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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cow Pig Run – Have Fun on Your Endless Running Adventure

One of the most popular games for our smartphones nowadays is certainly the endless running games. These games offer us to have fun going on our own adventure and to complete missions while challenging our skills and keeping us addicted to playing. But, choosing the best endless running game can be confusing. So, we did our research and we have for you one very exciting and entertaining game that offers you all of this. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this game?

Developed for IOS and android users, this arcade adventure game with endless running gameplay is very addictive and exciting, requiring the focus and fast skills of players to bring order between the running cows, pigs and humans. Suitable for all ages, very entertaining, the game is easy to play only with tapping on screen to change the order between the running animals and humans. Challenging the player to react fast, the game offers players HD graphics set in the incredible environment with missions to complete and cool adventures for every arcade lover.

What are the best features of the game?

When it comes to the features offered by the game, players will certainly enjoy the excitement and the challenges for fulfilling while having fun and getting coins and jewels for their fast reacting and focus. The order among the cows, pigs and humans running need to be set! By tapping on the screen and reacting fast, players will change the order, bringing pigs to eat the food, cows to break the walls and humans to acquire the goods. Along the mission and adventure, players need to collect the jewels and coins and use them to buy new cows, pigs and humans that have special talents that can be of use for the mission. Choosing between 11 humans, 7 pigs and 8 cows that all have different talents, players will be able to easily complete the mission.  With 2 different game modes, players can choose to play the endless running gameplay with normal, crazy and dark mode or the campaign mode with over 100 stages. Whatever the player chooses, he will certainly have fun on his adventure while completing the challenging missions to set order between the running humans and animals.

Download the game on App Store and Google Play for free to help animals and humans!

Google Play Download Link: Cow Pig Run

App Store Download Link: Cow Pig Run

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Farming Simulator 2018 – A Real Tractor Driving Simulator

Android and iOS has made sure that we won't be bored in any situation at any time. Tons of free and paid games are available across all genres based on various technologies and different complexity. Especially when it comes to games related to driving, then the actual fun is playing them on your mobile phones. Why? Because our smartphones are capable of driving simulation-based games and you can feel it while playing it.

What is Farming Simulator 2018?

We’ve tried multiple driving simulator games that were released this year, but we couldn’t take our hands off the one called Farming Simulator 2018. It is a thrilling off-road and on-road tractor transport driving game, designed with stunning graphics and realistic visuals. Also, it offers a challenging gameplay full of missions and all kinds of obstacles.

Game Highlights

Farming Simulator 2018 requires your best driving skills. After all, you’ll be driving a powerful  heavy tractor. Take full control over your vehicle, take it through off-road and on-road tracks, and make sure you deliver foods for the animals, transport goods needed for the agriculture production, and so on. There are many challenging missions integrated in this game, so try to complete as many as you can. Overcome a wide variety of obstacles, enjoy great natural scenery and change your gear manually for complete control over your farm truck vehicle. In addition, this tractor simulator can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

If you want to check the game for yourself, just click the links below and download it right away. Remember, Farming Simulator 2018 is totally free.

Google Play Download Link: Farming Simulator 2018

App Store Download Link: Farming Simulator 2018

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Parental Control App at its Best, Kdigy for iPhone and Android

If your kids are like mine then they are always on their phones and they are generally either chatting to friends or doing something online. Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, or some other website, they tend to not have any time for you. I find it hard to get my children’s attention, so much so I often take steps to confiscate their phones to get an hour of their time. It generally works out with them shouting and telling me they are going to move out. They are 12 and 15 years old. I often wonder if I could monitor what they are doing on their phones without having to take it away. I discovered Kidgy.

Kidgy is the ultimate parental control app that allows you to monitor text, calls and websites that they are visiting. The app let you view apps that they have installed and block websites. You can even set task remotely, such as wash the dishes or remind them to do their homework. You can even set a virtual barrier which is call a geo-fence. This gives you a notification if they leave or enter that zone. The panic button within the app gives the child the option to immediately notify you if they are in any danger. You will then be able to see the device’s location and trace it.

