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Monday, January 20, 2020

Listen to the Most Popular and In-Demand Radio Stations with Echo Radio

What is Echo Radio?
A one-stop app for enjoying jazz, tough rock, or dancing rhythms as well as retro or contemporary popular music as much you like worldwide. It’s one of the best music apps for accessing wide variety of online radio stations and programs.

Standout Features:
  •          Access to wide varieties of online radio stations
  •          Video and lyrics auto matching facility for the users
  •          Select favorite radio stations in favorites for easy access at one go
  •          Access to weekly top chart lists and create the best playlist for yourself
  •          Set customized favorite stations list as well as playlist stations list
  •          Set a timer, after a stipulated time the app will go off
  •          Listen through the smartphone's loudspeakers or via Bluetooth for better clarified output

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 9.0 or later
Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Developer:   iWorks Interactive
App Store Download Link: Echo Radio
Google Play Download Link: Echo Radio

Create, Manage and Modify Your Appointments with TrackQ Appointment

What is TrackQ Appointment?
An appointment planner and manager for you to efficiently plan, schedule, manage and modify appointments with your clients. One of the most practical and advanced business apps for keeping track of your appointments. 

Standout Features:
  •          Plan, schedule and manage appointments
  •          Create a recurring appointment
  •          Search for appointments
  •          Modify and cancel appointments
  •          Send text messages to clients
  •          Send template messages in WhatsApp
  •          Manage appointments for multiple users
  •          Clients can track appointments from their home

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Requires: Android 5.0 and above
Developer:   Simplify Infotech
Google Play Download Link: TrackQ Appointment

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Earn Money – Free Games is a Fun Android App to Earn Extra Cash in An Easy Way

Earn money apps are maybe abundant on Google Play. There are some really poor ones. So, if you want to avoid the clutter and protect yourself from the poorly made money-making reward apps, read on, as today we have selected one of the best ones, which is surely worthy of your time. We are talking about Earn Money – Free Games.

What is Earn Money – Free Games?

Earn Money – Free Games is an earn money app in which you can do various actions and play games to earn real money. This Android game offer a variety of ways to earn real cash including daily bonuses, spin the wheel, puzzle games and referral links.

How can you make use of it?

Start the game by spinning the wheel of fortune and you can earn some amount of points. That amount is added to your total. To continue earning rewards you can play a word search game and jigsaw puzzle game. As you play, you will earn points, which again add up to your total.

Your total can also be increased with the daily gift points, so be sure to open them every 24h. Regarding the payout, you’ll need at least 5000 points (which is $5). You can convert the points to real cash and redeem them on your paypal.

At the end this earns money app enables you to refer friends to enjoy the app, for which you can earn a commission. So if you want to have fun on your smartphone and earn cash to buy yourself something online, this is currently one of the best apps out there. Try it for free.

Google Play Download Link: Earn Money – Free Games

Thursday, January 16, 2020

App of the Day - Stockphotos by Dreamstime

What is Dreamstime?
A stock photography app to browse, search and download millions of professional high quality stock photos and illustrations on the go. It’s one of the most advanced photography apps for never running out of creativity.
Standout Features:
  •          Advanced search and zoom-in features
  •          Over 117 million professional photos and illustrations
  •          Save images to your favorites
  •          Download and share images with ease
  •          Super quick account set-up and effortlessly intuitive navigation
  •          Download images fast & easy on any smartphone or tablet
  •          Download archive and invoice history always at hand
  •          Amazing high-quality images from the largest community in royalty-free stock photography
  •          Standard and extended image licenses for multiple usages and users
  •          Fresh content each month
  •          Free public domain collection

Uniqueness: Medium
Usefulness: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Compatibility: IOS 10.0 or later
Developer:   Dreamstime, Inc.
Official Website: Dreamstime
App Store Download Link: Dreamstime 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Music App of the Month - Tips Bucket

Tons of music app are available for you but if you enjoy live music or you an artist looking to promote music and get tips, we discussed Tips Bucket here a couple of days ago as the app for all live music fans and artists. We were impressed of the innovative features it offers and we decided to be our Music App of the Month.

Basic Intro
Tips Bucket is the innovative one-stop music platform for all fans and artists of live music to connect. This music tool developed on the IOS platform offers a friendly interface with advanced features for fans to discover live music, tip artists and much more while artists can get tips, sell their merchandise and engage with their fans while promoting their music. 

