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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Armada Commander for Android is One of the Most Stunning RTS Space Battles

While science-fiction-steeped games tend to fare best on consoles and PC, quite a few sci-fi space games reach the mobile market as well. However, given the shovelware that clutters Google's app stores, it might be hard to figure out what space inspired games are worth your time. Today we will talk about one of the very best ones – Armada Commander.

Why you’ll love it?
Armada Commander offers amazing playability, gameplay, visuals and optimal challenging moments to keep you engaged and entertained. This means that it ticks almost all boxes of a perfect RTS space battle.

What to expect?
You are in the role of a commander of a fleet and its spaceships. Your goal is to  liberate the space stations of fallen Omegus Galaxy. And since this galaxy is occupied by 150 alien spaceships and 12 different alien spieces, you are sure to have fun time in completing the missions and destroying the waves of alien attacks.
Trully impressive scenery, upgrades, live-control
If you love RTS battles, expect pure entertainment. You need to manage, build and upgrade spaceships, and Armada Commander makes it easy for you to understand your purpose and mission with neat tutorials.

The control of your POV is at the bottom. After you complete the starting steps and mini tutorial you are ready for battle. In order to dominate your battles, make sure you collect and use the 50+ research modules to upgrade armor, shield and weapons.

Another great thing about Armada Commander is the graphics and sound effects. Actually, this is one of the visually most appealing space RTS games we ever reviewed.

If the storyline and this review attracted you, good news that Armada Container is a free game. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some exiting rts now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Armada Commander: RTS Space Battles

ZeusRewards - Play Games & Download Apps to Earn Gift Cards & Rewards

Earning money or gifts and rewards online is becoming more and more popular among users around the whole world. Because of its popularity, there are lots of reward apps that will not help you to earn some real cash and will only waste your time. Luckily for all of you that like to generate some extra cash or get cool rewards, we searched and we have to offer you an incredible reward app that offers you do the work from the comfort of your home to earn money, rewards, and gifts. Let’s see what the ZeusRewards app is about.  

What is ZeusRewards all about?

This reward app is developed for Android users in need for some extra cash they can earn from the comfort of their office or home, without much effort on their phone or tablet. Easy and fun to use, this gift and reward app allows users to do simple things they do every day to earn gifts and rewards. Users can earn points by downloading existing apps, playing games and discovering great offers. By earning and collecting points, the user is able to convert those points to cool rewards and gifts.

ZeusRewards’ Standout Features

With ZeusRewards, the users will discover all in one place, all interesting games to play, awesome apps to download and great offers to discover. All that plus earning some extra cash from it! Download apps on Android to discover great offers and earn points. Not only that you can earn by doing the work you need to but also by sharing the app with anyone you like to you can gain some extra points as well. The points you’ve earned on the app can be easily converted to gift cards and rewards.

Also, extra points can be earned if you use some apps you’ve downloaded for some time. Directly on your phone, do the work needed from home or anywhere else you like to get that extra cash without much effort. On this app, you can come back every day to get your reward. The points you’ve earned on the app can be converted to cash in PayPal. Play games, download apps and find great offers to earn the needed reward points and get the coolest gift cards and awesome rewards.

Download it on Google Play for free to play games and download apps to earn rewards and gift cards!

Google Play Download Link: ZeusRewards

Most Useful App of the Week – iCanDesign

Decorating and furnishing our home can be quite confusing if you don’t have the tool you need to visualize the ideas you have before you start the real work. iCanDesign is the most incredible intuitive interior design app which allows you to visualize your interior design ideas in 3D, inspiring you how to enrich your home and allowing you to share the vision you have with others. We liked this app so much, we decided to be our Most Useful App of the Week.

What is iCanDesign?

