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Thursday, July 28, 2016

lettrs - The Tool You Need for Social Media

Almost every other person is hooked on social media these days. Whether they’re checking up on their friends, chatting with distant family members, or following up on their favorite celebrities, people are always checking each other’s status feeds. But after a while, looking at the same old themes, fonts and colors can become very repetitive, and scrolling through feeds becomes a chore, rather than an amusement. Well luckily there’s a great app out there that can help you experience a much better social media than what’s currently out there, and that great app is called lettrs.

The lettrs app is everything that you’ll ever need out of a social networking platform. With it, you can design and shape each one of your individual posts, changing its font, color and background pattern as quickly as pressing the post button. This enables people to freshen up their repetitive and boring social media experience, allowing more fun and engagement with each post. The app’s letter fonts are so unique, you will never find two designs that look the same. Celebrities can also create their own unique autographs that they can use whenever and wherever they want.

If you’re addicted to social media, this app is made with you in mind. Stop wasting your time looking at corporate-styled post designs, when you can engage your eyes with a more fun social experience. You can find the app on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: lettrs

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Daily Tool Recommendation - iStockAlerts Mobile

App Name:  iStockAlerts Mobile

Category: Finance


Price: FREE

Who is it for:

- Users that want to trade efficiently within a finance iOS app
- Users that want to get solid proprietary recommendations, news and analysis to invest smarter

Stand out features:

• Simple and intuitive UI
• Ability to trade through 8 brokarage firms
• Buy and Hold Recommendations
• Technical Analysis

• Relevant news from the industry

Most relevant user review:

"Great app, great interface, helped my trading career immensely. I finally feel competent when making trades. So helpful"

Google Play Download Link:  iStockAlerts Mobile

Website: www.Trade.iStockAlerts.com

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Daily App Recommendation: Personal Diary App

App Name: Personal Diary

Category: Lifestyle

OS: Android 

Price: FREE

Who is it for:

- Users that want to keep track of their daily activities
- Users that want diaries that are available offline and can be accessed from multiple devices

Stand out features:

• Simple and intuitive UI of a real personal diary
• Available offline
• Neat design
• Light and battery friendly

Most relevant user review:

"Awesome app I can login my diary anywhere anytime and this app remembered my childhood habit... Thanks to the developer...."

Google Play Download Link: Personal Diary

Website: http://personaldiaryapp.com/

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Daily App Recommendation - Hair Style Changer | Extension

App Name: Hair Style Changer | Extension

Category: Entertainment 

OS: Android and iOS

Price: FREE

Who is it for:

- Users that want to try and change their hair
- Users that want to discover new hairstyles

Stand out features:

• Intuitive UI
• Great hairstyle samples
• Entertaining way to try new hairstyles
• Great number of hair style packs for both women and men

Most relevant user review:

"I love this app you can choose any stile you like when you need a haircut."

Google Play Download Link: 

Hair Style Changer | Extension

App Store Download Link: Hair Style Changer - Extension 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Daily Game Recommendation - Dress-Up My Princess Pony Superhero Little HD

App Name: Dress-Up My Princess Pony Superhero Little HD

Category: Games


Price: FREE

Who is it for:

- Users that want cosplay and enjoy dress-up games
- Parents that want to entertain their kids with dressup-princess games

Stand out features:

• Great Unique Artwork
• Lovely Dress-up Options
• 6 Different Pony Princesses
• Highly Entertaining Game for Children

Most relevant user review:

"Really love it Its a bunch of creative style and classic frame for pictures. Really good for editing images."

App Store Download Link: Pixedi - Photo Frame Editor

Developer: Khwunvadee Intapura

App Review – All Languages Translator

Whether you’re trying to get started learning a new language, just looking get by while you’re overseas or just translating something you’ve found on the web, the app we will review today may be of great help!

All Languages Translator Android App

As we used this lovely translator app, we can easily say that surprised us with the accuracy and the intuitiveness. It is everything that you’ll ever need. You can use it as as your primary translating app, from this day on.


