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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Android App of the Month – Drunk Locker

Drunk Locker, the app locker that saves you from embarrassment when you are drunk, was already reviewed by the team of Hightechholic. However, this app proved to be very useful and extremely functional, which deserved another bigger appraisal. Rea more why this app locker is our Android App of the Month.

General Info

Currently, only available for Android Drunk Locker offers simple setup and flawless functionality. In order to use it, you need to pick date and time when certain apps should be locked (usually use the time when you plan to get drunk or high). Then you need to set up a challenge, give the app permission to lock apps and select the apps you want to be locked. That’s it.

Specific features

The challenges can be logical or general knowledge, and you decide their difficulty. The app doesn’t give you the specific challenge that will be requested when drunk, it just gives a sample. Additionally, you can opt in to not use a challenge and simply get a reminder that if you unlock and use your locked apps you will get embarrassed. The fun part is that these “embarrassment reminders” are custom, meaning you can add the last drunk embarrassment you’ve experienced with a goal to not happen again.

This handy app can also serve as a functional app locker for all your apps. We loved how simple, fast and lightweight the app truly is (only 9.6mb of size). So if you are searching for a high-quality app locker, Drunk Locker is it!

Google Play Download Link: Drunk Locker

App of the Day- Screenshot Creator

Here at Hightechholic we always appreciate handy tools that make the life of the average user much easier. That’s why as our App of the Day today we have picked Screenshot Creator, an app screenshot maker tool for Mac users.

Why did we love it?

The combination of intuitive UI and number of handy features is optimal. Any user is sure to love the simplicity of adding screenshots and turning them into beautiful and appealing screenshots ready to use on the App Store or Google Play.

How can you make use of it?

With Screenshot Creator you can truly create amazing screenshots with ease. Change and add your own background, colors, fonts, and pick from the ready to use frames. Export at a glance in the correct format and create ready-to-use screenshots seamlessly.

The rendering and formatting of screenshots is fast, and the control features like drag, move, redo & 
undo are convenient.

This tool makes it easy for developers, app entrepreneurs or app marketers to save money on design work and create screenshots without prior knowledge.
Try it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Screenshot Creator

Monday, July 22, 2019

App of the Day - BCH CLOUD REMOTE MINER – Get Free BCH


BCH CLOUD REMOTE MINER is an Android cloud mining cryptocurrency app which enables you to earn free bitcoin cash and endless satochi. With its simple UI and flawless functionality, BCH CLOUD REMOTE MINER requires just your BCH address or Coinbase email to start and earn. You can easily earn your withdraw your earned BCH after you meet the minimum.

Features at a glance:

- 100% device safe
- Unlimited Satoshi
- Easy to play
- Great Developer Team
- Constantly updates
Uniqueness: medium
Usefulness: high
Potential of going viral: medium


Average rating: 4.8

Compatibility: 4.0.3 and up

Developer: Aneyx

Google Play Download Link: BCH CLOUD REMOTE MINER - Get Free BCH

Saturday, July 20, 2019

One Dating Night is a Fresh Dating App that Can Provide You with Ultimate Fun

Looking for fun with dating apps? Tired of the current dating apps that don’t offer much fun and good matches? Then you need to pay attention of the app we will cover today – One Dating Night. This dating app offers you advanced matching, versatile user base and numerous handy features to find fun people near you.

Basic intro

At its core One Dating Night is a mix of a social and dating chat app for Android smartphones. Free to use, it helps users have fun, meet new people and post content just like on the famous social media apps.

Some of the features you’ll love

The sign up on One Dating Night is easy, you can do it via email or Facebook. From then on the app will lead you to its global feed of photos posted by users. You can view, follow and contact anyone. However, the key features are on the middle of your dashboard. There you can search users nearby, or vote in the hot or not section to get even better matches.

Within the dating chat app you can also exchange messages and chat with any user. You can also block users that you don’t want to interact with.

