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Monday, February 27, 2017

Daily App Recommendation - Learn to count free 123 kids

Category: Education

OS: Android

Price: FREE 

What it is?

Learn to count free 123 kids is an educational game for kids and toddlers. The purpose of the app is to help them learn to count in the fun and interactive way. In that way they will not only learn to count fast and effectively, but they will also have fun. It is indeed a great, neatly illustrated, kid friendly app!

Who is it for:

- Todders and kids that need to learn to count
- Parents that want to learn and play with their kids

Standout Features:

✔ Child-friendly interface, no complicated menus
✔ Learn to count with 10 cute animals
✔ Clear and exciting voice spoken by native speakers
✔ Learning numbers in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch
✔ Fully adjustable game settings & simple to adjust
✔ Learn to count to ten
✔ Happy / Cheery background music that can be easily switched on or off
✔ Learn to count is optimized for tablets & smartphones

Developer: TapPuma

Most relevant Google Play review:

"Wow. Great artwork and entertaining game overall. My nephews loved it and they learned to count relatively fast. Would recommend it to anyone."

Website download link: Learn to count free 123 kids

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Goodbuy$, an app to just make your lives simpler and manageable

Getting in and out of the mall with your sanity intact can be a challenge in and of itself, never mind trying to save money in the process. Life can be, made just a little easier with the help of a few apps on your Android device. Some apps can help you save and track your money, so how about some that help you spend it. Your Android device can help you save lots of money when shopping — provided you have the right apps. This we have compiled a review for the app from the same genre named, Goodbuy$.

What is Goodbuy$?

Goodbuy$ is an app where you can find practically any kind of product you can think of and the addition of things like Amazon products even let you shop online for them by visiting the website within the app. They also have things like Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day where you can find stuff on the cheap if you keep up on it. It is quick, simple, and easy to understand.

The available products reviews are, arranged under the four categories like,

· Baby Strollers Buying Guide

· Gifts and Personal

· Jewelry – Gold, Silver, Diamonds

· Photography – Cameras

You will regularly find the worthy decision making articles with this app and it is also integrated with Amazon services LLC so along with these review articles you also find some worthy Amazon product within the app. this app is secure and ensures online safety of your device, none of your private data is stored.

You can download it free for your Android from the link present at the end and for more information; you can visit the official website.

Google Play Download Link: Goodbuy$

Official website Link: Goodbuy$

FITJOY – Simple Workout App with daily workout routine for men and women

Nowadays if we surf through the app markets, there are apps for everything. The expensive communication box (or MP3 player, if you have the iPod Touch) can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. In addition, it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle—for much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we roundup with the best health and fitness app for your Android named, FITJOY – Simple Workout App.

What is FITJOY – Simple Workout App?

FITJOY – Simple Workout App will deliver everything you need and nothing you do not for an effective bodyweight exercise routine. Get off to a fast start with readymade workouts in whatever difficulty level you need. You can also design a personal workout if you want to. FITJOY – Simple Workout App uses timers according to the type of workout you choose, such as circuit training.

Why this one is good for you?

This app helps you to keep your body fit. Start getting abs and muscles by doing it daily. Following these daily-based workouts will make you feel stronger, healthier, improve energy and control weight. These workout Exercises benefits every part of the body and you do not need any equipment for the workouts.

In the options, you can set the desired rest time between each exercise and you can set a notification to remind you that it is time to exercise. You can also set the workout difficulty, which scales the number of reps in each exercise.

This app is the most complete and simple workout plan for your daily routine. It will help you with good metabolism and helps you in developing strength against many problems. It is available free to download for Android OS devices. Direct download link to this app is present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: FITJOY – Simple Workout App

Have a tying experience faster, personal and sweet with Shortcuts with WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Are you sick with traditional keyboard on iOS and Android devices? Do you want some change and need something more efficient? Do not look any further as we have brought a review for an app, WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji).

What is WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)?

WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji) is your smart typing keyboard that is committed to give you an experience of error free and typing and enhance your typing speed up to 20-70%. It comes up with an amazing keys layout with a shape resembling to honey comb that exactly fits your fingers, thus eliminating the typos on your touch screen devices. It is a keyboard, optimized for thumbs and smartphones, where you just write it once.

Why you should install this one for your device?

· It comes up with smart and intelligent algorithm that is personalized to the way you type, the more you type the more it gets smart and efficient.

· It offers the best auto correction feature.

· With it intelligent gestures now you do not have to tap the button to delete or capitalize the letters, just swipe and get what you want.