Thanks to the All Languages Translator app, translating your needed words from one language to another becomes a breeze. It has a great and intuitive interface, stunning graphics and clear fonts. With it you can translate words from up to 50 different languages.

It is battery friendly and thanks to its lightweight size, it loads up instantly, making it great for situations where you need to translate words in a hurry. You can use the speaker option and translate words directly through your voice. You can even hear the translated version of the text spoken back to you, so you can judge at how well you’ve laid out your sentence by intuition alone.

Final Thoughts
This app has so many benefits added to it. We honestly feel like it’s got its place at the top of spot for translating apps out there. So go ahead and try it out for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed. You can download this app for free from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: All Languages Translator

Daily App Recommendation - Pixedi - Photo Frame Editor

App Name: Pixedi - Photo Frame Editor

Category: Photography

OS: Android

Price: FREE

Who is it for:

- Users that want to make their photos more beautiful
- Users that like to have photos with great frames and layouts

Stand out features:

• Intuitive UI
• Simple import of photos
• Light, with powerful photo editing features
• Lovely frame options and different categories in the library

Most relevant user review:

"Really love it Its a bunch of creative style and classic frame for pictures. Really good for editing images."

Google Play Download Link: Pixedi - Photo Frame Editor

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Daily App Recommendation - Twifless Dating App

App Name: Twifless Dating App

Category: Social

OS: Android & iOS

Price: FREE

Best for:

- Users that want a new dating app with unique match features
- Users that want to find relationship online

Stand out features:

• Intuitive UI
• Easy sign up process
• Unique matching algorithm ‘twifometer’
• Great set of online dating features

Google Play Download Link: Twifless Dating App 

App Store Download Link: Twifless Dating App 

Website: http://www.twifless.com/

Developers: twifless.com

Saturday, July 23, 2016

empowr - Earn Money While Socializing

If you are searching for a fresh new social network experience to further expose your view of the outside world, then we have the perfect fit that we would like to share with you. The empowr app is a hot new social networking experiment, preceded by empowrfanbox, and aims to bring 97 percent of all of the earnings made by its company back to its users. Oh did we forgot to mention that you can also earn money with empowr? Yes, you’re reading this correctly.

Alright, so what is empowr? The empowr platform is a social network that works in ways similar to other modern social networks that are out there now, but with so much more possibility and excitement under its belt. The company has stated that its primary aim is to bring to its citizens the power of democracy, giving them full choice over who holds leadership of the company, what type of advertisement each user would not mind seeing, and so much more. The other primary goal is to help each individual member of its community to be able to earn $25 averageempowr earnings each day.

This is great for progressive countries, bringing the digital age right at their fingertips thanks to the empowr payment proof platform. So what are you waiting for? Empower yourself with the might of empowr, and download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: empowr

Official Website: http://www.empowr.com

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wall Cat Run - Fun and Competitive Running Gaming App

Wall Cat Run is a brand new challenging and addictive arcade running game, which focuses on player reaction time and smart decision making. The game features beautiful and kid-friendly sounds and graphics, which make the game lovable by both parents and kids alike.  It’s being developed by Jarkko Huttu, a company that deeply and passionately cares about their game, constantly improving and updating it through user feedback. So if you’re on the market and looking for a fresh new running game, you must check this app out.

The way this game works is you have to jump from one wall to the other, in order to avoid the incoming obstacles that appear randomly across the level. It’s a very punishing game, awarding quick thinking and concentration. While you’re climbing the walls, you must collect as many fish as you can in order to further increase your score. The more fish you collect before you hit an obstacle, the higher your score will be. There are also three available powers ups that you can collect to maximize your score earnings.

We highly recommend the game and we hope you’ll check it out for yourselves. Remember to leave some feedback to the developers, they’re always looking for ways to improve the game. You can find and download the game for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Wall Cat Run

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