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Friday, January 18, 2019

PingBuds – Share Your Skills & Passion to Teach & Learn Life-Skill Lessons

For users that are looking for a place to meet new interesting people and to help others learn and receive the support they need to flourish their skills and passion, there are social apps especially developed for this purpose. Among so many social apps, finding the best one for you to share your passion and to discover what others are passionate about is hard. We did our research and found a social app that you need to try for sure.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for iOS users, this social app offers you the chance to connect with your friends and others users to help them flourish and learn from you about the skills, the passion and the knowledge you possess. Using this app you can also learn from others about the passions they share and give and receive the support you need. Creating a community of flourishing excellent people, the app allows you to receive and give training, advice, support and knowledge, connecting with users for their skills and services and the ones you offer to them.

What are the best features of PingBuds?

PingBuds and the features offered on it is giving users chance to connect virtually to solve a problem they have or to even meet in person to share their passion and skills. The app will help users to create a special bond with each other, receiving and giving the needed support from which the both sides will benefit. The passion and skills you possess can be shared among your friends and you can discover what passion and skills your friends possess as well. Share your special moments with users too. Give or receive a sun from friends for the skills, knowledge and the passion you share.

Connect with users you like to discuss and support each other on a private chat. Teach others by sharing your passion and skills and with this you will become better at teaching your skills and will learn life-skill lessons. Each learner will receive the needed help for becoming more knowledgeable. The encouraged collaboration between the teacher and the learner is a great way for creating long lasting and real friendships among users.

Download the app for free on App Store now to share your passion and skills and learn life-skill lessons!

Official Website: PingBuds

App Store Download Link: PingBuds

Thursday, January 17, 2019

3 Best Apps to Use as an Entrepreneur

When you are an entrepreneur, your work is your life.

It often takes up the vast majority of your time and in some instances you can feel like you are never really “clocked out”. During these situations it is important to have some apps in your life which are designed to make your work day go faster and smoother in order to relieve some of the pressure off of you.

Here are our list of the three best apps to use if you are an entrepreneur.


As previously mentioned, the work day often does not stop once you leave the office, so why should your apps? With the help of the JobFLEX invoicing app you will be able to access a hub of productivity whenever you want and wherever you are. Simply open up the app and begin to create professional estimates and invoices on the go and record payments all within just a few minutes.

If you are in need of some time to manage client files, then take advantage of the app’s feature that allows you to create, organize, and store client info to be accessed at any time you need it. One of the largest benefits of this app is that all of this can be done without an internet connection, so even if you are on the move you can get some work done without an issue.


For many entrepreneurs it is common to be completing work across multiple devices. When this is the case it can be quite frustrating and time consuming to have to transfer files from one device to another in order to do a few minutes of work. With the help of Dropbox you no longer have to do this. This wonderful app allows you to create, sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Once something is uploaded into the app it is instantly accessible from any device, just simply sign into your Dropbox account and you will see the up-to-date file sitting there. If you ever need to share a file with someone, no matter how large, just copy the shareable link and send it off to them in an email. As soon as the person receives the email they will be able to securely access the document through the link.

Relax Meditation

When you are in a position where your work life dominates your personal life, it can incredibly important that you maintain your mental health. Relax Meditation is one of the best apps for this due to its use of soothing sounds and music to create your own personal harmony.

When you are extremely tired or stressed out you can still complete work, but your mental state is often reflected in the finished product. Rather than spending time completing something that is not nearly as good as it should be, simply open up the Relax Meditation app and enter your state of bliss. Once you receive much needed relaxation you will once again be able to achieve that level of work that people expect from you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Global Sedan – Find a Ride Whenever & Wherever You Need it

Finding a ride is never been easier with so many apps and services that offer you all this at the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere you need it. There are many car services and apps that allow you to request a ride with a tap on your phone and get a professional driver to give you a ride to any destination. We did our research and we found one incredibly practical car service app to make your life a lot easier.

What is Global Sedan?

Developed for both Android and iOS users, Global Sedan is a driver app that gives car services for your needs that ensure you with complete safety and quality, getting you to your desired destination anytime and anywhere you are. Very easy for using and user-friendly, the app gives you the best professional drivers in the business and all you need to do is to request a ride and the app will give you the driver that will get you where you need to be. Security, hospitality, and attention to details are offered on the app, with many travel benefits by request.