· With its multiple language features, you can type in 30+ languages and you do not even need to switch the language repeatedly.

· It is very easy to learn and with few time of use, you will be feeling more comfortable.

· It offers more than 1000 color emojis that make your texts more creative.

· With its winter discount offer now, you can have it for only $0.99 saving up to $1.

So what else you need? Click any of the recommended app market link for your device OS and have a copy of this app to enjoy a mature chatting experience.

App Store Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Google Play Download Link: WRIO Keyboard (+Emoji)

Get ready to receive a new brainteaser challenge with Word Search

Word games are love. They teach you a new word every now and again. Word games on your Android are wide-ranging; some best for solo play, while others let you play others, even your Facebook friends. Whether you are in it for the education, or just want to beat your friends’ high scores, here are we have brought the review for game meeting the same requirements as discussed above. We are talking about, Word Search.

What is Word Search?

Word Search game is the perfect way to pass the time, repeatedly. Play against the clock, or practice offline or if you think you are ready for some challenge go for the two player modes where you can either challenge your friend or beat their challenge. This word puzzle game has great graphics and sound effect. UI is very clean and is themed with cool illustrations.

The game play is quite easy and it only requires your keen focus and tap of the screen. When you have found words on grid present in the game screen simply tap the letters of that word one by one and when the letters of word are completed, it will highlighted automatically. In each level, you will be finding 12 different words with different letter count.

Play through the 21 levels with worthy words to find. These words can be the good addition to your vocabulary and it will help to keep your brain active especially when you are sitting idle and you have nothing to do, it can prove to be something productive. Install it on your Android devices without any cost. Direct download link to the app is, given below.

Google Play Download Link: Word Search

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Embark on amazing adventures through legendary frosted jungle Adventure Jump World 2017

Adventure games are among the most unique of any games. They do not fit into any one category or genre and often times they will fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. If you are ready to go for a new adventure, hold your smart phone and read carefully this review about Adventure Jump World 2017.

What is Adventure Jump World 2017?

Adventure Jump World 2017 is a fast-paced running and jumping game. In this game, you play as Luca who runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels. Luca have simple plots, typically with super smash boy on a rescue adventure. These include a multitude of power-ups and items that give Mr. Luca special magic powers such as ball throwing and size changing into giant and miniature sizes.

One thing about this game that is important to discuss is that you have to take care of the time span, as you have to reach the castle before the time ends. Therefore, use you best scrolling and jumping skills to be on time and end each level successfully. It offers about 100 levels of adventurous journey where you have to defeat about 20 bosses in your way.

Gold coins are the important things in this game as they matter a lot to enhance your gameplay by means of buying boosters with these and if your game is over you can use these coins to buy new life. The music is retro arcade type and the graphics it offers are of high quality. Download it today as many of power ups and amazing boosters are waiting for you. You can install it free on your Android devices from the link present at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: Adventure Jump World 2017

Kids ABC Learning & Tracing app is an innovative way to teach your kid effectively

The app markets seems like dedicated mostly to adults and teenagers, but on the other hand if we observe these are even rapidly developing into an awesome place for children with a choice of applications and diversions that oblige youthful personalities alongside with equipment particularly designed for children. In this survey, we will uncover around an application, Kids ABC Learning & Tracing.

What is Kids ABC Learning & Tracing?

Kids ABC Learning & Tracing is an educational app for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten age kids. Children will learn everything about ABC alphabet, including alphabet pronunciations, learning alphabet and tracing ABC worksheets. Whether your kid is in kindergarten, or going to attend preschool, this is a suitable game for your child.

What it offers?

Kids ABC Learning & Tracing app will help the children, toddlers and kids will learn way for writing the alphabet letters while tracing letters on the board, with guidelines. In addition, the amazing part of this app is that you kid will learn writing both uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Now once your completed with the tracing exercises, the app has quiz base system where you kid has to identify the right alphabet between three given alphabets sipmply by taping over that alphabet, this will ensure you that either your kid is going in the right direction of if your kid needs little more practice.

So what you are waiting for? Stop being worrying about your pre-schoolers, and download this app free on your android devices from the link given below.

Google Play Download Link: Kids ABC Learning & Tracing

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It is the time for some revolution and set you land free from nasty monsters with Timing Hero: Fighting RPG

Аdvеnturе game is undoubtedly thе most рорulаr рlаtfоrm оut thеrе thаt аrе used by mіllіоnѕ of people аrоund thе world. Thеrе аrе mаnу games аvаіlаblе fоr dеvісеѕ оn thіѕ platform based оn the market. Hоwеvеr, аt the end of this month of love, we brought the bеѕt асtіоn game named, Timing Hero: Fighting RPG.

