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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Game of the Day - Platonic Opaline

What is Platonic Opaline?
A unique and creative take on a jigsaw puzzle with colorful 3D shapes that you need to put in the right order to get the final solid. It’s one of the most stunning puzzle games to test your skills as you strive to piece the geometric shapes together properly.  

Standout Features:
  •          Stunning graphics and relaxing sounds
  •          Colorful 3D fragments
  •          Touch-screen friendly interface
  •          Touch to drag and place the shapes in the right order
  •          Endless variety of puzzle challenges
  •          Tap to place the shape in the centre
  •          Tap twice to remove a piece
  •          3 difficulty levels
  •          Choose puzzle shape and number of puzzle pieces
  •          Interactive step by step tutorial

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 8.0 or later
Requires: Android 4.4 and up
Developer:  Sound Shape Software
Official Website: Platonic Opaline
App Store Download Link: Platonic Opaline
Google Play Download Link: Platonic Opaline

App of the Day – OmniTips

If you like to bet on matches then you probably know that not only intuition but your knowledge about the situation in real time, your decision-making ability, and calculation speed also determines whether you will succeed or fail in your betting game. However, there are apps nowadays that offer tips that can increase your chances of winning bets. That’s why OmniTips is our App of the Day. 

Basic Introduction
This sports app is a great choice for all fans of football that like to bet. Developed on the Android platform, smoothly working and neatly designed, this is a responsive app for finding thoroughly selected football betting tips and predictions for minor and major football leagues. With this app you can learn to bet properly and increase your chances of winning the bets.

Algorithm, Tips, Notifications, and More
OmniTips with its advanced algorithm will calculate the probability for you and suggest you the correct bet for the event of your choice. Free and VIP betting tips, without ads to disturb you can be found on the app, each day of the year. The VIP betting tips on this app have high win ration and high odds. A betting tips history can be found on the app with match scores. 

The app has a notification system that will never allow for you to miss a betting tip. Use the app’s recommendation program to get free VIP betting tips by recommending the app to friends. With an excellent user support at all times, safe and secure, use the app to increase your winning chances and start betting properly.

Download it on Google Play to bet properly and increase your winning chances!
Google Play Download Link: OmniTips

Share Your Talent and Boost Your Career with Share Your Talent

What is Share Your Talent?
A platform for talented people that would like to share their talent with friends and other people around the world. It’s one of the best communication apps for sharing your talent and boosting your career. 
Standout Features:
  •         Easy to use with clean UI
  •          Improve your talent and boost your career
  •          Post and show off your talents to people worldwide
  •          Add photos and videos
  •          Add friends
  •          Like and comment on posts
  •          Exchange messages with users
  •          Create groups and forums

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Requires: Android 4.4 and up
Developer: H.BASSOUD
Google Play Download Link: Share Your Talent

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Download and Save Any Social Media Status and Story with Tynzy Save Up

What is Tynzy Save Up?
A social media status saver for you to do download, view, save, and share your favorite statuses and stories from social media platforms. It’s one of the quickest social apps for getting any image or video from your favorite social media platforms. 

Standout Features:
  •          Simple and easy status downloader app UI/UX
  •          Sample and easy Videos and images posts downloader app
  •          Use the app to save image and video status in your device
  •          Save status or save stories to view or use them later on your account
  •          Use share option of social media platforms to download images and videos
  •          High quality video saver app to save and keep all video media from stories and posts
  •          View the saved media from different social media platforms categorized in the app
  •          Download pre-saved status or new status from social media
  •          Copy paste links manually or automatically using the paste options
  •          Fast downloading speeds and high quality image and video results
  •          Safe and secure status downloader app backed by proper privacy policy compliance
  •          Save stories quickly and easily to view them at your choice at any time

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Requires: Android 5.0 and up
Developer:  Tynzy Apps
Google Play Download Link: Tynzy Save Up

App Review – Telefit

Nothing beats having a personal health and fitness app to guide you and help you break bad habits. Among so many of these apps available, finding the most effective workout app can be hard. That’s why we looked and came across one great fitness tracker for you reinvent your health and fitness strategy. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction
This workout app is a great tool for all people that look to improve their health, improve their fitness and meet their goals. Developed on Android platform, easy to use with clean user-friendly UI, Telefit can offer unlimited access to a wide range of exercises, healthy meal plans, and consultation sessions with professional coaches and a lot more.  

Database, Tracker, Exercises, and More
Telefit has a database with more than 5 million foods. You can scan barcodes to log food, add ingredients, log menu items, create your foods and save a favorite lists. Calculating calories from your foods is automatically done and with the app you can also track weight and water intake, syncing burnt calories from other apps for a complete daily net calories picture.  The app offers more than 1,100 exercises and routines and you can create your own routines. 

The video demonstrations are all in HD with description to help you learn to perform them. Goals for weight loss or gain can be set on the app or you can create your own goals. Connect with a fitness professional to set goals for you. In a graph format get all the progress you are making. Search to find a fitness expert that suits your needs and goals, message him and chat to help you stay on track. You can invite friends to join you and the progress you make can be shared with others on social media.

