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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Calm and Inspire Yourself with Inspire101

If you are experience stressful situations every day and you’re in need of something that can brighten up your mornings, days and nights, here is an app that can help you. Inspire 101 is an Android app that we found in the Music & Audio category. It is developed by Pablo Carpio and it is designed in a very unique way, with engaging features and friendly user interface.

If you want to enjoy listening to something that can both calm you and inspire you, first you have to download the app. Then you will be able to choose from the two different categories. Tap on the relaxing category and start listening to instrumental songs that are created for sense awakening and improving your creativity. Tap on the motivational category and inspire yourself by listening to famous speeches from many people who achieved greatness. Just press play and let experience huge stress relief.

Inspire 101 allows you to play and listen to the songs even when your device is sleeping. They can be streamed to compatible devices, as well. Note that every week there are new songs added, so make sure you download this amazing app for only $1.99 from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Inspire101

Introduce Your Children with Math Basics with Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

We all know that the preschool years are essential in every child’s education. Until they reach an age of 5, their brain rapidly developed and that is why it is very important to dedicate some time to teach them useful things. If you want to introduce your children with math basics and game, then we have the perfect app for you. Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids is an educational iOS app that was recently launched on the App Store, it is designed with fun features and friendly user interface.

The app allows tons of fun visual exercises that are accompanied by a teacher (speaker) that is giving the instructions and giving the head start your child deserves. It contains 4 main topics to choose from, such as counting up to 3, counting from 4 to 6, from 7 to 10 and finally, from 1 to ten. The main topics include 6 subtopics and they on the other hand have 6 rounds. You can learn and play through almost 144 levels and educate your youngsters to count correctly and with an ease.

You can improve your child’s education by counting the items, coloring in the items, add and remove them, dragging x items into a box, writing them with fingers, fill in missing numbers and color in the number of items that the teacher requires. Get your child started on this unique journey of numbers and games by downloading Math Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids for free from the App Store.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

N File Manager – Amazing File Manager App

If you are looking for some handy tool that can help you manage your files and folders in your device, we offer you one of the finest productivity apps on the Android platform. The app that we’re talking about is called N File Manager and it is created by the developed mcsong. It is designed with clean navigation, well packed features and great theme and style.

Improving your time spend on your device can be easily done with the N File Manager app. Just download it and start checking and managing your running and installed apps within your device. The app provides with proper opening and functioning of any type of file, it supports thumbnail and it can be connected with your Dropbox account, as well. Now, creating, renaming, deleting, copying, pasting and compressing files is easier than ever. You can operate tons of other properties, view and back up your apk files, share files in different apps and search anything you want with the search option.

This amazing file manager app looks stunning and works excellent on both Android phones and tablets and it can be downloaded from Google Play, free of charge.

Google Play Download Link: N File Manager

Join the Texting Revolution with Real Emotion Texting

Are you tired of texting with the round yellow heads and stickmen that don’t really express any feelings? If you are, we have the perfect app for you. Real Emotion Texting is an iOS app developed by Warner Cunningham and it is here to enhance your texting experience, to make it more fun and enjoyable! It has easy and clean navigation and features that no other app of its kind has.

The Real Emotion Texting app provides with tons of emotion stickers that can bring back the life to your texts. You can either get the free stickers or the paid ones. When you start using it, you will get the 200 free stickers that can help you text anything in a more fun and exciting way. No need for words, just use these sticker in your texts, emails and social chat apps. There are other stickers available with the in-app purchase. You can unlock over 900 beautifully colored and unique stickers and enjoy the app even more. You can enlarge them and view them better, find exactly what you need with the sticker search or add anything in your favorites.

Get the app now from the App Store, free or with the in-app purchases and own real emotion stickers with high resolution and highly optimized!

App Store Download Link: Real Emotion Texting

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Spuds - Find and Share Good French Fries

There are many apps on the iOS platform that allow us to find places and locations where we can find the most delicious and well served food. But this time we have an app especially designed for the French fries lovers, an app called Spuds. It is developed by Proximity Design and it is quite new on the App Store. The whole concept of this app is really stunning and authentic.

The user interface of the Spuds app is very friendly and clean and you can easily manage it and see how the app works. It provides with tons of new places and locations where you can find the best and most delicious fries. Just download the app and create your own personal profile. Then you will be able to scroll through the feed and see the posts of other users. In that way you will know new spots where you can go the next time you want to eat some hot fries. Besides this feature, you can post your favorite places and fries, as well. Attach a photo, add a caption and some comments and share them with other people.

If you want to find and share awesome French fries, Spuds is a must for you. It looks excellent on all of the iOS devices and it can be downloaded from the App Store, where it is free of charge.