Developed for Android and iOS users that like to decorate their homes and furnish their houses or apartments, this intuitive home design planner offers you the chance to easily and effortlessly visualize your interior design ideas, changing anything in the picture you like and sharing your vision with others as well. The room planner offers you predesigned layouts for rooms like your bedroom, bathroom, living room and more to inspire you.  Enrich your habitation with the furniture from world famous brands and get a better idea of what your home with look like.

iCanDesign Highlights

Visualize easily your own home design ideas with the help of this app and the features offered on it. Choose interior design items from the IKEA’s comprehensive catalogue of products, furnishing your home the way you always wanted, seeing how everything will look like in 3D, as easy as in a game. In the picture, anything can be changed, from the colors of the walls to the furniture layouts. Your interior design vision can also be shared with your constructor, partner or flatmate. Also, the app works online and offline so you can use it any time you have an idea

As a user, you can choose to start the design from an empty room or from one of the existing handcrafted projects made by the industry professionals. Furniture and decoration can be changed and also you can add new items from IKEA or other brands, observing the room from different points and creating photorealistic snapshots. For rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, living rooms, baby rooms, kids’ rooms and other rooms the app offers many design themes to choose from. The app is offering you additional features like ready-made designs, full furniture catalogue with 5000 products, 3ds Max export, unlimited number of rooms and photorealistic HD renders through an auto-renewable subscription for a week, month or year on the app.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to decorate and furnish your home to enrich your habitation!

Official Website:  iCanDesign

App Store Download Link:  iCanDesign

Google Play Download Link:  iCanDesign

Arcade Game of the Week – Flappy Dunk Ball

If you like playing simple and yet challenging endless tap games on your smartphone then you know it’s difficult to find a fun and yet thrilling game to put your skills on the test. Flappy Dunk Ball is the perfect game for you to showcase your tapper skills, focus and precision to see how long can you last in the quest and achieve the highest scores. Because we liked this game so much, we decided to be our Endless Tap Game of the Week.

What is Flappy Dunk Ball all about?

The Flappy Dunk Ball will require from the tapper to showcase his immense focus, precision and concentration in order to match the colors correctly and score. Developed for android users, the flappy hoop game is easy to play and yet challenging, leading the player on a journey of thrilling precise ball tap challenges and endless ball ring matching. Easy to play and addictive, you need to stay in the game as long as possible to win your scores. Start the quest to see how far you can go in this flappy game.

Standout features

Featuring vertical flappy hooks with different colors, this flappy hook game requires players to go through the flappy rings of the same color while the bouncing flappy ball is changing its color constantly. The thing that makes this game super-challenging is the position of the color matching ball rings and the flappy ball that varies. Follow where the flappy ball and circles are taking you to showcase your reflexes, precision and concentration. You will lose the game if you miss the correct ring toss and fail to go through the flappy circles. Expertise the perfect ball bounce and tap fast in order to achieve the highest scores and experience the thrilling flappy hoop dunks. The ultimate goal of the player is to tap jump and bounce with the ball as long as he can. The game will easy in the beginning of the game but as the player gets further it will become more and more challenging. Put your skills on the test to see how long you will last.

Download it for free on Google Play to test your skills on the journey of endless ball ring matching and ball tap challenges!

Google Play Download Link: Flappy Dunk Ball

Monday, April 15, 2019

Love4style - Try Cool Hairstyle & Eyewear Styles & Share Your Looks

With the development of smartphones and apps, nowadays is quite easy to try and discover the latest fashion trends without searching through stores. When it comes to trying out a new style, now you can directly on your phone with the right try-on tool. This type of tool allows to try different cool hairstyles and eyewear and discover the perfect style for you. We did our research and found the most amazing app for these purposes.

What is Love4style?

Discover yourself via new looks with this incredible entertainment app called Love4style. It is designed as a virtual try-on tool that is easy to use and fun, offering you the chance to try new looks with sultry sunglasses, cool glasses, and interesting hairstyles. With this app developed for iOS users, you are offered a collection of the latest trends on hairstyle and eyewear looks. A business that use this app get the chance to connect with customers, enhance their customer engagement and build their brand awareness.

Love4style’s Best Features

Love4style is an incredible virtual try-on tool with instant sharing capability that offers a collection of the latest trends of eyewear and hairstyles to try as your new look. Businesses with the custom app’s feature get the opportunity to enhance their customer engagement and show their products to customers. Hairstyles for women and men, hair coloring, eyeglasses for women and men, eyeglasses and sunglasses with flexible filters can be discovered on the app and the app is also including a user guide.