Download it on Google Play to set and reach your health and fitness goals!
Google Play Download Link: Telefit

Monday, June 1, 2020

Tap Game of the Week - Ballooned

We discussed about Ballooned here already as the color match puzzle with an innovative tap gameplay that will take you on an adventure and put your skills on test. We really enjoyed this game and all the wonderful features it offers so we decided to pronounce it as our Tap Game of the Week. 

General Intro
Ballooned is a color match puzzle game which is developed for Android and IOS users that would like to test their matching puzzle skills by color matching balloons and getting them to pop. With an innovative gameplay with simple tap controls as well as super entertaining sound effects, Ballooned will take you on one exciting puzzle adventure that will challenge your mind.

Game’s Features
Getting you addicted to playing fast, Ballooned will push you to think fast and hard in order to match balloons of the same color and pop them. To crush the balloons you need to connect the ones with the same color. Form loops of same-colored balloons as the balloons come from the top. Different strategic and mind-teasing levels are available in this game to put your skills on test and each level has a different goal for you to reach. 

Before you run out of moves you need to complete each level and get to the next matching puzzle. Power-ups like bombs, lighting, move and time freeze are available to help you through challenging levels. Complete each level and get scores and collect coins in each level to use them in the game’s shop for buying more lives, moves, and power-ups.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store to tap and match balloons to crush them!

Official Website: Ballooned
App Store Download Link: Ballooned
Google Play Download Link: Ballooned

App of the Day – OfficialMe

What is OfficialMe?
A social media platform for artists and creators that would like to create, promote, or share their content with supporters. While users can discover great photography and influencers, OfficialMe is also one of the most advanced social photography apps for getting paid for your content and making a monthly income.

Standout Features:
  •          Upload/produce content directly on the platform
  •          Privacy first mentality so you can customize who can see what
  •          Selectable account types for use with self-promotion
  •          Unlimited uploads to the platform with photos displayed without cropping
  •          Record up to 10 min of HD videos in-app (Upload longer videos via the website
  •          Unlimited FREE Live videos without the use of a 3rd-party service or secondary app
  •         Record and post audio for when you only want to be heard and not seen.
  •         Profile displays in journal form being grouped by the date your media was uploaded
  •          Media albums to organize your media with custom privacy levels
  •         Portfolio mode which only shows your album tab on your profile
  •          Video Echo that loops back and forth with the option to save as GIF
  •          Chronological Timeline
  •          Photo Booth feature for endless fun with different templates
  •          Create Events for any occasion
  •          Private Messaging with other members
  •          Looks (Filters) to give your photos a unique look
  •          Photo Editor to add text, resize or other edits
  •          Pinch to zoom in the media viewer
  •          Advanced search by location, name, profile type, and other criteria
  •          Multiple ways to share your media with other members

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later
Requires: Android 7.0 and up
Developer:  OfficialMe, LLC
App Store Download Link: OfficialMe
Google Play Download Link: OfficialMe

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Food & Drink App of the Week – Best Before

Best Before was already introduced here as the food app that could help you track and manage the food in your home efficiently to start saving money and stop wasting food. Because we really liked the features offered on this app, we decided to pronounce this app as our Food & Drink App of the Week.

Basic Introduction
This food app is designed as an easy to use and practical food tracker with clean interface for you to efficiently manage the food in your home. Developed on Android platform, with this app you can follow the foods you get from purchase to storage and consumption. All in one app for getting the whole food lifecycle in one place to start saving money and stop wasting the food.

Categories, Reminders, Lists and More
Best Before will track for you the food you store in the fridge. Use the auto completion feature to add products easily and scan barcodes of products to fill in the name and photo of each product. Add images to products within this app by taking a photo or choosing a photo from the gallery. Create task lists and shopping lists, importing and exporting easily the products you enter on these lists. 

Each product you enter on this app is remembered for every next time. Products can be managed by storage location and category and each category, unit, and location can be personalized. Notifications are given to you to remind you of products that should be used after opening or before their expiration date. Your data can be synchronized with the one on your family’s devices as well.

Download it on Google Play to save money and track the food in your home!

Google Play Download Link: Best Before

WebsiteBest Before

Friday, May 29, 2020

Discover the Latest Tech News with Hacker News

What is Hacker News?
A social news app for all tech enthusiasts that would like to discover the latest tech news from variety of categories. It's one of the best news app for finding fresh news at all times and feeding your intellectual curiosity.   

Standout Features:
  •          Simple social news app
  •          Clean user-friendly UI
  •          The latest tech news by a diverse online community
  •          Variety of tech categories with fresh news
  •          Read and share news
  •          Discuss news
  •          Search filter for instant news
  •          Free to download

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 13.0 or later
Developer: T-10 LLC
App Store Download Link: Hacker News

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Help People Save Their Business with True Solidarity

What is True Solidarity?
A communication app for you to show support to merchants, family and friends with a business and help them save it. It’s one of the best communication tools for you to show your support, share recommendations and promotions to help out a business in need. 

Standout Features:
  •          Easy to use with clean user-friendly interface
  •          Post photos, videos, audios, and files to show support
  •          Like and comment on posts
  •          Share events, promotions and recommendations
  •          Get notifications
  •          Exchange messages
  •          Create groups and forums to start discussions
  •          Filter search to discover activities
  •          Show support and help save a business
  •          Free for download

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Requires: Android 4.4 and up
Developer: H.BASSOUD
Google Play Download Link: True Solidarity