App Store Download Link: Spuds

Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep Yourself Entertained with Space Attack: Red Planet sail

One of the things that can keep us entertained when we are bored or when we have some free time and need to make it more enjoyable, are games. If you want to have fun-filled time on your own device, then the Space Attack: Red Planet sail game is a must for you. This role playing game is developed by WoJo Productions and it is designed in a very retro way. It reminds of those classic arcades we used to play. Besides, it is user friendly and with interesting music and sound effects.

The storyline of this game is awesome, with fun characters and goals. You are the last survivor on the Planet Mars and all of your colleagues and explorers didn’t survive the aliens’ attack to your ship. Now it is your task to defend yourself and destroy as many aliens as you can. Tap on your screen and maneuver your character in order to get to the command center of the ship that is disrupted by the aliens. Complete as many levels as you can, collect the coins on your way and use the offered power-ups as an additional help in your mission.

Try to make higher scores and check them in the online leaderboard, gain more XP and be the best player among the many! Share Space Attack: Red Planet sail with your loved ones in order to share the fun and get it for free from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Space Attack: Red Planet sail

App Review – UpShift

If you’re looking for an app that combines all the rideshare services, we have the perfect one for you. It is called UpShift and it is developed by Managed Development and released on the Android platform. Well organized and user friendly, this productivity app is an awesome solution for rideshare drivers, it simply makes their work more enjoyable.

UpShift lets you run multiple driver platforms, tools and apps in one dashboard. Forget about using multiple devices and have Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Wingz and more in just one place. Besides the all-in-one dashboard, the app has other amazing features, such as locked QuicBar where you can add or remove apps with just one tap, tips revenue and expense tracker. The switching between the apps is easy and you can do that whenever you want to. Customize it and switch between Uber, Lyft, Spotify, Google Maps, Square and other apps you use. Monitor your time spend in your vehicle with the shift timer and track your expenses and revenues and determine your overall profit and the exact distance you’re wasting in between paid trips.

All you have to do is sign up and have this reliable and accurate app at the tip of your fingertips. Make your driving easier and safer by downloading UpShift for $0.99 from Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: UpShift

Sunday, May 22, 2016

CHI Encyclopedia of Animals – Know Everything about Animals

When we found an app that really amazed us with its features and offerings, we tend to share it with you. This time we have a beautiful educational app that we discovered when we were searching through the App Store. The app is called CHI Encyclopedia of Animals and it is developed by Coast Heavy Industries. They made it user friendly, with high quality graphics and useful information about all world animals appealing to all ages.

The animals within this app are displayed with HD photos of them and with well written articles that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. You can teach your children and help them learn about animals or inform yourself with things you didn’t know. From A to Z, from aardvark to zebra, dolphin, duck, gazelle and others from the animal kingdom, you can find everything in here! You can read the basic characteristics of the animals, their behavior, learn the scientific classification, morphology, etc.

The CHI Encyclopedia of Animals app will engage you more with its various badges that you can collect for reading more pages. It works excellent even if you’re offline and it looks stunning on both iPhone and iPad. You can download it for free from the App Store.

App Store Download Link: CHI Encyclopedia of Animals

Saturday, May 21, 2016

App Review – VaPay

Saving money is not such an easy thing to do. We’ve all tried to put aside some money, but often fail at reaching the goal. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, because we have found the perfect money saving app called VaPay. This finance app is developed by Vapay, llc. and it is available for the iOS users.

Easy to use, the app can help you reach your goal for saving the money you need to go on that vacation you’ve always wanted to. If you use this app, you will allow it to automatically round up your every day transactions and transfer the spare change to your VaPay personal account. You just have to follow three simple steps. First, create a VaPay account, just enter your username and password and then register your current active checking account. Use your debit card as you usually do and let the app do the savings for you. You can also set automatic recurring monthly payments and manually transfer funds to your VaPay account.

This amazing app is currently available with 8 US banks, such as America First Credit Union, Bank of America, Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo, etc. Round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and save money for your perfect vacation dream by downloading the app for free from the App Store.

App Store Download Link: VaPay

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Crazy Cutsaw – Amazing Adventure Game

There are many adventure games on the Android platform, but only few of them are really providing us with fun time. A game that amazed us with its whole concept is Crazy Cutsaw. It is created and brought to us recently by Joensuu Games OSK. With pleasing and high quality backgrounds and amusing sounds and sound effects, we highly suggest you download it and check it for yourself.

When you first open and start playing Crazy Cutsaw, you will see how quickly it addicts you. This is because of its unique gameplay that includes a cutsaw as your character. You have to control your saw through the fields and make it to the finish. As you go through the fields, many objects and obstacles will try to get in your way, so cut them and destroy them and get to the finish on time. The time is running, so simply tap on the arrows displayed on the bottom of your screen and go left, right, jump or double jump. Play and complete as many levels as you can. There are many levels featured, each one harder than the other.

If you lose, just press on the restart button and try all over again. With each try, your skills will me improved and you will get better at it. Share the Crazy Cutsaw with your loved ones, download it now from Google Play, It is free of charge!

Google Play Download Link: Crazy Cutsaw