Kidgy is a really cool app and very useful to keep an eye on your kids. It’s the best way to organise your kid’s online activity remotely.

Kidgy is subscription based and the price starts from $9.99 per month. You can option for either 1, 3 or 12 months subscriptions. The subscription automatically renews, so you can put your mind at ease that they will be protected if you forget.

Download the app on AppStore and Google Play.

ContourItt – Enhance, Define & Sculpt Your Face Features Easily

You can find many helpful tutorials and tips about makeup and fitness nowadays on the Internet. However, when it comes to finding the best videos for your face and body features browsing the Internet can be hard and long. To save some time and find the best makeup and workout videos for your face and body shape can easily done with the right app on your phone. We did our research and we have the app that offers tips and tutorials for face makeup and body workouts for every one of you. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

The ContourItt is developed for IOS users and all makeup and fitness lovers that look for the helpful tool for taking care of their skin and body and need advice and tips on how to contour and highlight to enhance, sculpt and define face features depending on their face shape. This unique app can be quite of help and use for people that need to learn the easiest way on getting the perfect makeup with watching simple live videos, tutorials and reading tips and hints. Not only that the app offers makeup help but it also helps with the health of the body and mind.

What are the best features of the app?

On this amazing beauty app users will get to enjoy quality features for every part of their body that will help them to easily learn on how to take care of their face, skin, body and mind without much effort. Simple and useful techniques, tutorials, live videos and tips are offered for users that want to learn how to contour their face depending on their face shape to enhance their face features and also learn how to take care of the skin health, keeping it in optimum health. With many tips and hints, watching tutorials and videos, users will easily learn about face mapping, guiding them step by step and even get amazing beauty tips from behind the scenes. For users that want to tone their body, this app is also offering fitness videos for full body workouts long about 20 minutes and suitable for every fitness level that help users to get fit and shape their body perfectly. With the app users can also learn how to take care of their mind too by learning mindfulness to keep relaxed, calm and more energized every day.

Download the app on App Store now to learn all the beauty tips you need!

App Store Download Link: ContourItt

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Social App of the Week - Invite Me

Today, as our Social App of the Week we're sharing with you an amazing platform called Invite Me. This social networking tool is here to help you find your perfect fellow traveler, anywhere in the world. With simple user interface and tons of fun features for you to socialize, Invite Me is a revolution in this app category.
What is the Invite Me app?
Invite Me is the find travel partner app that takes online dating on a whole new level. This app gives its users the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, especially the places they plan on visiting. For example, if you have planned a vacation at, let’s say, France the chances are you know not a single person there. With the help of the Invite Me app, you can meet people from the place you plan on visiting so when you go there you can get together, hang out with them, and who knows maybe you’ll meet your soulmate.
Connections around the globe
All you need to do is set up a proper profile with information about yourself and the places you’ll be visiting and then start connecting with people from these places. You can chat with other users within the app, using the Invite Me private chat features. You can also get travel tips from other fellow travelers or share your travel experiences with them.  All in all Invite Me is a great app providing users with the opportunity to make new friends, connect with people from all around the globe and explore dating possibilities. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and it can be found and downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and the App Store.
Google Play Download Link: Invite Me
App Store Download Link:  Invite Me
Official Website: Invite Me

Totally Bridge - Get Lessons for Bridge & Compete with People Worldwide

Playing card games like bridge can be quite fun and challenging in the same time. If you need to better your skills of playing bridge and learn everything to become master in this game then you need the right game to practice and even try yourself in bridge tournaments and compete. Finding a game that offers all these features in one is not easy and because of that we did our research and we found the right game that offers all you need for playing bridge. Let’s discuss about the game.

What makes this app so special?

Developed for IOS users and with a 14 days free trial for playing and competing, only paying $1.49 when the trial finishes, this bridge game is offering having fun while improving bridge skills with bridge lessons and bridge tournaments with people worldwide. For everyone that enjoys to play bridge and loves card games, this game has high-quality features and functionalities that will test and better the bridge skills of the player, giving him a chance to try and win tournaments while having fun playing with friends and foes no matter where he is and when he wants.

