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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Educational App of the Month – Clapp

Online learning solutions and online educational tools are rapidly growing in popularity and effectiveness with teachers, colleges and university-level programs worldwide. For modern educators looking to provide the best tools and services for learning solutions, here is our Educational App of the Month – Clapp. It is one of the best learning and teaching tools we’ve ever reviewed, so read on and find out what is it all about.

What is Clapp all about?

We’re talking about an amazing virtual classroom tool for your Android tablet, called Clapp. With this educational app, now both teachers and students can teach and learn anywhere and anytime. With intuitive user interface and beautiful design, the app will enhance your communication, improve collaboration and strengthen your knowledge.

What does it offer?

Clapp actually serves as a Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance your learning experience. Full of helpful features and amazing content, it offers a complete usage that’s not mandated by an Internet connection. With it, you can record audio and video to create unique lessons, use diagrams, pictures, shapes and fonts, you can manage your classes with assignments, announcements, discussions and grades, save drafts and back up all your work, etc. The app even includes some premium features that are more advanced.

Create a wonderful learning environment by downloading the Clapp app for free from Google Play. Don’t forget to share it with your classmates!

Official Website Link: Clapp

Google Play Download Link: Clapp

Friday, August 18, 2017

mSpy software is an amazing fix for your parenting needs

mSpy is an amazing monitoring application that allows you to remotely monitor activity on your child’s phone or computer and it can be considered as one of the best cell phone monitoring software on the market. By using this app now you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing online, who they’re talking to and where they are. It is a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. One of the best things about mSpy is that it keeps improving and the version you can get to day is far better than the earlier ones.

How does it work?

Once installed, it runs in the background and becomes invisible to the user, so your children won’t know they are being monitored. mSpy will immediately start monitoring and recording all activities taking place on their phone or computer. These activities include GPS locations, phone calls, social media, IM chats, texts, emails, photos, videos, contacts, browsing history, keystrokes and much more. These data can be accessed through your mSpy account.

Currently, mSpy is offered in two versions, basic and premium. Basic package offers standard capabilities – call logs, text messages, GPS monitoring, browsing history, and a few others. The rest of the features, including advanced ones, can be found in the Premium package. The prices for premium version ranges from $33.99 to $259.24 offering a variety of monthly, quarterly and annual plans.

The mSpy app is available for most major smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. To avail these worthy features you can simply get this software by visiting the link present at the end.
Direct Download Link: mSpy app

Check out Diamond Glide an addicting swipe tapper game for incredible hours of entertainment

Arcade games can be a lot of fun, and for those of you that grew up in an era where arcade games were all the rage they can also bring about a little bit of nostalgia. The arcade genre has lent itself well to the mobile platform and there always seem to constantly be new arcade games releasing to the Play Store, but if you don’t care for searching through the huge lists of games to track down those worthy of your time, here we pick one that you should definitely check out.

Fulfill your free time

Don’t miss the chance to explore this game that we are recommending today called Diamond Glide, a perfect game to fulfill your free time with some incredibly entertaining game play that with this addictive arcade game can last for hours.
Why we loved Diamond Glide?

So read now why we select the Diamond Glide game app as our pick for you today. Namely, this is a lovely adventure offers exquisite animations and graphics, with ultra-interesting mechanics and gameplay, new scenes and characters added regularly and amazingly exciting and unexpected challenges.

This type of features makes Diamond Glide stand out from the other average arcade games. It just feels interesting and nail-baiting challenging from the very first moment.
What’s the goal?

The main target in the swipe game to tap and swipe to get the diamonds from one side to the other and to avoid the obstacles. This can be really challenging in order to get diamonds much as possible, win scores and make records that will be your key to unlock the fun and exciting Squarachters!

From our experience, Diamond Glide definitely is worthy of giving a try. Download it for free and take your mobile entertainment to a higher level. Enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Diamond Glide

App Store Download Link: Diamond Glide

iOS Game of the Month - Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy

Who wants to kill some zombies? The zombie genre, once only a niche genre, has blossomed into a real pop culture phenomenon that has proven its staying power over and over again. Zombie games can be a lot of fun and manage to span almost every genre that you can think of. It was a tough decision, but here is one of the best zombie games for iOS - Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy. Because it is so good, we decided to make it our iOS Game of the Month. Read on and find out why!

