters waiting for all you arcade game lovers and your job is to burst 7 bubbles in a row to get the fireball and drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb. What’s especially quite cool about Bubble Shooter is the colorful 80’s theme game style which will mesmerize you to endlessly shoot and pop bubbles.

Extraordinary Fun

Don’t miss extraordinary play and fun and download Bubble Shooter Island Fun game on Play Store for free on your Android device now. Give it a try and let us know how Bubble Shooter has made an impact on you! 

Google Play Download Link: Bubble Shooter Island Fun

Arcade Game of the Month - Mallow Man

For all arcade game lovers, today we’re sharing our Arcade Game of the Month. The name of this awesome game is Mallow Man, currently available on the Android platform. Suitable for all age groups, providing endless fun and cool features, this game has become one of our favorite addictions this month. Let’s tell you why!

What is so special about this arcade game?

Developed for Android and iOS users as an arcade game with jumping gameplay, the jumparcade will allow each player to have fun jumping and climbing while they try to help the marshmallow, the Mallow Man escape the endless cup and avoid the hot chocolate rising. The cool sound effects and HD graphics on this easy to play arcade offered will make the player get addicted to playing fast while he tries to keep the marshmallow alive by jumping off and climbing the blocks. 

What are the best features of Mallow Man?

The Mallow Man has to offer its players various features that will keep them interested in playing and jumping each time. All the player needs to do on the game is to react fast and without any hesitations. The player needs to jump off and climb the blocks while being careful not to get crushed by the falling blocks, keeping the marshmallow alive and avoiding the hot chocolate rising. The hot chocolate is rising at all times and because of that, the player needs to avoid it because if the marshmallow touches it the game will end. With jumping and climbing as far as possible and keeping the marshmallow alive the player will win coins for his achievements.

The coins earned by the player can be used for unlocking different styles of blocks and backgrounds and allow the player to enjoy the jumping with different environments for the marshmallow. By helping the marshmallow escape the endless cup with jumping and climbing, the player will have hours of fun playing the arcade.  

Download the game for free to jump off and climb blocks keep the marshmallow alive!

Google Play Download Link: Mallow Man

App Store Download Link: Mallow Man

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Entertainment App of the Week - Murder Minute

We get fascinated by things that make no sense. We think that these things only happen in movies and that nothing bad ever happens in real life, but of course, bad things happen all the time. These tragic and terrible stories have been documented by one developer team (Banter App Inc) so you can read all about them anywhere and anytime. We’re talking about an app, of course. It’s called Murder Minute, and it’s our Entertainment App of the Week.

What is Murder Minute?

We’re more than excited to present to you the app Murder Minute. If you want to feel the thrill of reading true crime stories, then this app is a great choice. Developed for both Android and iOS users, Murder Minute provides daily murder stories and offers a lot of entertainment. We also liked its overall design and interface.

Standout Features

We can all agree with the fact that we're all pretty obsessed with the darkest parts of human nature, exploring the minds of psychopaths and murderers, etc. There’s something tempting and captivating about reading true crime stories. As they say - truth is stranger than fiction - and in the case of true crime stories, that is certainly true. Murder Minute is created especially with that idea, to bring daily true crime stories to Android and iOS users across the world. Read about famous serial killers, known and unknown murder cases, mysteries, high profile police investigations, dramatic man hunts, and more. What we find interesting about this app is the way it presents the stories. Murder Minute brings you suspenseful true crime stories every day in a unique chat format. You will enjoy solved and unsolved crime stories, some of which you will find nowhere else.

If you want to check out the Murder Minute app by download it from Google Play or the App Store. It’s free of charge!

Official Website: Murder Minute

App Store Download Link: Murder Minute

Google Play Download Link: Murder Minute

Business App of the Week – Gainbuzz

There’s an app on both Android and iOS platforms that make advertising easy. It’s called Gainbuzz, and it’s our pick for a Business App of the Week. Whether you want to advertise smarter, or to plan and execute cost effective campaigns, this powerful tool provides with a huge database of media assets and services. Check out what its best features are and why we love it in the article below.