Global Sedan Highlights

Global Sedan and its features are offering you the ability to request a ride and enjoy the safest and quality car services for your driving needs. Directly on your phone, you need to just tap to request your ride and the app will find a safe ride by the best professional drivers in the business. With exceeding expectations and uncompromised attention to details, you will just enter your pick up and destination and the driver will get to you and give you a ride to your desired destination.

View the cost of the rider before you get to the destination and when you arrive at the desired destination you can pay through the mobile app easily. When you pay for the ride you can also use the app to rate your driver and your experience. Access the past travel history on the mobile app as well. Get to every desired destination easily and save a lot of time by simply requesting a ride and enjoying the car services by the best professional drivers whenever and wherever you need it.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to find a safe ride whenever and wherever you need it!

App Store Download Link: Global Sedan

Google Play Download Link: Global Sedan

Weird Worldz - Tap & Try to Avoid All the Obstacles

Tap games are definitely one of the most interesting and challenging games you can choose to play on the go, directly on your smartphone. This type of game offers you all, testing your skills as a tapper while you enjoy a fun and addictive gameplay. But the issue is that it can be quite difficult to choose the best tap game with the most interesting features. No worries, we looked and we have to offer you a tap game which offers you all this and more.

What is Weird Worldz all about?

Weird Worldz is one fun and addictive tap game that will test your tapper skills while you enjoy the simple gameplay. Developed for Android and iOS users, the tap arcade is quite easy for playing and yet challenging, requiring from the player to tap fast and try to avoid the obstacles coming to its way in a weird fashion in order to reach the target and win his scores. With cool sound effects and sharp graphics to enjoy, the game will keep your attention every time you play it.

Gameplay & Features

This tap game is offering for the players different features to get players addicted fast and in the same time test their fast tap skills. For the players to enjoy the game every time they play it, they are offered 2 different themes, the Halloween and the Candy land theme and each of the themes has its own characters you can choose from. Pick any character you like and any theme is your favorite to play.

All you need to do is to tap and avoid the obstacles on the way to reach the final target and get to the next even more challenging level. If you are stuck and need help in any of the levels, you are offered various power-ups to help you out. To win the highest scores, you need to avoid all the obstacles, tap as fast as possible and reach the target to progress and complete the levels. Your best results can be shared with others on social media as well. 

Download it now for free on App Store and Google Play and tap to avoid all the obstacles coming to its way!

Google Play Download Link: Weird Worldz

App Store Download Link: Weird World

Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Money Manager - Save Money by Keeping Record of Your Expenses & Incomes

Managing your finances is not the easiest thing to do. Now that we have our smartphones and the apps on them, we can make it quite easier for us to keep track of our finances and manage our money the right way to save. If you are looking for a tool to help you to manage your money better and save money easily, we decided to help with the search. We looked and we found an amazing expense manager that offers you all this and more. Let’s see what the My Money Manager app is all about.

What is My Money Manager?

My Money Manager is an incredible expense manager that is developed for android users that need help to easily and efficiently manage their finances just by keeping a record of their incomes and expenses. With the help of this money manager, you are able to keep track of your finances and manage your money directly on your phone, with complete privacy and safety. All the details about the finances the user is getting so he can learn which way is the best for him to save some money.

My Money Manager Features

This expense manager and the amazing features offered on it give you the ability and the chance to save money by using the app’s help to track your incomes and expenses without much effort. Each user can easily link the app with his Google Assistant and with that he will be able to add transactions with his voice just by saying the words, without opening the app. Multiple accounts are supported with the app and also you can use the multiple categories to manage your finances and keep track of it.

Image/photo can be added by the users of all their bills or invoices to their records. Synchronization in real time is offered as well so your data is kept safe and private. The filtering feature will save some time to the user when they are searching for anything specific. For the expenses and incomes, the users are getting detailed statistics so they are constantly on track with their finances. Over 150 world currencies with offline mode can be converted with the app’s currency converter. 

Download it for free on Google Play to save money by keeping a record of your expenses and incomes!

