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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Enhance & Optimize Your Android Smartphone with GREEN Control Cleaner & Boost

An android device like a computer or a laptop has many different hidden processes always running in the background but unlike a computer or a laptop, instant user access to these processes is not always possible. Cleaning Apps take care of these hidden, background processes and kill idle processes that eat up memory space. In the following review, this time we have chosen an app, GREEN Control Cleaner & Boost (a cleaning app for your smartphone).

What is GREEN Control Cleaner & Boost?

GREEN Control Cleaner & Boost offers great tools to optimize performance and usage of your Android device. On the Home screen, the app indicates the percentage of resources including storage and memory used on your device. You are able to save these resources and optimize your device performance with these four tools, namely Garbage clean, Ram Memory Boost, Auto start Manager and Apps Manager, all contained in one app.

On tapping Garbage Clean, you will need to grant permission to clean cache junk, residual junk files, ad junk and obsolete APK files. After scanning, it suggests junk files that you can clean in each category and storage space that your device can save. Be watchful and unmark those files that you need to keep before you tap the clean button.

Moreover, it also offers app management and app control. By using this function, you can easily control android apps on your system either by selecting not to open them or disable them permanently. If there are some app running in the background and you are not using you can disable hem from here to save your battery. In addition, it allows you to uninstall apps within the app in few clicks. Install it today free on your device and never be overwhelmed with your slow functioning of your phone.

Google Play Download Link: GREEN Control Cleaner & Boost

Brwanjeya - The worldwide famous match-3 board game is here for your Android devices.

The giant strides in internet technology have provided many benefits to humanity. One of them is the facility to play online games at any time and at any place. Match 3 games have added a splendor to the online games that are capturing the imagination of both adults and children. If you want your daily match-3 board fix then we have found a board game that is going to keep you busy for years to come. Therefore, we are here with a game app Brwanjeya.

What is Brwanjeya?

Brwanjeya is based on world famous Morabaraba game or Nine men's Morris game. This is the board game with precise controls and fluent graphics. Align it Board game is a traditional two-player strategy board game for two players. It is a great way to pass your free time.

The game allows you to play with your opponents from all over the world in online mode. This mill game shows ranking between friends and global ranking in leader board. In this variant of 9 men's Morris game the game difficulty level increases as you play more games. This means with each match you play you will find it difficult than the previous one.

There is also Facebook integration in the game that allows you to share your achievements with your friends and the game sync with Facebook to save you progress so you can use this game on any device once downloaded again. Brwanjeya comes up with amazing high quality graphics and highly customizable setting.

This game is worth for the lovers of match-3 board game lovers. If you are one of them, then do not hesitate to install it on your Android device without any cost! Direct download link to the app is given at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Brwanjeya

Color Matters Allows You to Color Just As You Would On Paper

If you were to ask someone back just a couple years ago that coloring books apps would occupy two of the top 50 best-selling books on Amazon, you would be probably laugh at. It is astonishing how quickly this new trend took off and became an absolute sensation. Some people love them because they provide them with a canvas upon which they can express their creativity and artistic talent without thinking about the subject itself, and others use adult coloring books as a way to relax or even get past mental and physical hurdles.

Now with the new trends in app development, there are also tons of apps available for adult coloring. Therefore, to narrow down the selection we have chosen Color Matters an adult coloring app.

What is Color Matters?

Color Matters is the ultimate stress reliever on the go! Take a break and relax with a unique coloring book app that lets you color as if you would on paper, unlike other "tap-to-fill" coloring apps. Choose from the largest collection of hand curated, professionally drawn illustrations, different kinds of pencils, markers and brushes, and an unlimited number of colors to choose from. Once you are done, easily share them with your friends and family using Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp.

While coloring the app also gives the feature of background music, which causes a more peaceful effect on your mind and making this app to work more perfectly to relive your stress. You can also customize the background music as it contains a collection of different soothing music clips.

Easy and Enjoyable

The stylish user-interface is simple to navigate, yet it provides you with plenty of ways how to make the artwork truly yours using special filters and effects. If you want to avail all the features, the app also offers Deluxe and Premium memberships with different prices.

Do not hesitate to download it is the perfect therapy for your stressful day. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Direct download links to the app for recommended stores for your devices are given at the end.

App Store Download Link: Color Matters: Adult Coloring

Google Play Download Link: Color Matters: Adult Coloring

Monday, January 16, 2017

With videmic, users can record, play and share videos everywhere, even viewable in offline

Video sharing is simplified nowadays. On the other hand, video transferring across multiple devices is not. The sharing of HD videos ends with tracking down lost USB drives for file transfers. Video sharing on cloud apps is good, but the videos are not available in offline and there is no social element in these apps.