Why Gainbuzz?

Gainbuzz is an online marketing platform suitable for advertisers, media buyers and media sellers that want to bring the entire media sales process online. Easy to use and developed for iOS and Android users, the app offers an efficient way for discovering detail information on 1000s of media types such as locations, rates, availability and much more at the user’s fingertips. With the app businesses can list, discover and book local advertising spots using the web and mobile applications to enable smarter, faster and better media buying and planning. Additionally, media sellers can find more advertisers and sell their advertising spots. 

What are the best features of Gainbuzz?

This online business platform has special features depending on if the user is an advertiser, a media buyer of a media seller.  With the app, the media sellers and the media buyers are able to connect with many marketplace applications to enable smarter and faster media planning and buying. Also, the media buyers and the advertisers on the app have the chance to use it no matter if they want to create a buzz, reach a mass audience or direct locals to their front doors, allowing them to achieve their business goal easily.  On the app, the users have the chance to request more information on media assets they’ve browsed and even launch an entire campaign on the go.

With the Pro version of the app, the media sellers are offered to manage their asset inventory, focus on growing their business, to gain visibility and generate more business, as well to enhance their ROI too. Media sellers on the app can add media assets and their availability app to date, receive notifications for inquiries and book requests, to create proposals and promote to their potential advertisers. The media sellers can also organize their conversations and add contacts, managing accounts, and booking, receiving and sending payments with high security.

Download the advertising app for free on App Store and Google Play for smarter and faster media planning and buying!

Official Website: Gainbuzz
Google Play Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz
App Store Download Link for Advertisers: Gainbuzz
App Store Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro
Google Play Download Link for Media Sellers: Gainbuzz Pro

Mysa – Carefully Selected Soothing Sleep Melodies to Fight Insomnia

For people with insomnia, getting a restful night’s sleep is anything but easy. If you’re looking for help with your insomnia, the last place you might think to look is your smartphone. But it could be a great resource for getting deeper, most restful sleep. There are many apps that are specially created to help you improve your sleep quality and fight insomnia. We did our research and we have a great sleep app with beautiful sleep relaxing music for you to try. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS  users as one easy to use and highly efficient sleep companion app which is helping users to fight insomnia and improve their quality of sleeping, bettering their memory and relaxing each time they use this app. On the app, each user has a chance to listen to a wide selection of sleep relaxing music before he goes to sleep, choosing the duration of it from 30 to 60 minutes for a period of 3 weeks. Users with the app will have a chance to fall asleep faster and more relaxed.

What are the best features of Mysa?

The Mysa as the companion app for sleeping and the features offered on it is efficiently helping each user with insomnia issues to improve the sleep quality and the memory, making him feel more relaxed and rested. The design of the app is simple and clean, offering the users with the carefully selected selection of sleep relaxing melodies and all that with beautiful immersive natural sounds that are mixing and matching, allowing the user to experience the best night of sleep. The user on the app can choose the duration of the sleep melody for 15 minutes to 10 hours depending on his needs.
With the companion app, the user will be carried away with the sleep relaxing music and the app can be used for getting a good night sleep, for a nap or just as a time dedicated for relaxation.  Users can notify the app about their sleep experience using it by sending feedbacks.

Download the app for free on App Store to fight insomnia with carefully selected soothing sleep sounds!

App Store Download Link: Mysa

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

HD MP3 Voice Recorder – Record Audios in MP3 Format, Save, Share & Play Recordings Easily

Voice recorders can be quite handful in many situations in our daily life. No matter if you are using them for lectures, meetings or for simply recording favorite songs and making personal notes. But with tons of free voice recorder readily available online, which one is the best? Because there are so many apps to choose from for this purpose, finding the most quality one can be hard. We did our research and we discovered one amazing MP3 voice recorder for you to try. Let’s discuss about it.

