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Thursday, June 30, 2016

My4Faces Dreamland – Challenge Your Brain with A Fun Game

If you are in a search for a new and exciting game which can challenge your brain in a fun way, we already done the work for you and found the perfect game. My4Faces Dreamland is a puzzle and a match 3 gaming app that is created for all players who need a new challenge and good entertainment. The game is suitable for all ages and it is available for free on the Android platform. The design also amazed us, there are engaging sound effects, HD visuals, colorful backgrounds and characters and polished user interface.

The gameplay of My4Faces Dreamland may seem easy at first, but it will get challenging as you play further and advance in the levels. The goal of the game that you need to complete is solve the puzzle offered to you and win the level you’re playing. You solve it by trading the little colored boxes that has facial expressions on them. Trade and match at least three of them that have the same colors in a horizontal or vertical line. Complete the quest required of you and win as many levels as you can – there are 50 of them, all with different difficulties. Make combos for higher scores and points and earn some rewards that can help you pass some hard levels.

If you get stuck at some level, don’t worry. Replay it over and over again and in no time you will improve your focusing skills and quick-mindedness and you will learn some tricks. Download this entertaining game for free from Google Play and share the fun with your loved ones!

Google Play Download Link: My4Faces Dreamland

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Game Review – Jewels Spring: Star Fantasy

If you’re a huge game lover, but bored with all of the already existing games, here is one that we are sure you are going to love. We present to you Jewels Spring: Star Fantasy, a fun and lovely puzzle/match 3 game available on the Android platform. Like we said before, the game is entertaining but very challenging and it can hook you up to your phone and tablet. We also liked the whole design, which is full of colorful spring backgrounds, clean interface, animated visuals and interesting sound effects.

Jewels Spring: Star Fantasy has simple gameplay and you will quickly learn how to play. Your objective is to swap the jewels and match minimum 3 of them in one line. Eliminate all of the jewels in order to win the levels and go to the next one. There are more than 100 levels, each of them made with different difficulty. Win as many as you can and try to complete the required target and collect all the stars. You can also use some power-ups that may help you.

Reach higher scores, pass the levels and share the game with your loves ones. Download it today, it is free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Jewels Spring: Star Fantasy

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Celebrity Face Trade – Entertaining iOS App

If you want to add up some extra fun to your device, we have the perfect recommendation for you. We’re talking about an app that we discovered the other day, called Celebrity Face Trade. This app is developed by Brad Kuskin and it is now available on the iOS platform. Intuitively designed, with well-organized features and great graphics, this iOS app will certainly make you time more entertaining.

Using advanced facial recognition technology, the Celebrity Face Trade app allows you to insert celebrity faces into your new or already existing photos. Upload any photo you like, such as a selfie or some family portrait and let the app do its magic. You can choose the match rating and discover to which celebrity you look like the most and swap you face with him/her or do a manual search through the app’s catalog – there are over 5.000 celebrity faces featured within. Swap, complete your photo and save it in your device for free. There are over 50 fonts that you can choose from and add some fun text to your photo and 20 fantastic frames to add to your masterpiece.

Share your new celebrity image with your friends and family or post it to any of your social media accounts. Download Celebrity Face Trade from the App Store, it is free of charge!

App Store Download Link: Celebrity Face Trade

Re-live the gold days with Brick Breaker 3D

Back in the days we enjoyed playing all kinds of breakout/arkanoid video games. Today, there are many developers that tried to create similar arcade games, but few of them really succeeded. We’ve chosen one of the best cross-platform games that are made with retro gameplay, it is called Brick Breaker 3D. This addictive, challenging and fun game is designed with 3D graphics, neon glows, great effects and engaging sounds and sound effects.

The gameplay of the Brick Breaker 3D game is one of the coolest we’ve ever played. At first you may think it is easy to master, but as you advance it will get more and more difficult. Your main goal is to break all of the bricks with your own fire ball and collect the money by doing that. The game features different kinds of bricks, for example bricks that move, bricks that shoot you back, bricks that turn off the laser barrier, bricks that stand still and die on one hit, etc. Also, you will have the opportunity to buy helpful power-ups from the game’s store. You control your fire ball with the paddle that you move just by dragging your finger across the screen.

If you want to enjoy a retro gameplay, designed with improved and fantastic 3D visuals, download Brick Breaker and win as many levels as you can. Get it now for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

App Store Download Link: Brick Breaker 3D

Google Play Download Link: Brick Breaker 3D

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SwapMe – Photorealistic Face Swapping App

Today we are presenting to you a very fun app that we recently found in the Photo & Video category on the App Store. The name of the app that we loved so much is SwapMe, developed by FacioMetrics and available for all iOS users. This face swapping app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and it is very user friendly.

When you download the SwapMe app you will quickly learn how to use its features. The developers integrated new technology that uses facial feature detection, gaze tracking, head pose estimation and engagement and attention estimation. It allows you to have fun while swapping the faces within the images you upload. Edit any image you have in your device or take a selfie with your loved ones and start swapping the faces immediately. 
Here are few tips for better results: make your face more visible by putting away your glasses or your hair that may affect the final result and use frontal faces when possible.

The app is free for download, but also has an in-app purchase that lets you use all the integrated features. 100% automatic and photorealistic, the SwapMe app can be downloaded from the App Store. Share the fun, share it with your friends and family!