There are some extra features that you will love about One Dating Night, but they are available with an in app purchase. You can turn off ads, get push notifications, personalize notifications, use emojis in photos and comments, send direct messages in real time, view your blocked list, get credits and more. 

At the end of the day One Dating Night is a fast and easy way to meet new people for chatting, dating or simply having fun. With its unique features like nearby, search and hot or not, it is sure to offer you what you wanted in a dating app.

Google Play Download Link: One Dating Night

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kids App of the Week – Kids Academy

Few days ago we reviewed Kids Academy – an education app which combines 3 sections for all round learning. Since it impressed us with its usefulness, design, features and content, we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our Kids App of the Week. Read more why.

Basic Info

This preschool learning game developed on android platform is intended for little preschoolers, easy and fun to use with intuitive user-friendly interface. With the help of this app, parents can let their kids learn ABC, basic Math while playing math games for kids. Kids can learn on the app to perceive colors and shapes and to focus, training and learning through tons of fun categories of preschool learning exercises and activities to improve their motor skills and sharpen their mind.

Why do we choose it?

On the app, children can learn to differentiate animals, fruits, birds, vehicles and more by playing various quizzes to differentiate letters, vegetables. The app includes math games for kids in a progressively fun manner to lift up preschool children brain skills and IQ. Four categories are available within the app, the starter category for learning shapes, months, days, animals, fruits, birds, the math category for learning numbers, counting, money, addition, time, clock, missing numbers and more. The third is the language category kids for playing phonics game and ABC tracing, learn letters, alphabet matching and other and the fourth is the game mode for tap alphabets and learning ABC through fun game, connecting dots and learning 123 game and other educational games. Kids will be able to improve their oral abilities and augment their vocabulary in hues, vegetables, creatures, body parts, and days, months etc.

Download this all in one app for free on Google Play for preschoolers to have fun playing and learning!

Google Play Download Link: Kids Academy

Travel App of the Month – Travemo

Travemo was recently reviewed by us as a great text to emoji translation app. Since we believe it can be of great use to travelers, we decided to give this translation tool another appraisal, this time as our Travel App of the Month. Read more why!

What is Travemo?

At its core Travemo is a text to emoji translation tool which gives you series of questions which are most commonly used. Questions about pharmacy, malls, stores, and similar travel related situations are offered to help you quickly. Once you select a question the app translates the it to emojis.

Why is it helpful?

Because sometimes quick and simple emoji translation can be of great help. Imagine traveling in a foreign country, want to ask a certain question, and Travemo has it ready and translated in literally seconds to a common language.

What is impressive is the speed of translation and the simplicity of the app. The overall UI and features are very simple too. Simply it is a great translation tool for all.

So if you are in need for a great and reliable translation app, Travemo is a great option. It is indeed an excellent tool for travelers!

Google Play Download Link: Travemo

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Shopping App of the Week - QAS KID STORE

QAS KID STORE was recently introduced on the App Store and Android. We reviewed this quality kids shopping app a few days ago. Because of its usability and features, we decided to give it another appraisal, this time as our Shopping App of the Week. Read more why.

General Introduction

QAS KID STORE is website, Android & iOS clothing shopping app for kids with a great choice of clothing, affordable prices and worldwide shipping making it a handy app for parents.

Standout Features

Besides offering great models, designs and quality clothing for kids, we got to appreciate some of the features offered within the app. The shopping experience is perfectly optimized for mobile, and we loved how everything is focused on the products. You can easily swipe through the photos, view the sizes and specifications. If you have any questions about a specific product, simply message the QAS KID STORE customer support and ask them – they are pretty responsive.

Unlike other shopping options (eBay, Amazon, etc.), QAS KID STORE offers better quality offerings, at reasonable prices (you can even view the prices in your country’s currency and worldwide shipping with tracking). At the end of the day, it represents a great option to buy clothes for your kids from the comfort of your own home.