Google Play Download Link: My Money Manager

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Friday, January 11, 2019

90 Day Diet – Establish a Better Metabolism & Achieve Your Weight Goals

There’s a study that shows that using a smartphone app for weight loss compared to websites and paper diaries increases the dieter’s chance of losing weight. Self-monitoring can help you become more aware of your eating habits and help you start eating healthy, losing the weight. For users that wish to achieve their weight loss goals, we did our research and found a diet plan app that can help them get to their weight goals effectively and control their eating habits. The app is called 90 Day Diet.

What is 90 Day Diet?

Developed for both Android and iOS users, this diet plan app is offering you the ability to lose the weight you want and achieve your long term weight goals effectively through the tested and trustful diet plan. Using this accompany app allows you to establish a better metabolism, control what you eat with the selective/separate eating. Change your metabolism in the direction you want to and get rid of the overweight, controlling the diet completely to get to the level you desire. Lead a healthier lifestyle by organizing what you eat.

90 Day Diet Highlights

90 Day Diet is offering you the diet plan with the features needed in order for you to improve your health and effectively lose weight. For people with high blood pressure, the diet plan is extremely beneficial. Also, slight exercises are accompanying the app so your life and weight are radically changed. The app and its features during the diet are assisting the users so they are able to create, implement and plan their diet and start their healthy eating.

The weight tracker, the meal plan and the diet tracker are giving users a chance to reach their weight goals effectively. Users can also create a flexible schedule and get detailed information about each diet day so the user knows what he can eat and learn which meals are recommended. Users are also informed with statistics about the days of their diet, the kilograms they started the diet as well for the weight they have in each moment of their diet.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to establish a better metabolism and control your weight!

Official Website: 90 Day Diet

App Store Download Link: 90 Day Diet

Google Play Download Link: 90 Day Diet

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fitness App of the Week - Simple Fit

Have your own workout plan that will be adapted to your fitness levels and goals, check out our Fitness App of the Week - Simple Fit. Simple Fit is a wonderful workout planner and tracker that’s developed for iDevices, it is here to help you improve your strength, endurance and mobility, and it is one of the most intuitive fitness apps we’ve ever uses. Let’s see what its best features are.

What is so special about this training app?

Developed for iOS users, this training app is perfect for users that like to achieve their fitness and workout goals easily and faster, getting fitter and stronger just by using their phones. With the help of Simple Fit users will improve their endurance, mobility, and strength, getting the chance for working out whenever they like and wherever they want to. This personal adaptive training plan will follow your needs and goals completely.

What are the best features of Simple Fit?

Simple Fit offers to users loads of workouts at home, workouts for fitness studios as well for endurance workouts to help each user achieve his personal workout and fitness goals. With the help of the app, users are able to learn everything about the nutrition plan and the training program depending on the goals they have. Crafted on the user’s needs, the adaptive training plan is suitable for each user’s needs, goals, and fitness level.

Start working out anytime and anywhere you want simply by choosing your currently available equipment and the plan will adapt to it. You can even create your own custom workout plan and use the instructions and videos available to achieve your goals. The workouts are logged and you can easily track your progress to constantly be aware of the achievements you made. Start training with the help of this app, directly on your phone and enjoy getting fitter and healthier.

Download the app for free on App Store to workout anytime and anywhere with a personal adaptive training plan!

App Store Download Link: Simple Fit

Official Website: Simple Fit

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sports App of the Month - Steady Head

Train yourself and learn how to o keep your head steady during your gold swing with the Steady Head app. Steady Head is an innovative way for golf lovers and players to improve their game, now only by using their iPhone or iPad. Every professional will agree that the most essential part of the golf swing is a steady head. That’s why we’re pronouncing the app a Sports App of the Month!

What is Steady Head?

Developed for iOS users, Steady Head is a perfect app for all golf players, created for them to train themselves and practise to keep their head steady during their golf swing. Giving users the ability to train both indoors and outside, the app offers you to use the iPhone camera or the amazing AR technology. Just set up the ball and your face will be recognized, and a boundary will be drawn around your head and it will track each movement you make during the swings with feedback in real time if a boundary is broken. 

Steady Head Features

The Steady Head as the sports app for golf players and with its features offered is adding pressure that you have on the course to stay steady and to not over swing, giving you the best practice you could take right to the course. Adjust the app easily depending on your ability levels and the types of swing, based on the personal preferences and goals you have.  Through the individual settings, you can customize each of the four head movements, the top, and bottom, right and left. Depending on your skill level, the club you are hitting and the swing tendencies you have set the boundaries accordingly.