Therefore, for this review we have chosen a video file transfer app for your smartphone, but with videos being viewable even in offline and with great social features and location based video sharing. ‘videmic’ that allows you offline video sharing.

What is Videmic?

With the videmic app, you can watch your videos everywhere, as often as you like. Moreover, instantly share them without data usage. This is adhoc p2p video sharing! Thus, videmic is a social video app as periscope or vine, though videmic works without internet.

In the app, the flashing videmic icon indicates the search for new videos with matching hash tags in the proximity. Videmic performs this search periodically, even if users have their smartphones in their pockets. Video transmission is very fast. This is because videmic utilizes proprietary system software for using the Wi-Fi interface of a smartphone for device-to-device communication. Thus, videmic can perform video sharing as fast as a transmission via Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Videmic is not just a social video app. In fact, videmic is a proximity-based, mobile social network. Friendships established using near field communication when users meet face-to-face. After establishing a friendship relation, the users’ profile information and their lists of friends can be mutually transferred without Internet.

Furthermore, videos with access only for friends can now be received from each other. Addition of this useful app is worth for your device. It is available for Android devices and can be installed free from the links at the end.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Daily App Recommendation - Anniversary Assistant

Category: Entertainment

OS: Android & iOS

Price: FREE

What it is?

It's a neat anniversary iOS and Android app. Couples can easily track their anniversaries. It can be from the first kiss, marriage, engagement. Just enter the date and Anniversary Assistant will show you great amount of relevant information and statistics that will help you celebrate your anniversary with much more dedication and passion.

Who is it for:

- Users that care about their relationships
- Users that want always know and remember their anniversaries

Standout Features:

* Shows number of days passed since the wedding date
* Shows number of years, months, weeks, days passed since the wedding date
* Next anniversary countdown
* Shows number of next anniversary
* Shows type of gift for next anniversary – both traditional list and modern
* Shows next anniversary gemstone jewelry
* Shows next anniversary flower
* Recommends next anniversary gift ideas
* Shows dozens of different gift examples for each year based on the modern and traditional gift list
* Shows dozens of unique gift examples based bestselling lists for him or her
* Allows you to customize as you want by using photos and changing names
* Allows you to share your personalized screen
* Customizable background theme colors
* Automatically reminds you to buy gift, make dinner reservation and send flowers
* Notifies you each 100 days
* Allows you to create any notification you wish or modify any existing notification
* Customizable widget, transparent or personalized, counts up or down
* Recommends best romantic anniversary songs for you to create playlist from
* Dozens of anniversary cards to share with your loved ones or to set as background
* Suggests dozens different anniversary wishes

Developer: KayApps

Most relevant App Store/Google Play review:

"Wow. Impressed by the amount of information and features of this anniversary app. As a person that tends to forget these dates, this app is really helpful and meaningful to me. Recommend it totally!"

Google Play Download Link: Anniversary Assistant

App Store Download Link: Anniversary Assistant

Friday, January 13, 2017

Lingbe - The app to practice foreign languages with native speakers

Not all language apps, created equal. While there are a number of apps that will help you out when traveling to foreign countries, there are fewer apps that will actually help you learn a language. However, whether you want to learn in an educational manner or want a fun option, there are some great apps out there. Therefore, this time we have chosen an app, Lingbe for this review.

Lingbe is a free app that helps users to practice languages with native speakers. All you have to do is to call a native speaker that will help you practice at any time you want; Lingbe will connect you instantly with someone available. If you had, pleasant conversations give them a like after the call. If they like you back then you will both have the ability to chat and practice again at any time. Just as if you were chatting with your friends in a regular messaging platform.

Key features:

· Press a call button to speak with a native speaker

· Improve your fluency from anywhere using your smartphone.

· Make new friends that share your passions and interests around the world.

· Collaborative -Help you help me, we are all in the same boat, we just need to help each other.

· Track your improvement and receive real time feedback on your progressions from native speakers.

· Help other users to level up faster and earn more credit to practice. You will also unlock special rewards as you level up.

Download Lingbe and get 15 minutes of free credits so you can start practicing right now. It is free for both iOS and Android. Click the recommended link below for your device.

App Store Download Link: Lingbe

Google Play Download Link: Lingbe

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Game Recommendation - Pool Strike

App Name: Pool Strike

Category: Games

OS: iOS & Android

Price: FREE

What it is?