This kids clothing app is available on the App Store & Google Play, but you can also use their website to shop for kids clothing online.

App Store Download Link: QAS KID STORE

Google Play Download Link: QAS KID STORE


Health & Fitness App of the Month – 21 DAYS TONE UP

Tons of workout apps are developed and available for users that like to save time and money and achieve their fitness goals just with using their smartphones as personal trainers. 21 DAYS TONE UP is the perfect choice for all of you that like to achieve your fitness goals with great results in short time, improving your body and toning it up in 21 days. We liked this app so much, we pronounced it our Health & Fitness App of the Month.

What is so special about it?

Developed for IOS users, the 21 Days Tone Up is an easy to use, practical and effective personal workout trainer which offers all the features you need to tone up your body and achieve long lasting visible results in just 21 days. Using this super user-friendly app, all you need to do is to choose your workout plan and follow it. The app offers many different 21 days plans, both full body and targeted plans that will help you get to your body goals in 3 weeks. 

What are its best features?

With the help of 21 Days Tone Up, you will get your body results delivered in just 21 days. Choose between full body and targeted 21 day plans to follow and when you finish one 21 day plan choose a 7 day recovery plan before picking another workout plan to maximize the results on your body. One off, on-demand workout sessions are offered in the extensive workout library such as body focused, challenges, different intensity levels, and recovery you can choose from. On a daily basis you can customize your own meal plans, choosing among hundreds of healthy recipes and adding the ingredients you need for it to your shopping list in a tap. To stay on track, the calories, nutrients and water intake can be tracked within the app as well you can track your progress with recording weight and progress photos to compare them with help of the comparison slider. Achieve amazing body results and share them with friends and family on social media.

Download the app for free on App Store to follow workout plans, customize meal plans and tone in 21 days!

Official Website: 21 DAYS TONE UP

Brewee – A Perfect App for Beer Lovers and Enthusiasts

In today’s article, we have a great app for all of you beer fanatics and enthusiasts who are looking for new places and breweries in your local area or top breweries in their country (or maybe further). Namely, the nearby breweries app that we cover today called Brewee will hook you up with community with the same passion for good beer like you.

What is Brewee?

Exactly, the Brewee app is nearby breweries navigator app to find and explore the best breweries in your local area and connect with fellows to enjoy your beer together and have some great time in your life. Search for new great breweries that you shouldn’t miss, based on their reviews from the experience from other customers.

Simple to use

This platform gave the opportunity to track your activity and share your experience with the rest, on your private profile that you should create first. As Brewee user expect new breweries to be added every single week so the repertoire for great proposals of beer will be constantly expanding.
Give it a try and invite your close friends to grab some fresh and tasty beer in some of the top breweries in your town. 

Free Download

So, all of you hedonist and lovers of great beer visit the Play Store or App Store links bellow to download Brewee on your IOS or Android device or visit the official web to get more instructions and info. Cheers!   

Google Play Download Link: Brewee

App Store Download Link: Brewee

Official Web site: Brewee

Monday, July 15, 2019

Status Saver for Whatsapp is a Whatsapp Tool You Must Have if You Use Whatsapp

What is Status Saver for Whatsapp?

If you are a whatsapp user and you want to save, reuse and share stories to external sources, you will love our today’s app recommendation – Status Saver for Whatsapp. This simple, intuitive and highly practical whatsapp status saver tool will help you download, view & share/use any story from your whatsapp users. It’s one of the easiest and most versatile apps we have ever used for this purpose.

Features at a glance:

▪️ Save, delete & reshare to external apps
▪️ Easy setting as WhatsApp status from the app
▪️ Download to the gallery & quick save
▪️ In-built image viewer and video player
▪️ Best WhatsApp status video download app
Uniqueness: medium
Usefulness: high
Potential of going viral: medium


Average rating: 4.1

Compatibility: 4.1 and up

Developer: SocialLabs

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver for WhatsApp