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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pixel Panic! –Save the Pixel Kingdom & Complete Quests to Get the Highest Scores

For all the great new games that are released for smartphones, sometimes you want to play something ... familiar. One of the most familiar games you can play on your smartphone is the arcade games for sure. These games can be played on the go, anytime and anywhere and will test your skills each time you play them. To make the search easier, we did our research and we found one amazing fast arcade-style game that will get you addicted to playing fast. It’s called Pixel Panic!

What is so special about the arcade?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this arcade game is highly fun and easy to play but at the same time challenging the player’s arcade skills to get his high scores. Very exciting and addictive, this tap arcade game is offering players to enjoy the amazing sharp graphics and cool sound effects while they try to save the Pixel kingdom and help Pixee collect the pixels on the way. With many quests and events that spice up the game, players will get hooked to the game on their first try.

What are the best features of Pixel Panic!?

Pixel Panic! will test the arcade skills of each player while he has fun playing the game. The task of the players on the game is to help Pixee save the pixels and they will get scores for their achievements in the game. In order to save the pixels, each player needs to tap or slide the screen to collect the pixels on the way but in the same time, he needs to be careful and avoid the dead black pixels that could end the game. The player has 3 lives in each game he plays and when he loses all of them, the game will be over.

More than 40 quests that need to be discovered and over 15 events to spice up the game, the reflexes of the player will be tested more and more as he progresses further in the game. As players are progressing that will have a chance to unlock bonuses to help them increase their scores and get as far as possible. To personalize the game, the player can use the pixels collected to choose any of the 10+ amazing pixel skins offered and purchase with the pixels any of it.

Download the game now on App Store and Google Play for free to save the pixel kingdom!

Official Website: Pixel Panic!

App Store Download Link: Pixel Panic!

Google Play Download Link: Pixel Panic!

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Tool of the Month - Unblock Master

VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps are immensely helpful in keeping privacy completely secure while using the internet. Use a VPN app on your iPhone to stay anonymous and safe online, and to access blocked content from anywhere in the world.

What is Unblock Master?

Today, we’re introducing to you one of the greatest VPN apps on the iOS platform. It’s called Unblock Master, a fast and unlimited VPN tool that will secure your privacy to the fullest. In addition to its neat and friendly user interface, Unblock Master does not require complicated configurations, registrations or restrictions. Read on to see what features the app offers.

Unblock Master Features

Need a safe and easy way to use the internet securely? Looking for a tool that will help you to unlock Internet restrictions? Well, you’re in luck, because the Unblock Master VPN has all you need in one single platform. It has the ability to give you a complete online privacy by hiding your IP address and location, without storing logs or recording IP addresses. All you got to do is enable the app and you’re done – no more registrations or signups. Then, surf on the Internet anonymously, unlock regional restrictions and watch videos on everywhere, unlock social media sites and apps, secure your network on public hotspots by encrypting your Internet, and so much more.

Unblock Master’s options are able to help you because the app itself is created with an advanced and cutting-edge technology (Shadowsocks Proxy; Shadowsocks is a secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic). Crucial features like the network presence in 10 countries, with over 120 servers and unlimited free VPN tools makes this VPN app highly user-friendly.

You can download Unblock Master from the App Store, where it is free of charge, offering only monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Official Website: Unblock Master

App Store Download Link: Unblock Master

Educational App of the Week – Simpliv

Our choice for an Educational App of the Week this time is an app called Simpliv. Simpliv is a cross-platform educational tool that lets users learn and enhance their skills. Although it was already reviewed on our site, we had to share it with you again. Why? Because it provides with more than 1000 video lessons and online courses, a friendly user interface, and many features that you can make use of!

What is so special about this app?

Developed for iOS and Android users, this online education platform is allowing users both educators and learners to teach, learn and earn in a simple way, directly from their phones. With the app, users will learn and teach anytime and anywhere they want while they are guaranteed a safe and secure online global marketplace with the resources and expertise they need. Leaners and institutions with the app have a chance to become more successful, teaching and learning with best technology and innovation needed.

What are the best features of Simpliv?

Simpliv offers a wide range of online learning courses that are focused to help each user with his business concept and software technology while offering him to develop his individual and professional goals through the amazing video library that is offered by recognized industry experts. The useful and engaging modules available are created for the individualized and sophisticated needs for learning to help each user get to his goals and attain the success he wants in his life. On the app, the user can easily search through online video courses and watch any of them learn.