What is Timing Hero: Fighting RPG?
Timing Hero: Fighting RPG Just as the name implies it is kind of RPG action game where time is an important fасtоr іn thіѕ game рlау, you nееd to dоdgе аѕ fаѕt аѕ роѕѕіblе to аvоіd bееn hіt bу thе mоnѕtеrѕ. Thе lеvеl оnе of thіѕ game ѕtаrtѕ wіth a fіght wіth bеаѕt flоwеr thе mоnѕtеr at thаt lеvеl fоllоwеd bу mutаnt turtlе and mоrе. A сеrtаіn аmоunt оf сrеdіt is gіvеn to you as a reward at each level for defeating a monster, which totally, depends on the number of hits you have hit the monsters.

A tіmе соmеѕ in thе gаmерlау that nеw skills іѕ to bе acquired іf a ѕtаgе must be wоn. Uрgrаdіng rеԛuіrеѕ that you have a сеrtаіn number of сrеdіtѕ, this сrеdіtѕ саn be аuіrеd from thе gаmерlау or purchased. Thе interesting thіng about thіѕ rpg game іѕ thаt new ѕkіllѕ аrе аlwауѕ unlocked аftеr еvеrу uрgrаdе. A рlауеr has 14-lіvеѕ аftеr which thе gаmе is оvеr аnd rеѕtаrtеd frоm ѕсrаtсh. Well there are much more features all that need to be uncovered.

The game is right now available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download it without any cost from the links present at the end of this review.

App Store Download Link: Timing Hero: Fighting RPG

Google Play Download Link: Timing Hero: Fighting RPG

Fight your Way through Victory as a Team with Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG

Going down apps store in search of a game that could get me out of boredom we amazingly came across Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG game, in fact that was exact cure we needed, with Good gameplay, time killing game with attractive graphics.

What it offers?
The combination of sword battle, weapon battle, bomb and more makes the game an interesting game and time consuming. Skills must be, acquired to achieve a successful upgrade, this upgrade is important because that is a way of increasing strength to fight and defeat the monsters. Three knights are used during gameplay you can only be killed when any of the knights dies this implies that the three knights have a joint life (teamwork). The first missions in the game are simpler than the subsequent once that is increasing difficulties.

Wonder Knights: Pesedelo - Shooting RPG a game full of monsters, enemies, boss with different skills thirsty for destruction, it is up to you to destroy them or get destroyed this is where the application of all skills acquired is needed. There are Skeleton monsters that split into another set of monsters when they die, monsters casting chain of lightening and much more... Dodging is a skill that must be acquired this is to enable you get away from enemy attack.

During gameplay you can choose knights with different skills this improves the strategy of gameplay. Do not be left out of this exciting gamming time here. Direct download links for both iOS and Android store are present at the end.

App Store Download Link: Wonder Knights

Google Play Download Link: Wonder Knights

MindZense De-stress VR, is the right pick for your Android gadget it you are looking something effective to fight your stresses.

The primary administer of care may be to turn your cell phone off. From checking messages at sleep time to steady, penniless push notices from portable diversions, our telephones can frequently feel like they intensify our day-by-day stretch. Swinging to your cell phone for break from the computerized mess may feel as crazy as holding an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a bar, with your inbox, informal communities and Candy Crush Saga only a few taps away. Still, versatile meditation applications are attempting to offer assistance. There are hundreds accessible, in spite of the fact that the pool of valuable ones is significantly littler. Here we have done the examination work for you and selected an application, mindZense De-stress VR.

What is mindZense De-stress VR?

MindZense De-stress VR is cool, calm and designed for a stress free mind to have night's rest. In the event that you experience issues getting the chance to rest or feeling rested in the morning, then this is the reduce stress application to attempt. Past resting, the application is extraordinary for any circumstance that requires quieting sounds or music, similar to yoga, rub sessions, or simply basic unwinding.

Key Features
• The best music with binaural beats that causes a calming impacts on your ears and take you to the unwind perspective.

• It has a delicate account, to guide you through your session.

• Now your unwind psyche is only 20 minutes from you with this application.

• There are no age limits for utilizing this application neither one of you should have any information about mediation.

• It reflects natural UI.

• It offers a stunning virtual reality state with extraordinary meditation procedures.

On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to mediate to basic and stunning sounds, this one is an awesome pick. Install it free on Android gadgets from the direct download link exhibit beneath this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: mindZense De-stress VR