App Store Download Link: SwapMe

Skramblr – Animate Your Life

One of the most popular ways of sending messages these days are messaging apps. If you want to communicate with your friends and family but in a more entertaining and engaging way we have the perfect solution for you. We present to you Skramblr, a new multi-messaging app available on the Android platform. It is designed with wonderful graphics and intuitive user interface and it compatible with both phones and tablets.

The Skramblr app elevates the way you send and receive messages on your device. This app with a global reach, full of brilliant visuals, allows you to send text, audio, photos and videos with all of your friends. You will be able to “skrambl” your messages and encrypt your chats with simply touching a button. That way you will secure your communication and leave them unexposed. You can pick your own theme color and send all kinds of fantastic animations and 3D nano-movies which can be found in the app’s catalog. Share your animations within the catalog, become a skranimator and follow and vote for the animations you like or share the other people’s work.

All you have to do is download the app and sign up for free. Then invite your loved ones from your address book and start enjoying a richer and more engaging content only in your device. Get Skramblr for free from Google Play (it is soon coming on the iOS platform).

Google Play Download Link: Skramblr

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Fun for the whole family – Grumpy Grandpa 2

The new updated version of the famous Grumpy Grandpa is here. This is an amazing way to pay tribute to our grandpas and a fun way to get the family together and share a few laughs that will create a stronger bond. This app is definitely going to entertain you and your family and can be downloaded now from the App Store.

This updated version of the Grumpy Grandpa has new features that make the app even more interesting. Amazing graphics and better sound quality effects are just one of the many additional new features. New grandpa sayings and quotes, TV and movie quotes, 3D touch etc.  The new updated 75 sayings will make you laugh without a doubt. You can switch modes and moderate it so it plays the sounds differently. It displays several modes such as random mode, combo mode, timed attacks and stealth mode.

Make sure to share this app with your family and friends and break the silence with having everyone around you laughing. This app is compatible with all devices having iOS 9.1 or up. It can be downloaded now for free and With 5 additional sound packs available for in-app purchases.

App Store Download Link: Grumpy Grandpa 2

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Pets Splash Matcher - Get Ready for a Pet Mayhem of Matching 3 Action

If you are a game lover, then you certainly want to play many games on your Android or iOS device. One of the most entertaining games that can be played on our phones and tablets are puzzle games and match 3 games, so this is why we recommend an amazing one today. It is called Pets Splash Matcher, a cross-platform game designed with intuitive user interface, HD graphics with well-picked colors and backgrounds and very interesting sound effects.

Pets Splash Matcher features an engaging gameplay, with simple controls and rules. Your main goal is to match more than 3 fruits and vegetables by swiping your finger on your display. Match the food and feed your baby pets, they are very hungry! There are many birds, dogs, cats, etc. in this pets’ world, so make sure you collect as many points as you can and mix the food for extra boosters. You lose the game when you ran out of moves, but you can always press the restart button and start again. The game contains many levels to play through, each one of them with different difficulty.

Don’t left the cute pets hungry, win all kinds of trophies, awards and achievements, score higher and track your scores. Share the Pets Splash Matcher game with your loves ones and share the fun. Download it now, it is free on both Google Play and the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Pets Splash Matcher

Google Play Download Link: Pets Splash Matcher

Sunday, June 26, 2016

App Review – Yin yoga

Everyday stress can cause many problems in our overall health. This is the reason why we need to relax and calm our mind. And what’s more relaxing and restful than doing yoga? What if we tell you that now you can do it at home, without paying the money for classes and have every yoga class in your device only? Yes, it is now possible with the one and only Yin yoga app. It is a cross-platform app, beautifully designed and easy to use as well.

The Yin yoga app has yoga sequences that can calm and balance your mind, make you feel more energetic and happy. It contains 30 yoga classes that you can perform any time you want, anywhere you want. They are read by the author and presented with amazing images and clear text description, so you will be able to learn them easily and quickly. There is also a longer guided Still Rest and a Mindfulness Meditation included. You will feel like you are practicing in one of those yoga classes, you don’t need any special equipment and there’s no need of changing your clothes.

It has never been easier to renew your energy and vitality, just start the app, lie down in the simple positions, relax and just be. Get Yin Yoga for only $4.99, it is available for download on the App Store and on Google Play too.

Google Play Download Link: Yin Yoga

App Store Download Link: Yin Yoga

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Active Portfolio – Powerful Stock Portfolio Tracker

Managing portfolios and dealing with finances can get quite complicated if we don’t use some tool to help us. A kind of a tool that can offer us the help we need is Active Portfolio, an incredible finance app that was developed by Mobile Interactive and launched on the iOS platform. If you want to own a real-time stock portfolio tracker, this app is a must for you!

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the Active Portfolio app is easy to use, super-fast and very efficient. It contains powerful tools, options and charts, making your trading process much easier. All you have to do is start it and start with making and managing your own portfolios. You can create as many as you want to and be able to track the value, the performance, the profit and the loss. The app also features stock price alerts which will alert you about any news, earnings, dividend, portfolio summary, top mover, etc. You can add a password, customize the background image for each portfolio, easily adjust the contents and many more.

Active Portfolio is a must-have for all of your trading options, covering everything you need to know about the stocks in the US market. So, if you want simple live-tracking portfolios and real-time reports. Download the app, it is free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Active Portfolio