Many different types of online courses are offered on the app, some of the courses are free and others must be purchased by the user. The features offered by the app the user can access it easily with just a sign-up and log in on the app. The coupons and Simpliv money the user has can be used for getting discounts on the courses. Every user will have his chance to learn online by choosing among 1000+ video lessons and different referral programs while getting certificates, and all that available at competitive prices and with amazing support offered.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to watch online learning courses and get certificates!

Official Website: Simpliv

App Store Download Link: Simpliv

Google Play Download Link: Simpliv

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Friendly – Explore Australia & Expand Your Circle with New Aussie Friends

One of the most used and popular apps among smartphone users are certainly the social apps which allow users to meet new people based on their preference and make friends worldwide. These apps can be quite fun and interesting, allowing people to connect and communicate and expand their circle of people. We did our research and we have an amazing social app called Friendly, for Aussies to connect with people in their local community and become friends. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for iOS users, quite easy to use and very user-friendly, this social networking app allows users in Australia to meet new people and make friends with fellow Aussies in their local community without wasting their time. On the app, the users have a chance to expand their circle and build long-lasting friendships with Aussies in their neighborhood. The app with the features offered is breaking those awkward barriers when it comes to meeting new people so the users can easily make friends.

What are the best features of Friendly?

The Friendly with the features offered is helping users that are new to Australia or just like to make a new friend as they are tired of dating apps and need to meet like-minded individuals, find people that suit their taste easily. On the app, each user can build amazing long-lasting relationships with Aussies in his local community without any effort. Catered to anyone’s preferences, users with the app have a chance to build any type of relationship or just restrict the app to same-sex friends, depending on their choice. Users will expand their circle and meet new people and on the app will never run out of individuals to meet.

The user will set his status to let fellow Aussies know what he is keen of, is he up for a coffee, beer or anything else. To connect on the app, users are offered chat to communicate and get to know each other better to become friends. The app is free for download but users are also offered an optional subscription package to purchase. Download the app for free now on App Store to explore Australia and make new Aussie friends!

Official Website: Friendly

App Store Download Link: Friendly

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lifestyle App of the Week – NOOVVO

Our choice for a Lifestyle App of the Week is a useful cross-platform app that has the ability to connect mobile car washers to vehicle owners. It is a reliable and convenient platform to order a mobile car wash to your desired location anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Let’s see how the app works and why we liked it so much!

What is so special about the app?

Developed for android and iOS users and especially created for all vehicle owners, this lifestyle app is quite convenient and easy to use, offering each vehicle owner to order a mobile car washer to the location of their choice, anytime and anywhere he wants. The car washer service is available for 27/7 and the user is able to get the ordered car washer directly to their location with just a tap on the app and on the way in minutes. The app is the first peer-to-peer marketplace which is connecting owners of vehicles to top-rated mobile detailing companies and the user can book any company he wants.

What are the best features of NOOVVO?

The NOOVVO with the various features available is helping each vehicle owner to make orders of car wash service to any desired location he wants, anytime and anywhere he is. By using the app, the user is able to select a wash he wants, a wash in the moment or just to make a date for future wash. The user within the app also needs to select his type of vehicle and choose the company he wants to perform the car wash for him based on the location, the price and the rating. Any of the car wash packages available can be chosen by the user and he can also choose any of the additional services offered as well.

The user is guaranteed the highest-quality of car wash service and the mobile detailers are all vetted, insured and licensed. Users will monitor each step of the process and track the detailer’s route to the location of the wash easily. Users will get notifications for every step of the wash process and they can even tip and rate the service directly from their phones.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store and order car wash services for any location you want!

Official Website: NOOVVO

App Store Download Link: NOOVVO

Google Play Download Link: NOOVVO

Assemblr - Visualize Your Idea Better, In 3D & Augmented Reality

With more than 1 million apps available, the App Stores offer a varying array of titles, ranging from best-ignored downloads to genuinely useful apps and games. Yet for every popular favorite such as Kindle or YouTube, there are just as many new, underrated, unusually fun, or plain overlooked gems. Whether you want to fill up a new smartphone with apps or just try out something new on your current device, check out one of the best apps you're not using but should that can be found in both Google Play and App Store.

What is Assemblr?