What are the best features of the app?

Totally Bridge as bridge card game has many features and functionalities offered that can be quite of help for beginner bridge players with amazing and simple lessons and for pros that like to compete and win against people from the whole world. Players on this game can choose to start a new game whenever they want, to save the game they started playing, to duplicate bridge or to even load the last saved game and continue playing. Hints are also offered to players, such as vocal bidding hints with explanations when the player is playing alone or with others and vocal play hints anytime the player needs them. Players can choose to play deals with all cards face up if they want. Players get to choose with what type of dealer they want to play, static or rotating and even choose who gets the best hand or the kind of deal they want to play, choosing from Slam, No Trump, Game, or Part Score Deal.  

Each bidding system that is offered by the game has various options such as Basic, Intermediate or Advanced for controlling the number of conventions they are being played. Players can compete in tournaments from ABF, ACLB or Cavendish with over 2 million of deals offered, having fun with friends or with people from around the world no matter where they are or when they want to play bridge. Download it now on App Store for free and compete with people from the whole world!

App Store Download Link: Totally Bridge

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

TastyFilters – Turn Your Favorite Moments in Cool-Looking Memories

Thanks to the popularity of Instagram, it’s become trendy to enhance your photo with a filter. But the same handful of filters on Instagram and on most phone-native camera apps can get boring after a while. To find a way to create unique photos while having variety of options with a single touch on your phone can be tricky. With the right camera app you will stand out and create amazing unique photos. We did our research and discovered the best app for your photos. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

By choosing this camera filter app for creating amazing photos with a smartphone camera, users are able to create the most amazing photos and enjoy the creativity with a single touch on the phones easily and without much effort. The unlimited amount of camera filters to choose from, allow users to stand out from the crowds and give the photos unique touch. Developed for IOS users this app will make users feel like real professionals while letting them have fun turning photos in wonderful memories. Everything that is needed for a great photo, users can find it on the app.

What are the best app’s features?

This app should certainly be chosen by any photography lover out there that looks for a way to give his photos a unique twist. When it comes to the app’s best features, the quality and efficient of the features will positively surprise anyone. First of all, the app offers unlimited amount of camera filters for every taste. Each of the filters is crafted carefully and uniquely.  More than an app with camera filters, the app also offers movable blur shapes and movable overplays for the photos, over 100 of them to choose from. Users have the option to choose a pattern for every photo, 16 different cool patters are offered on the app. Also, tools such as 16 different adjustment tools and 12 photo editing tools can be used by users for giving the photos a final touch. With the help of this app users get to have fun creating the most amazing photos only by using their smartphone.

Download the app for free now on App Store and take the coolest photos!

App Store Download Link: TastyFilters

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My Tarot App – Pick Your Cards to Get Answers for Many Aspects in Your Life

When it comes to tarot card reading, there is a lot of Tarot apps out there for your phone and tablet and many of them are totally worth trying. By choosing this type of app you get the chance to read about everything you are confused in your life, even ask a question you need a quick and specific answer fast. So why don’t you try this type of app? It can be quite amusing. We did our research and we found the right app to help you. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

With the help of My Tarot app users get the chance to get their answers of every question they need about every aspect of their lives. Developed for android users as free tarot card reading app, users using the app are able to pick their cards and read the meaning to find out about their relationships, life, love, career and more. The cards from the Lenormand deck have all meaning and interpretation, allowing users to choose from the different spreads to find out their answers. Also, users can get for free daily tarot card reading, reading about everything in their life.

What are the best features of this app?

