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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tease your Mind & Enroll in Super-Fun Brain Training with 3x2

Most puzzle games are the ones you can pick up and play in seconds that are also easy, yet challenge your logic and strategical thinking. They’re also great time-wasters at work, or when you have a free moment. Today we will cover one of the best new puzzle games – 3x2. Read more why this block color-matching puzzle is fun and challenging.

3x2 Short Intro

3x2 is an Android block rolling & matching game which is an easy, simple and fun mind teaser and logic tester. Your mission is to roll the small cube across the whiteboard and match the color of the face of the cube with the one that will touch the board to clear the board.

3 Fun Game Modes & Minimalist Design

In this game, there are 3 different levels to play with progressive difficulty. In the first level cube has 2 colors, 3 on each side similar to the ones on the board. Like we say each level is harder than the previous so in the second the cube has 3 different colors on the sides that require more attention to rotating it around the board.

Of course, the third level is the hardest and the cube has 6 different colors that require a lot of focus and logical efforts to the colors of the side that is not on display.

At the end of the day, 3x2 is a fun and mind challenging game that could take your mobile entertainment to a different level. It’s available on Play Store for free downloading, so give it a try now!

Google Play Download Link: 3x2

RITS Browser – SMART BROWSER is One of the Best Browsers for Android

What is RITS Browser – SMART BROWSER?

RITS Browser is one of the fastest and most complete web browser apps for android. Besides being lightweight and super-fast, this android app features some extra functionalities like offline games and the ability to watch live media streaming and offline games that make it a versatile entertainment app.

Why we loved it?

- fast browsing
- import favorites
- switch between mobile or desktop page view
- flights, hotel, products price comparison page
- media streaming page
- the in-built offline games section
- fast access to facebook and other social media (save space and have 1 app for all)

Uniqueness: High

Usability: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: 4.1

Compatibility: Android 5.0 or later

Developer: Raise IT Solutions Ltd.

Google Play Download Link: RITS Browser – SMART BROWSER

Board Game of the Month – XO Master

We reviewed XO Master here on Hightechholic a few days ago. This tic tac toe variation entertained us largely both as a single and multiplayer game. Read why we pronounce it as our Board Game of the Month.

Single & Multiplayer Experience

The main twist in this tic tac toe variation is that you need to draw 5 X or O in a row. This makes it amazingly challenging and equally fun. You’ll need a much better strategy and logic to win.

When you start the offline xo game you can choose between multiple game modes. If you are alone or want to enjoy a game offline, play the single-player mode. In this mode you can test your skills against the AI (it can get very challenging, trust us).

If you want to really test your knowledge and skills in this board game, try the multiplayer feature where you compete with other players. You can invite your friends and family for a game too. The fun thing is that you can comment, tease with the in-built chat.

No matter the game mode you choose, XO Master will offer you pure board gaming fun. It’s available for both iOS & Android devices.

Google Play Download Link: XO Master

App Store Download Link: XO Master

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Social App of the Week – Emojio

Emojio was covered on Hightechholic a few days ago and it impressed our mood with its unique concept. Read more bellow why it is our Social App of the Week and how you can make use of it.

Why Emojio?

Emojio is a new Android social app that mixes emotion expressions and anonymous chatting to help users connect, meet new people and start conversations based on current emotions and feelings.

Express your Emotion Anonymously

As a user of this platform and emoticon messenger, you can easily express and share your feelings or (current status) anonymously, easily just with a couple of clicks. This allows you to stop repressing and hiding even some of the strongest, harshest and beautiful feelings, like being in love, or contrary feeling down. The great thing is that you can share anything freely and keep your identity anonymous (if you want). 

This gives you the opportunity to experiment with your emotional expression, to set your emotion-free and live your life more authentically! You will be surprised how many great conversations you will have with people around you since all conversations will start about emotions and feelings! 

Check the Play Store link where you can download Emojio on your android device for free or read more info about Twilka platform on the official website!

Google Play Download Link: Emojio

Official Website: Emojio

Monday, November 11, 2019

Puzzle Game of the Week – Ocean Bubble Shooter

A few days ago, we reviewed Ocean Bubble Shooter. This puzzle bubble shooter game impressed us with the great fun gameplay, graphics, and challenging levels. That’s why we decided to make it our Puzzle Game of the Week. Read more why!

Ocean Bubble Shooter – Short Introduction

Ocean Bubble Shooter is a new bubble shooting game that you can enjoy in your free time with stunning graphics and the classic bubble shooter gameplay. This free puzzle game is great fun all age groups.

Enjoy 100+ Levels or Create Your Own Levels

Enjoy shooting and popping bubbles in the extreme colorful graphics and highly entertaining sound effects are just some of the features of Ocean Bubble Shooter. As the name indicates, this bubble shooter is placed in the ocean, so expect bubbles, crabs and similar creatures from the ocean life.

If you want to become the ultimate player of this game, you can enjoy 100 of challenging levels. However, this puzzle shooting game gives you the chance to create your own unique levels which can be shared into the Ocean Bubble Shooter community, or you can try the levels of the other players created.

If this puzzle is attractive enough for your bubble shooting taste, visit the Play Store link where you can download right now and see how far you can go! Give it a try now!

Google Play Download Link: Ocean Bubble Shooter

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Game of the Day – Megabot Battle Arena

What is Megabot Battle Arena?

An Android robot fighting game in which you should create your virtuous Megabot robots, give them unique personalization, skills and weapons and battle against other players’ robots. The game features stunning scenery, cool physics gameplay, and outstanding sound effects. With various upgrades and modes, it is one of the best robot fighting games we ever played.