We’re talking about an app that helps you to visualize your ideas in a finer, simpler and easier way. It’s called Assemblr, a cross-platform tool for visualizing your ideas in 3D and AR. This content creation platform will give you a hand in presenting your ideas, you can use it on your phone or tablet, anywhere you are, anytime you need to!

Why Do We Love Assemblr?

Assemblr is a rich-featured app that connects creative people from all over the world, in one single platform. With it, you can easily visualize your ideas in 3D and transform them in AR. This is very helpful for presenting products, brands, concepts, etc. – whether to your friends, family, or potential clients. The app integrates a Build Mode that offers many intuitive tools, such as basic geometries and colors. Here you’re able to create characters, settings, and stories. Then, present your ideas, concepts, or products with the Augmented Reality option, in every angle, or even in real size.

Discover and appreciate artworks published by other users within the app itself. Connect with other people by liking, sharing and commenting on other users’ Assemblr creations. Engage in monthly competitions to earn incredible rewards, leverage your business by visualize your brand/IP/project in a more visually appealing and immersive way and let your clients access it in 3D and AR wherever they are.

With these amazing features, and many more, the Assemblr app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and from the App Store as well. Get it right away and start creating and visualizing your ideas.

App Store Download Link: Assemblr

Google Play Download Link: Assemblr

cryptoBox – Powerful & Pure Security

According to a recent Juniper Networks Inc. survey, 40% of workers reported using their own mobile devices for both personal and business activities; of those, 80% admitted to accessing their employer's network without permission. Unless enterprises implement controls to prevent loss, theft or misuse of these employee-liable devices, any one of these security events could put considerable business data at risk. Practices for protecting data on corporate-liable mobile devices are well known, from enforcing encryption, to wiping lost devices.

But the data associated with devices must be safeguarded without relying on IT procurement or ownership, while respecting user expectations for personal privacy and choice. Today, we’re reviewing one of the best apps that will help you in protecting your data – cryptoBox.

What is cryptoBox all about?

If you want to protect your data from hackers and data theft, to keep it safe and secure, or to safeguard your reputation, we think cryptoBox is a great way to do so. Providing AES256 encryption and MilCryptor Stealthy Protection (MSP) platform, your personal files will remain private and 100% secured. The app is available on the iOS platform and shines with a smooth and neat users interface.

cryptoBox Highlights & Features

As we mentioned above, cryptoBox is designed with strong AES256 military grade encryption, which is known to be a Top Secret information protection standard, trusted by banks, hospitals and military. This is why cryptoBox is perfect for military members, spies, detectives, analysts, investigators, celebrities, diplomats, lawyers, financial officers, fortune 100 business founders, etc. With it, users can easily protect their contracts, financial reports, personal health records, passports, images, videos, audio recordings, documents and other important data. Keep your data in one single place and have it fully secured and encrypted, protected from hackers and data theft.

In addition, cryptoBox allows you to safely manage all your media by using simple and flexible MilCryptor Stealthy Protection (MSP) platform. Custom stealth parameters are here to make logins hidden, so only you will know the secret user that can reveal the TouchID or FaceID and open your cryptoBox using fingerprint or facial recognition.

Access your data even when you’re offline, compress your videos and save up to 80% of storage space, store unlimited amount of data, share or export any file, sync between multiple devices, create and organize folders, take photos with the app integrated camera, create multiple accounts, transfer files between multiple accounts using unique crypto keys for re-encryption, enjoy a clean user interface with user guidance, and so much more.

cryptoBox protects your information with AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2, widely accepted as the strongest encryption available. You can download the app for free from the App Store. Don’t forget to check out its official website to view the whole list of features and to subscribe for the Pro version for more amazing options.

Official Website: cryptoBox

App Store Download Link: cryptoBox

Friday, October 19, 2018

Business App of the Month - Startup Space

For startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that need help in starting or growing their business, we have a great app recommendation. We’re talking about a convenient and useful app called Startup Space. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, free to use, with some in-app purchases. Let’s tell you why we chose it to be our Business App of the Month!

What is so special about this business app?

Developed for iOS and Android users, Startup Space is a business platform for engaging with local businesses in the community, offers users easy way to stay engaged and find real-time assistance to connect with local businesses in the area to ask their questions and get the answers needed from experts or simply to answer questions posted by other peers to help. The app offers users a chance to use a free version and a paid subscription which offers more of these informative and helpful features.

What are the best features of Startup Space?