What is so special about this MP3 recorder?

Developed for android users, this recording app is created as one amazing MP3 recorder that allows users to easily and efficiently, without much effort, record audios of their meetings, lectures, songs and to even make personal notes with just a tap on the app. Easy to use and very practical, this audio recorder offers users to record audios in the popular MP3 format with HD quality and all recordings are clear and playable on any device the user is using to listen the recordings. 

What are the best features of HD MP3 Voice Recorder?

The HD MP3 Voice Recorder for the users is offering various features that will help them record voices in the MP3 format with HD quality, and all that just with a touch on the app. Using the app will allow users to record audios in HD quality and record the voices without any time limitation. Each recording that the user makes with the app is in MP3 format.  The user is allowed by the app to even pause any of the recordings when he wants and he can even choose to share the recordings from within the app without much effort. The app is storing the recordings so the user can reach them when he wants even when he is offline. The app can be used in the background as well, when the user is recording or when is playing his recordings. On the app, the user is offered a seek bar as well that allows him to forward and rewind when he is playing a recording and choose any location he wants to save the recordings he made. The user can select a sample rate and bit rate as he pleases and rename the recordings as he wants too.

Download the app for free on Google Play now to record audios, save, share and play them easily!

Google Play Download Link: HD MP3 Voice Recorder

Monday, September 17, 2018

Digest Aware - Effective Nutrient Tracking

The body works at its best when in an alkaline state (between pH 7.35 and 7.45) and by fuelling it with alkaline ingredients, you are helping it to maintain this balance. The aim of an alkaline diet is to reduce the quantity of acidic food (refined sugar, gluten, cow’s dairy and meat) that you are putting into your body and increase the alkaline foods.  Full of nutritionally rich food, an alkaline diet constitutes all of the things that when you think about it, you know are incredibly good for you , lots of green leafy vegetables, whole grains, pulses, berries, citrus fruits and good organic, natural ingredients.

The more acid in our diet, the more our body battles to re-adjust, leaving ourselves feeling tired, and our immune systems vulnerable to disease. With a variety of healthy benefits, from reduce bloating to clearer skin and an increase in energy levels; you should see a huge improvement within three weeks of beginning your alkaline diet.

What Is Digest Aware?

If you ever get heartburns, feel gassy and bloated, this means that something in your diet is not working out well. Digest Aware is an app that is made to maintainyour health or even cure something in your body that may lead to a serious disease. Often, we consume foods that are highly acidic which misbalances the pH level in our bodies – that can easily lead to irritable bowel disorders, arthritis or even cancer. In order to avoid this, Digest Aware is here to help you make better food choices and enjoy your food.

Why Do We Like It?

Digest Aware is going to help you measure your food intake as well as the acidic or alkaline pH - measured with a unit (Potential Renal Acid Load). Digest Aware will measure the PRAL value of every food you enter. Recommended PRAL values of your daily food intake should be around -35 and -15. The key to this feature is that you eat less acidic and more alkaline foods.

Digest Aware also helps you put together meals so that your stomach can digest them much easier. Some foods need different enzymes in order to digest and when you combine the wrong foods; your body produces toxins which lead to energy waste. Digest Aware grades your meals with “GOOD”, “FAIR”, “POOR” and “BAD”. It will help you save your energy!

Of course it takes much discipline and control to put together your foods which can take a lot of time. That’s why Digest Aware will help you combine the right foods at a meal. For example, eating six different foods separately at a meal, create layers in the stomach which need different enzymes in order to be digested without affecting each other. As every layer is digested it automatically gives space for the next layer and the stomach size gets more comfortable and it digests the next layer more easily. This is why it is not recommended to eat six different foods in a single meal.

Download Digest Aware now and start making better lifestyle choices!

App Store Download Link: Digest Aware

Official Website: Digest Aware