What is Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy?

We’re sharing with you one of the best and most fun side scrolling zombie massacre platformer, Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy. Now available on the iOS platform, this amazing game lets you enjoy hours of zombie-killing fun, presented with engaging sounds and great graphics. Also, it is user friendly, designed with intuitive touch screen controls.

Gameplay & Features

Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy is created with 30 challenging levels and 8 zombie hunters for you to play with: e redneck, assassin, robot and 5 ninja warriors. Choose the one you like the most and start hacking, shooting and slashing as many zombies as you can! Win daily rewards, use powerful boosters and find the key inside one of the zombies in the graveyard in order to win higher scores and progress to the next level.

Find out the real strengths of your heroes and dominate this killing life-threating zombie game, download it now from the App Store – it is totally free of charge!

App Store Download Link: Zombie Graveyard: Kill Frenzy

Surprise your loved ones with Best Greeting Cards App

Need to send a rush greeting card to a friend or holiday wishes to a relative halfway around the world? A wealth of mobile apps can do the job for you. Whether you want to send a neat looking card or picture message, or you want to go all out with a customized, personalized eCard or physical post card, there's an app to fit your needs.

What is Best Greeting Cards App?

Here we found a quite beautiful app with which you can show your love or gratitude to the people that matter to you. Namely, we talk about Best Greeting Cards app with which you can create tons of eCards for any occasion and send it with a couple of clicks. This app is a great way to show your special attention to the people you think they deserve special treatment, attention or respect.

Show your love and gratitude

By using Best Greeting Cards App you can customize and send your favorite greeting cards effortlessly on a daily basis if it’s needed. This sweet app feature pre-loaded lovely card templates, pre-written greeting messages and different options for customization and sharing.

Download the app for free on App Store and express your feeling through pictures and electronic cards, because it’s a great way to show a value to the persons you care about.

App Store Download Link: Best Greeting Cards App

Check out Motorbike Racing – a Thrilling Racing Fun Experience

Talking about Android specifically, there is a great competition regarding bike racing games and a bunch of new games is hitting the play store every month. It becomes very difficult in this situation to decide which game to download and try. So for your convenience, we will going to present one of the best HD bike racing games for android we recently found while browsing the store.

What makes this game special?

Read carefully because we select an amazing racing game that will enhance to the ultimate your game experience. We talk about Motorbike Racing, a sport game app that mesmerizes with astonishing great graphics and physics. It feels different from any other motorbike racing games, from the very first moment you try it out.

If you are already into this type of gaming and you’re looking for a new challenging and addicting game that will boost the adrenalin and gaming enthusiasm, don’t look further. Motorbike Racing is specially designed to test your racing skills and gaming capabilities with 30 levels of increasing difficulty.

The motoracer game requires from you to select the skin of the motorcycle skin and then you will be allowed to start the career mode. The main goal of the game is to get mastery and control over your motorbike which will be rewarded with higher payouts that will be your passage key to a new track for riding or if you just want to go with your favorite tracks. In order to open new trials, you have to be careful and avoid the motorbike of often crashing, because then you’ll have to fix it, and that will make you run out of money, incapable for the next challenges.

Our team is already in deep addictiveness with Motorbike Racing, so we highly recommend you to get this game app immediately on Google Play Store. It’s free to download and play, so let’s go get some epic motorbike rides now!

Google Play Download Link: Motorbike Racing

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nolly By Nature – Go on One of the Most Exciting Adventure Run

If you're the proud owner of an iOS or Android device, you should be making the most of it. Casual gaming apps are gaining popularity on both these platforms that not just keep you engaged but offer a whole new level of fun. One of the most popular genres out there are certainly running games. With many games that offer running features it can be difficult picking the best game to fulfill your gaming needs. We did our research and we have for you one incredible running game – Nolly By Nature.

What is Nolly By Nature?

Nolly By Nature is exciting and intense action game developed on android and IOS platforms, for all people that want to play challenging games and test their precise reactions. This game is based on geometry dash gameplay, giving the users an option to go through challenging running jungle adventures with only tapping and touching the screen. Every passed level gives more difficult next level that needs to be passed for saving and getting the kitty home safe.

Why do we love this game?