The looks you try can be shared on Facebook or Twitter and you can also have fun with the amazing flexible styling tools to unlock and edit styles. The multiple filters allow users to separate or create different combinations with a fun and friendly interaction like styling using your fingers as an alternative option. The favorite looks of the user can be saved, reviewed and adjusted.  To be familiar with the app’s functionalities you are offered the availability of models.

Download the app on the App Store for free to try cool hairstyle and eyewear styles and share your looks!

App Store Download Link: Love4style

Puzzle Game of the Month – Jewel Blitz

For lovers of fun and yet challenging puzzle games that will push you think hard and fast to solve each puzzle it can be quite hard choosing the best puzzle of them all. Jewel Blitz is an incredibly exciting, fun and addictive block puzzle game that will put on test your skills while you try to fill the rows and clear them before your run out of time. Because of all this that the game offers, we pronounced it our Puzzle Game of the Month.

What is Jewel Blitz?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this jewel block puzzle game will put on test the player’s puzzling skills as he tries to clear the rows before he runs out of time. Easy to learn, with amazing graphics and sounds, the game gest players hooked to playing fast and they can choose to play for fun or to play for real cash prizes. Players can enter game’s tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes, facing off players of similar skills, competing and trying to win the highest scores.

How to play Jewel Blitz?

The Jewel Blitz requires the players to clear the lines to score in the game to place higher of value cubes last to complete the rows for bonus points. To beat the opponent the player has only 3 minutes to arrange the shapes onto the board and try to clear the rows without running out of the room. Drag blocks to the board and fills the rows to clear them out. The players get the choice to play in head-to-head competitions with other players or to play in large multiplayer tournaments.

Both players in head-to-head games get the same order of the same blocks and first of them who finishes gets the highest scores and win. Rank on leader-boards and get trophies for your achievements and challenge players from the world to puzzle against you. Show your skills in the cash tournaments that are available in about 75% of the world and if you don’t live in those regions you can play for fun, with the virtual currency of the game.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to arrange shapes, face off players and win real prizes!

App Store Download Link: Jewel Blitz

Skillz Official Website: Jewel Blitz

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Zoomly for Android is a Simple Tool You Need to View & Download Instagram Profile Pictures, Videos & Stories

Are you an Instagram user? Or do you want to view profiles, download Instagram profile photos, videos and stories? Well, you will be interested in the app we will present today – Zoomly.

What is Zoomly for Instagram?

Zoomly for Instagram is an Android & iOS app for that gives users the opportunity to download profile pictures, videos & stories without having an Instagram account. Users can anonymously view and download content from Instagram profiles without signing up.

How to make use of it?

Download the app and in the top search bar enter the user name you want to view. The app suggests user names so you will be able to easily locate the desired username. Once done, you can easily view the profile photo, stories & highlights. There is a big download button which will save the content to your phone. That’s it.

Zoomly is practical, fast and easy to use – and that’s why we loved it. It is indeed a useful tool for Instagram users who are using the app daily and expanding their network of followers. The app is completely free, which is also a plus considering that many apps are charging fees for the same features that Zoomly provides for free.

Get it now for free on the App Store or Google Play.

App Store Download Link: Zoomly for Instagram

Google Play Download Link: Zoomly for Instagram

Labyrintheon – Choose Your Moves Strategically to Outsmart Your Opponent

Board games have been around for a long time. However, with the development of smartphones, now you can find this type of games available to play on your phone. Tons of different board games are offered to you which makes it difficult to choose the most interesting one. If you like to test yourself and strategize to outsmart your opponent, we did our research and found an amazing board strategy game that you need to try it out, called Labyrintheon.

What is Labyrintheon?

Created for Android and iOS users, Labyrintheon is incredibly exciting to play and yet highly challenging board strategy game that will push you to the limits to think smart and create the best strategy to reach the other side of the board before your opponent does. With its sharp graphics and amazing sound effects, the game will keep your attention each time you play. Be careful and think fast in order to outsmart the opponent and stop him from reaching the other side of the board before you.

Gameplay & Features

Labyrintheon provides players unique gameplay and a variety of features that will get them addicted to playing fast. Putting the player’s skills on the test, the player needs to think smart and chooses his moves carefully. Move for 1 field and wait for your turn. Players can move and jump over their opponent if they are next to him or even choose to get him running through a labyrinth by building a wall.