Without the need of any gadgets or props, the app has a simple design that requires you just to put the phone down in front of you and to start training.  In the settings of the app, make your adjustments and with the face recognition you can start training and stop with the simple interface offered. Swing naturally, using audio and visual props and based on your ability and clubs adjust the app. Get instant feedback with the adverse-conditioning approach and get swing review on the Camera Roll. 

Download the app on App Store for $9.99 to train indoors and outside and swing naturally to practice!

App Store Download Link: Steady Head

Get Your Kid Familiar with Letters and Numbers in an Exciting Way - ABC 123

Sometimes it can be hard for parents to engage their kids to learn, especially when it comes to toddlers and pre-schoolers. As a parent if you are looking for an app that can help your kid master the basics of kindergarten, there are many learning apps available to help you out. 

In order to help with your search and choose the best preschool learning app, we decided to search. We have came to discover an amazing learning app that your toddler will enjoy for sure. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is ABC 123 all about?

ABC 123 is preschool learning app for toddlers and kids entering their kindergarten learning phase and parents that like to help their kids learn about numbers and letters in a fun way. Developed for android users, the kids educational app is filled with learning activities and designed with vibrant, kid-friendly graphics and sounds that kids love to see and play with. In simple terms: it makes learning appealing to children bellow 5 years old.

Voice guidance, exquisite visuals, cheerful music & more

As a preschool learning app, ABC 123 is offering the parents and teachers a chance to customize the setting of the gamebook. This allows great control over the learning process and customized education.  With simple use of the parental lock feature, they can easily update the sounds and photos corresponding to each alphabet. 

Kids can also use the app by themselves after a little guidance and choose the photos they like the most for every letter. In that way they will learn better and more intuitively. However, they or the parents can also reset and switch the setting to the original and help the kids learn the letters or counting step by step in an interactive way. 

The app gives great accessibility and features with cheerful music and photos so toddlers can learn the English Alphabet and numbers fast and more effectively. ABC 123 goes even further offering learning of different shapes and objects with the cool matching game

Speaking about the technical features like UI and gameplay, ABC 123 did extremely well on our testing. Have no doubt that this learning app is user-friendly with a simple interface, guiding the users through the arrows step by step. What is more important is the excellent customization of the pictures and music at anytime, making it a great tool for teachers and parents.

Have no doubt that this preschool learning app will be excellent for your toddler. More so, it doesn't feature any ads or in-app purchases making it a safe environment for any kid.

Google Play Download Link: ABC 123

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Finance App of the Week - Credit360

A while ago we reviewed an app called Credit360, a tool that captured our attention with its personal and business solutions. Because this app really revolutionizes the way you improve your credit scores, we decided to pronounce it a Finance App of the Week and share it with you again today. Credit360 is here to help you with credit checks, to give you credit score rating reports, tips and services to fix bad credit scores, and much more!

What is Credit360?

Developed for Android and iOS users, created for both businesses and individuals, Credit360 is an all-in-one app which offers the most efficient credit repair solutions for the users to repair their bad credit scores. The app offers extremely handy tools and credit repair services, as well for credit checks, credit score rating reports and more. The rebuilding experts are helping you to boost your business credit ratings and personal credits to repair your scores while taking care of every credit need you to have without any issue or time wasted.

Credit360 Features

Credit360 with the tools, features and services offered is helping you to repair your bad credit scores efficiently and effortlessly. You on the app are given the right to dispute any of the items of the credit report. Completely legal, all the services offered within the platform are coming with cancel anytime policy and money back guarantee. Using the app’s help gives you the ability to track your progress of the credit repair 24/7, on the online portal.

The efficient credit repair solutions as credit checks, reports and credit score management tools are here to boost your personal credit or your business credit rating, taking care of all your needs you look for to repair your credit. The services and tools are very handy, giving you a new start as an individual or business, and offer you the chance to make a better judgement for your credit scores. More opportunities are given to you with a bigger room for growth and amazing credit scores. Just invest in the services and make the most of it off your credit scores.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to boost your personal or business credit rating!

Official Website: Credit360

App Store Download Link: Credit360

Google Play Download Link: Credit360