This amazing game offers highly addictive gameplay with different levels and obstacles that need to be passed for high achievements and saving Nolly. The game offers the users about 15 different levels that are increasing in difficulty, pushing the users to get their gameplay on the next level and get Nolly safe home. On every level, there are many obstacles that the user needs to pass running through the jungle and many coins for collecting on the way that can help the user progress on the game. Also, the coins are available for users through in-app purchases.

Download this game on App Store and Google play for free.

App Store Download Link: Nolly By Nature

Google Play Download Link: Nolly By Nature

Amazon Link: Nolly By Nature

Simulation App of the Month - Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits

There are apps that simply leave a mark on us and we can’t help ourselves from giving them the proper and deserved appraisals. Today, as our Simulation App of the Month, we have one called Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits. It will most definitely impress you and addict you as it did with us! Read on and find out why we chose it.

What is Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits?

We chose this fantastic physics sandbox simulator to share with you today because it stunned us with its full 3D view support and its intuitiveness. The app allows you to explore the space and build your own solar system, even an entire galaxy!

What does it Offer?

With Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits you’ll be able to play around with stars, planets and moons, observing the gravity forces between them and building up solar systems the way you want them. It features multiple planets skins and backgrounds, cool achievements, save and share options, and tons of other functionalities. For instance, you can use gravitational interactions, zoom in and out, freely move the visible area as pleased, choose colors, sizes and star types, adjust the speed, create black holes, switch between 2D and 3D views, add whole asteroid clouds, etc.

Galaxy Space Simulator 3D Pro: Gravity Orbits is completely free for download and free to play! Get it now and enoy!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lifestyle App of the Month – Rocketing for Instagram

Whether you just picked up a new iPhone or you're looking for an app revamp, there are apps that simply belong on your home screen. There are all kinds of apps, everything from music, navigation, organization, messaging, photo editing, reading, social networks, keyboards, stargazing, and payment apps, but if you want a software that will turn your iOS device into a pro-level computing machine for your Instagram profile, check out our Lifestyle App of the Month – Rocketing for Instagram.

What is Rocketing for Instagram?

This lifestyle app developed on IOS platform is easy to use and simple tool for all users that want to get their Instagram game on the next level. The app allows the users to become more popular on Instagram and discover trending places, people and events around the world. The app gives the users followers, helping them get higher local leaderboards while winning many prices and even access to the most exclusive parties. Make your Instagram profile more popular!

Why do we love this app?

This app is efficient and the fastest way of developing your Instagram into a popular and trending profile while getting more followers. The app directly gives the users more followers. Also, the users can get important geo-tagged photos and videos in a few seconds only with logging on Instagram. With this app, the users can share their photos and get Rocket fuel from this app for every like on their photo. When 24 hours are passed the fuel is burned out, and users can constantly see only the most relevant posts. The users can use the app for getting on top of local leaderboard and win many prices and access to parties around the world.

Download this app on App Store for free.

App Store Download Link: Rocketing for Instagram

Catchy Monkey is an Exquisite, Vibrant & Epic Endless Runner Adventure Game

When it comes to gaming, there are quite a few interesting genres to match your mood at the moment and while some folks are into action packed games (as their go-to genre) – whenever they need to pass time – many others love adventure and there are those like me that will rather go the puzzle way. However, it’s no doubt that endless runners have won the hearts of many, as it easily keeps you engaged once you hit that start button.

New and vibrant runner adventure game

After some research, our team has found new and addicting runner adventure game with amazing colorful graphics, adorable game characters and hypnotizing sound effects. The Catchy Monkey game app it’s our recommendation for today and you can try by free downloading on App Store.
Take care of the sleeping baby

The game is perfect for beating the boredom and replacing it with some remarkable fun and game play that will cheer you up and make your day better. The excitement arises from the challenge to keep the baby asleep while you’ll run through the jungle, try to avoid the obstacles and helping the snake carry the young monkey out of the jungle. Use power-ups to make your life easier and give yourself an edge.

This endless runner concept is to make more high scores by running extra-miles as possible and there is an option which you can share your new records through social media with your friends or challenge them to join in the mission to carry the baby monkey out of the jungle.

As we say Catchy Monkey is free to download on App Store, so get it and make your free time enjoyable to the maximum. Check it on the link down below!

App Store Download Link: Catchy Monkey