Why we loved it:

• Championship mode with 23 Tiers
• Build your own unique robot easily
• Unlock more than 80 unique parts and weapons
• Fight against other player's Megabot worldwide
• Exciting robot fighting experience with parts destruction
• High-quality 3D graphics with cool physics gameplay
• More than 50,000,000 possible robot combinations

Uniqueness: High

Usability: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: N/A

Compatibility: varies with device

Developer: Sia Ding Shen

Google Play Download Link: Megabot Battle Arena

Friday, November 8, 2019

iOS Game of the Month – Battles Games Online

A few days ago we covered Battle Games Online, a new iPhone team fighting multiplayer game. Since it is truly stunning and wowed us from the very first moment, we tried it, we decided to make it our iOS Game of the Month! Read more about why you should try it!

Addictive and Exciting Game

Like we already mentioned, here we will introduce you the Battle Games Online that may conquer your heart if you’re one of the fighting game enthusiasts. It’s addictive and exciting game in which every player has to create his own dream fighting team of 5 hero fighters and challenge the opposing team.  

Game Play in Details

When you enter this game you will have the privilege to enjoy the sharp and realistic 3D graphics, stunning scenery and comics-style artwork, all this followed by some dramatic sound effects which make this game hard to quit. Another cool feature that we must emphasize is the freedom and flexibility in customizing your avatar fighters which also could boost the adrenaline of the matches.

There are 3 modes to choose to play Battle League, Battle Games Event, Survival Game. Every challenge is one on one and every team has to win 3 victories the fighting rounds. In order to become a pro player you should collect some gemstones, power rings, power necklaces, power gloves, royals (in-game currency) which will bring your more victories and take you to more challenging and exciting matches!

If you’re are ready to get in the arena then visit the App Store link where you can read more info and download the Battle Games Online for free. Enjoy it!

App Store Download Link: Battle Games Online

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Social App of the Month – Birthday Reminder

Birthday Reminder was recently covered on our site. This birthday and special events reminder tool impressed us with its intuitiveness, design and variety of features. Since we believe it is a great app that can really help you in your day to day life, we pronounce it as our Social App of the Month. Read more why!

What is Birthday Reminder?

Birthday Reminder is a birthday reminder and anniversary reminder app that helps you to never miss important dates in your favorite people’s lives. It helps remember birthdays for friends, family, colleagues and it does that in a simple way. Using it like your birthday reminder app, you can definitely organize and manage all the important dates and holidays, and then send fun and heart-warming greetings.

How Can You Make Use of It?

Using the calendar and reminders, you can use Birthday Reminder to be the first on the birthday wishers lists. Your heart-warming message can easily boost your respect in your close friend & family circles, but also will free you from the stress of not missing important ones.

This app could also use as a reminder of other important dates and events like anniversaries or holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and 4th of July - American Independence Day, etc, that you can set a reminder notification or you can just check them out anytime you wish on the integrated calendar. Another feature we liked is that you can make use of various greeting cards for any of these important dates. There is large collection for different tastes and occasions.

Visit the Play Store link and read more details about Birthday Reminder or download it for free – it is sure a handy birthday calendar and reminder tool!

Google Play Download Link: Birthday Reminder

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Photography App of the Month – Tag-a-Moment

Tag-a-moment is an innovative camera organizer for iOS which was already reviewed on Hightechholic. Because of its great voice control feature and simplicity of usage, we decided to make it our Photography App of the Month. Read more why this camera organizer deserved this appraisal.

Tag-a-moment the Gallery Organizer & Assistant

Tag-a-Moment is an intuitive camera gallery organizer that will help you in creating order in your photo collection and save you time and nerves when you need a specific photo. With this app you can document construction progress or a project, save quotes or funny memes and pictures for later, or record a lecture in pictures and make all that in great order and priorities! With your voice or by typing.

Neat Album Sorting & Easy Tagging

Tag-a-Moment lets you tag, organizes and access photos much smarter. With a simple tap and your voice, each photo can be dedicated to a specific collection. This makes it a great creativity tool for your work and DIY projects, as well as a great memory organizer of the places you visited or moments you shared with a specific person.

Our experience with the gallery organizer app has been perfect. Mostly because it is seamlessly integrated with the iOS gallery. Take the time and organize your photos, then just add them easily with Tag-a-moment and you are sure to boost your productivity, organize better and simplify your life.

To make tag-a-moment a part of your iPhone or iPad apps collection, download it on App Store right now for free. 

App Store Download Link: Tag-a-Moment

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Health & Fitness App of the Month – WillPower

Changing your life to the better starts by changing your habits. That’s what WillPower showed us last week when we reviewed the app on Hightechholic. Since this great self-improvement app can be of great help for your health and career, we pronounce it as our Health & Fitness App of the Month. Read more about why and how to use it in your life.

General Intro

WillPower is a mixture of habit tracking and meditation app designed to give you a full experience of getting the will power to change your life. It is designed to keep your mind focused and eager to stay on track with your life-changing habits and goals you want to accomplish.

What does it include?

The app includes top quality guided and unguided meditation, advice to stay on track with your habits, habit creation, habit tracking, supportive community and more. You can really find helpful tools that will keep you focused and keep you at bay from all the things that were dragging you down and limiting your progress.

The app is free, but if you want all the features you need to subscribe. Using this meditation & habit tracking app in the last week we quickly realized that this can be of enormous help for anyone. So, the subscription is certainly worth it. Try the app now on the App Store!

App Store Download Link: WillPower