The Startup Space is offering all the users features that will help them to stay engaged with local business information in their community. On the app, all the user needs to do is to create his account in order to get the real-time assistance to build his network and connect with local businesses in the community. The app’s free features offered allow each user a chance to ask questions he needs an answer to in a public forum or just to answer the questions posted by peers that look for help. Users will stay engaged with local business information at any time. 

The app’s paid subscription offers more features to the user like asking questions and getting answers in real time from experts while they can join live town halls to learn from successful entrepreneurs available. The app’s paid features also offer the users to read articles, watch videos, use the app’s how-to manuals offered, to look up local resources while staying current with local news and joining private discussion boards too. 

Download the app on the App Store and Google Play for free to get help from business experts in real time!

Official Website: Startup Space

App Store Download Link: Startup Space

Google Play Download Link: Startup Space

Thursday, October 18, 2018

App Review – Fotocoin

Everyone wants to earn crypto, but mining requires a ton of hardware and special skills. What if you could get paid on apps in crypto instead of regular currency? You would be earning an asset that has the potential to go up in value over time, and you actually can get paid in crypto on some apps. Some of them even allow users to be paid in cryptocurrency for anything from freelance work to playing games and are poised to disrupt many aspects of our life with the power of blockchain.

The world of these apps is expanding rapidly, and knowing which ones to jump on board and which ones aren’t worth it can help you find the most value in this exciting technology.

Here is one app that pays you in cryptocurrency – Fotocoin.

What is Fotocoin?

Fotocoin is an incredible Android and iOS app that makes it easy to earn cryptocurrency. You will have the chance to earn fotocoins by entering and winning photo contests, you will have hours of fun and enjoy a seamless user experience. Earning cryptocurrency should be easier, so if you want to earn cryptocurrency, you should definitely try out this app.

Fotocoin Features

Today, only the people with the proper tools and knowledge can earn cryptocurrency. Well, not anymore, because we have discovered the easiest and simplest way to do it – the Fotocoin app. Fotocoin allows you to earn fotocoins which can later be converted into USD Bitcoin. All you got to do is register for free, create your profile and start submitting your photos. Participate in weekly photo contest to earn fotocoins, share the app with your friends and family to earn more fotocoins, and get 500 fotocoins just by installing the app on your device. Then, you will be able to easily request a conversion and receive your Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is finally available to everyone, only with the Fotocoin app. Get it today for free from the App Store or from Google Play and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Official Website Link: Fotocoin

App Store Download Link: Fotocoin

Google Play Download Link: Fotocoin

Stairs Rush Reloaded - Rush Down the Stairs & Collect the Diamonds on the Way

Anyone that looks for a retro arcade game that will remind him of his childhood memories knows how difficult it is to find this type of game and play it on his smartphone, whenever he feels like. Because of that, developers have tried to create retro arcade games that can be now enjoyed on smartphones. To help you find the most interesting retro arcade game that will test your arcade skills with the fast-paced gameplay, we discovered a retro arcade you will love. Let’s see what the game is about.

What is Stairs Rush Reloaded all about?

The Stairs Rush Reloaded is developed for Android and iOS users that like playing retro arcade games. With this retro arcade, the players get the chance to test their reflexes and skills while enjoying the same time the incredible sharp graphics and fun sounds. The fast-paced addictive gameplay is quite challenging and asks from the players to rush their character down the stairs without falling. To get the highest scores, the player needs to react as fast as possible without falling down.

Standout features

This exciting and fun arcade game is offering each arcade player features that will get him addicted to playing fast, never get bored of playing. All the players need to do on the game arcade is to tap on the screen to move the character and rush it down the fast-paced stairs while at the same time being careful not to fall off. When the player is rushing down he also needs to watch out not to hit any of the spikes that may end the game for him. As the player rushes down, he needs to try and collect as many of the diamonds on his way as he can.

The skills of the player will be tested with this game and the player can challenge his reflexes in different levels of the game, each new level harder than the one before. The scores that the player collects by completing levels and collecting diamonds can be used from him to unlock more of those cool characters for playing. The players can compete against their friends and try to beat their friend’s scores to become the ultimate arcade player of this retro arcade.

Download it on Google Play now for free and rush down the stairs collecting the diamonds on your way!

Google Play Download Link: Stairs Rush Reloaded

App Store Download Link: Stairs Rush Reloaded