For Fans and Artists 
As a fan of this essential music platform, you will never miss a show again. Track your favorite artists, discover new bands and original music, tip artists directly from the app, find music based on genre, venue, location and artists, request songs in real-time on gigs, buy artist’s merchandise and listen to sample songs. 
On this music app, artists can easily promote their new music, sell their merchandise, engage their fans and get more tops. Tips Bucket offers artists to get 90% of the sales and tips that go through the app while fans are guaranteed a secure, fast and cashless way to show their appreciation for their favorite artists.
Download the one-stop music solution on App Store for all live music fans and artists!
Official Website: Tips Bucket
App Store Download Link: Tips Bucket

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Game of the Day - Green Hunter

What is Green Hunter?
An endless runner game where you need to fly and shoot to destroy the enemy and survive as long as possible to become the best green archer assassin. It’s one of the most exciting and addictive adventure games for Android users.

Standout Features:
  •          Sharp graphics and cool sounds 
  •          Tap left to fly with the jet pack
  •          Collect diamonds
  •          Avoid rocks and the flying enemy
  •          Shoot your arrow to destroy the enemy
  •          Survive as long as you can
  •          Free for download

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Average rating: 4.0
Requires: Android 5.0 and up
Developer:  Android Maniac
Google Play Download Link: Green Hunter

Monday, January 13, 2020

Casual Game of the Month - Touch Me Not Don’t Touch the Line Wall

We already discuss about Touch Me Not, the fast-paced and addictive don’t touch game for all lovers of dynamic games that will put their fast and precise reactions to test. We enjoyed this game so much, we are pronouncing it as our Casual Game of the Month. Read more about this game and what it offers.

Basic Introduction
This challenging and yet fun don’t touch game will get you hooked with its exciting gameplay fast. Developed on the Android platform, Touch Me Not is very dynamic and it will challenge your fast skills and precision as you try to make the ball reach home without touching the wall. Get challenged and enjoy this do not touch the line crash quest. 

Game’s Features 
The rules in this drag line arcade are simple, just drag the ball to follow the path and don’t touch the lines, collecting the diamonds on the way. Tons of exciting levels are available as well for 3 game modes to test you. See how long you can go in the quest. In various levels of Touch Me Not, the challenges can be quite difficult to complete. 

The first levels are simple but as you progress further they are getting more complicated. Be calm, precise and very attentive, showing your best skills and getting through the most demanding paths and make the ball reach home while avoiding all the obstacles on your way. 

Download the game for FREE on Google Play to follow the path and make the ball reach home!

Google Play Download Link: Touch Me Not

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Play to Become the Richest Supermarket Entrepreneur - Idle Tycoon fortune

What is Idle Tycoon fortune?
An idle game for players to build their own supermarket business, earn money and try to become the richest entrepreneur in the world. It’s one of the most exciting idle games you can play on the go on your Android.

Standout Features:
  •          Become the richest supermarket tycoon
  •          Sharp graphics and exciting gameplay
  •          Hire a manager to run your shop
  •          Earn money to grow your business
  •          Upgrade and update shops
  •          Unlock new shops
  •          Free for download

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Requires: 5.0 and up
Developer:  kngames
Google Play Download Link: Idle Tycoon fortune

Friday, January 10, 2020

Game of the Day - AncientsReborn

What is AncientsReborn?

A MMO RPG fantasy game with variety of customization options, gear and skill for exploring a huge open fantasy world. It’s one of the most thrilling role playing games for solo quests, participating in huge guild wars and being a part of epic battles. Reminds of the old-school open world rpgs like wow, and it is one of the best free rpgs on mobile.

Standout Features:
·       Variety of customization options, gear and skill
·        Endless possibilities for your MMO character
·        Explore a huge open fantasy world
·        Huge range of combat skills and equipment crafting
·        Play solo or with others 
·        Exciting PVP and PVE content 
·        Leader-boards and competitions 

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: High

Requires: Android 4.4 and up
Developer:  Success Oxygen
Official Website: AncientsReborn
Google Play Download Link: AncientsReborn

Hundreds of Burger Cooking Levels for Kids to Enjoy - Burger Time

What is Burger Time?
A fun kids cooking burger game where players need to make as much burgers as possible before the time runs out and collect coins for their achievements. It’s one of the most addictive and entertaining restaurant games for kids.
Standout Features:
  •          Simple and easy to play
  •          Cool burger shop
  •          Hundreds of stunning levels
  •          Limited time to make burgers
  •          Collect coins and win stars
  •          Use hints
  •         Unlock new worlds
  •          Free for download

Uniqueness: Medium
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium
Requires: Varies with device
Developer:  kngames
Google Play Download Link: Burger Time