It's a pool game available for iOS and Android. It is available to play in multiplayer against other players. You can explore the different pool rooms and find great pool opponents. It's fun and incredibly enjoyable. 

Who is it for:

- Users that want 8 pool and pool online games
- Users that want play against their friends or other players in multiplayer

Standout Features:

• Pool with great gameplay
• Multiplayer mode availble
• Chat support
• Daily bonuses
• 100 or more cues 

Developer: Funiza

Most relevant App Store and Google Play review:

"Very Good!! The Best Pool Game,Good Graphics,No Logging,Keep It Up,Can't Wait For An Update!!"

App Store Download Link: Pool Strike

Google Play Download Link: Pool Strike

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sprint Triathlon Trainer-it offers ultimate key elements of a successful training plan

APPLE'S DRILLED IT into your head: There is an app for everything. The expensive communication box (or MP3 player, if you have the iPod Touch) can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. In addition, it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle—for much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we roundup with the best health and fitness app for your iOS, Sprint Triathlon Trainer.

What is Sprint Triathlon Trainer?

Sprint Triathlon Trainer is an app for people who want to get prepared for their triathlon competition and giving you the confidence that you can finish the race with best results. It offers a 12 weeks training session with 6 times a week workouts. It is the app that is for everyone either they are beginner triathletes, tri newbies or first-time finishers.

Key features:
· Simple and easy to follow workout! With audio and video guides for each sessions.

· It works even if your device is locked.

· Listen to your favorite music tracks during your workouts along with the guidance from the coach.

· No ads and in-app purchases to fully enabled workouts.

· Facebook and Twitter integration! Share your completed sessions and progress with your friends.

· Offers! Indoor and outdoor workouts.

· Apple Health integration! Save your workout progress and calories calculation.

Avail all these amazing features on your device for free just by installing this helping app to your iOS device. Click the link below to start installation.

App Store Download Link: Couch to Triathlon - Sprint Triathlon Trainer

Most Useful App of the Month - MyPostcard

MyPostcard was reviewed this week by the staff of Hightechholic. As each app month we pronounce apps that we find useful for users, we found that MyPostcard has been one of the most useful. Definitely. Without further hesitation, we pronounce the iOS, Android and website that enable design and sending of postcard globally as our Most Useful App of the Month. Totally deserved!

The Reason Why You Need MyPostcard?

Writing and sending postcards is a traditional vacation ritual and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, can cost you no more than a little time and energy. Sending physical postcards to your loved ones via a smartphone app sounded like a dream just a few years ago, but now you can snap a photo and get it sent to your family in just a few clicks! There are numerous postcard-making apps available, for Android-powered smartphones and iPhones. We're here to help you get the best one and we have selected MyPostcard app for you.

Stand out features and why you'll make use of it?

MyPostcard is personalized postcard app for Android and iOS, which is as simple to use as possible. All you have to do is, register with app using your social media accounts. Choose the style for your postcard, upload your photos either by using your phone’s album or your social media accounts like Instagram, select the frame, enter your text and address and in the end pay using PayPal account or credit card and leave the rest to MyPostcard

With over 6000 postcard designs, MyPostcard has something for almost every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to the times you just feel like inviting someone over for barbecue. On the other hand, for letting your mom know that she rocks. Alternatively, for telling a special person that they smell pretty. You may also upload your own photo or turn several into a neat collage. It is a great way to show off your holiday pictures.

With MyPostcard, you can also order your photos as high-quality real photo prints. For the first time when you register to the app, it gives you the reward of sending your first postcard for free. So, what you are waiting for? Download it today without any cost and have the best way to express and impress

App Store Download Link: MyPostcard

Google Play Download Link: MyPostcard

Website: https://www.mypostcard.com/

Daily App Recommendation - Everyday Manga

App Name: Everyday Manga

Category: Books


Price: FREE

What it is?

It's a manga book reader app that contains more than 20k English translated free mangas, with more than 35 genres. Each manga can be downloaded, the app is light and frequently updated. Indeed, it is one of the largest collections of mangas on App Store!

Who is it for:

- Users that are manga fans
- Users that want huge collection of mangas on their iOS devices

Standout Features:

• More than 20,000 mangas
• Fast, light and easy to use
• Every manga can be downloaded
• 35+ genres
• One of the largest collection of mangas on the App Store

Developer: madpato

Most relevant App Store review:

"The perfect manga reader book app. Can't get enough of it. Thanks!"

App Store Download Link: Everyday Manga