The features offered by the app can be quite helpful in every situation when the user needs answers for his life. The app contains collection of 36 cards all of them with different meaning and interpretation, depending on which cards the user picks. The cards have their symbols and represent something, giving specific answers to users. For each user need, interests and situations, these cards give answers for the life, love, relationships, professional life and more. Users can find out about their life and relationships, get help when making decision, to read about their future, present and past or to simply ask a question and get their answer. All users need to do is to pick from the 9 different spreads or to get daily tarot card reading. Just with picking a question, shaking the phone and choosing the right number of cards users will get their answer quickly. 

Download the app Google Play for free and find out about every aspect of your life!

Google Play Download Link: My Tarot App

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FarRide – Book a Ride in Two Taps

In today’s mobile devices driven world, hailing a taxi by waving down the street became the most inconvenient way as the chances of catching a ride at some locations are lower than catching a pokemon. So, one almost always turns to transportation system networks which offer hailing a ride to your exact location directly from a mobile device trough an app. Catching a ride has never been easier as now, with the appearances of car services, and most of them come with great number of convenient features as tracking your ride, paying with cash or with card directly from the app and 24/7 availability.

Catching a ride in the most convenient way

FarRide is one of these transportation networks which offers its users a great riding experience be it from their home to the airport, downtown for late night drinks with friends, or that important work-related meeting on the other side of the city. No matter the occasion FarRide can provide the user with comfortable, safe and fast riding experience. All one needs to do to hail a ride is open the app, set a pickup location, tap book now or book later for a reservation and the app will match the rider with the nearest available driver. The FarRide app comes with the option to track the driver’s location with a live real-time tracking map, and see the estimated time for the arrival of the vehicle. One of the features we really loved is the option to share your ride’s tracking detail with your friends and loved ones, so they can keep track of your ride in real-time, which in todays dangerous world can be a life saver for many people. This way FarRide provides a sense of extra safety and security to its rider users.

FarRide app’s features

Booking with the app can be done all around the clock, 24/7. The app gives the rider a reliable estimation of the remaining trip distance and expected arrival time. With the real-time tracking option, the rider can track their booking from the dispatch location to their final destination. The payment can be done with cash or credit, by the rider preference. Then FarRide sends a detailed receipt via email. The FarRide app keeps a precise detailed transaction and trip history log. This way users can view all of their past trip details, that includes pick-up and drop-off addresses, dates, time, distances and the fare of the rides.

If you decide to try the FarRide services, you can find and download their app (it’s available for both iOS and Android) on the Google Play and the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: FarRide

App Store Download Link: FarRide

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FanDine – Skip the Line by Pre- Ordering & Pre-Paying Food in Vancouver

For every one that has busy lives and hates waiting in lines hungry for their food there are many ways with the technology nowadays to skip the line and pre-order his food, getting it quickly and easily ready for him ahead. One of the most accessible options is certainly the apps for your smartphone. By using the right app you can get to pre-order and even pre-pay for food, having it ready ahead. We did our research and we have for you one highly practical food ordering app that will change your dining experience. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS & Android users, simple and easy for using this convenient and accessible Vancouver food ordering app is improving the dining experience of the user by letting them to pre-order and pre-pay for food and skip the line with ordering ahead. With the help of this app, users get to have a table or takeout ready before they arrive to the restaurant, saving time along the way. For everyone that has busy live, this app can be quite helpful and practical way to get food fast without any effort, just by clicking on their phone get their food ready to go!

What are the app’s best features?

With the help offered by this amazing food ordering app everyone has the chance to get their dining experience on the next level without spending much time ordering, paying and waiting for their food. Only with downloading the app and choosing from the app’s restaurant menu options users get to book a reservation in their favourite restaurant and order the food, having it ready when they arrive in. Also, they can order takeout and prepay for the food ahead, saving some time. The payments made within the app are highly secure and the user can use many different payment methods offered as Credit Card, PayPal, Wallet and more. If the user refers the app on friends or family he gets credits towards the next meal and he can also view the many food promotions offered by the app, having the chance to save money and time ordering his food and getting it quickly every time.

Download the app on App Store for free to pre-order food!

Google Play Download link: FanDine

App Store Download Link: FanDine

Official Website: FanDine

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