The ultimate task is to outsmart the opponent and reach the other side of the board first or destroy him. Power-ups such as shock waves, field switchers, wall punches and speed boosts are offered along the way to help you outsmart the opponent. The player has the chance to compete for solo against a computer, choosing his difficulty modes like easy, medium and hard corridor board strategy battle or he can choose to battle against other players or compete against his friends in the local board game multiplayer mode. For any game mode, at any time, the player can check his win and losses stats.

Download the game for free now on Google Play and App Store to strategize and outsmart your opponent!

Official Website: Labyrintheon

App Store Download Link: Labyrintheon

Google Play Download Link: Labyrintheon

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Cross-Platform App of the Month – Scan and Save App

Scanning apps can be quite practical in our daily lives, helping us to keep track of our balance and stay organized. Scan and Save App is an amazing scanning app that will simplify your life, saving your time and money by allowing you to scan and save barcodes of your receipts, gift card and receipts, right in your phone, accessing them easily whenever you want. We pronounced this app as our Cross-Platform App of the Month. Read more about it.

What is Scan and Save App?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this barcode scanning app is beta tested with high quality, easy to use and very practical, offering you powerful barcode scanning capability to scan and save barcodes of coupons, receipts, and gift cards right on your phone, immediately whenever you want to use them. With the help of this scanner app, you will be able to save your time and money accessing barcodes you need, right at the moment, organizing them and managing them as you like.

What are the app’s best features?

The Scan and Save App with its features offered will make it easier for users to scan barcodes of their coupons, gift cards, and receipts so they can manage and organize them in folders to access them easily when they need to use them. Stop wasting time looking for your receipts or grabbing gift cards and coupons from envelopes with the app’s new technology and smart notifications offered. Just with your phone’s camera scans the barcodes and organize them as you like in folders of your choice so you can easily access them.

Sign up to scan, save and customize your captures by choice, creating folders to separate your gift cards, coupons and receipts. For the captured receipt or scanned barcodes, you need to complete the information needed. Save the names of the stores you’ve captured barcodes from so you can keep yourself organized. Keep track of your balance, saving time and money with each use of your barcodes, accessing them easily right in your phone.

Sign up for beta testing on the app’s official website now for free – it will soon be released on the App Store/Google Play to scan and organize your barcodes!

Official Website: Scan and Save App

GenM – Find Your Ideal Match and Get Certified in Digital Marketing

How to get job ready and enter the job market with real job experience? Nowadays you can do this easily just with the help of the right app on your smartphone. Learning digital marketing is possible by taking online marketing courses while getting matched with your ideal business. To help you gain the experience you need and get the right certifications, we did our research and found an app with free digital marketing courses, apprenticeships, and certifications. Let’s discuss it.

Free digital marketing courses

Developed for Android and IOS users as well, this is a highly efficient learning app for users that like to take free marketing courses, digital apprenticeships, and certifications in order to get job ready and enter the job market with real job experience. This user-friendly platform is easy to use and it offers digital marketing courses, including courses in content marketing, SEO, email marketing, paid ads, social media and more. These fast and fun micro courses are available on your phone, for free. 

What are the best features of GenM?

GenM offers you free marketing course and digital marketing apprenticeships so you learn digital marketing and get ready for a job. Join 10,000 other students who are jumpstarting their careers. You are offered to get one on one mentoring from a top 12% experienced business owner in a 3-month digital apprenticeship, apprenticing with vetted businesses. Each apprenticeship offered is remote and flexible, only 3 months, 5-10 hours a week, without any long term commitments so you are completely enabled to go to school or to work full time. Choose the business you want to work with by finding your ideal match, choosing from 100+ daily matches. To filter the perfect match, search the app’s filters and even easily message businesses and chat with them. Put on your resume a real-world experience by getting the only pro certification. Gain the work experience and references you need to successfully enter the job market with 24/7 client support from the app’s client success team before, during and after your apprenticeship.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to find the ideal match and get certified in digital marketing!

Official Website: GenM

App Store Download Link: GenM

Google Play Download Link: GenM