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Friday, August 16, 2019

Delight in Hooping Baskets with Lejon Brames Basketball Challenge

If you love android basketball games, there is a huge chance you’ve played a finger basketball game. In this genre, you are moving your finger to shoot the right angle and distance. This 2D gameplay offers a large selection of games, so today we will cover one of the best new ones – Lejon Brames Basketball Challenge.

What it is?

Like you already maybe hinted, this a finger street hoop game in which the player navigates the direction and angle of the ball. The goal of the game differs depending on the mode you play in (there are two modes in this game), but generally, you need to make a successful shot as fast as possible and from the least attempts as possible.

When you open the game, the only thing you can do is play the basic mode based on levels. After that, if you complete a set of challenges in the first two levels, you can unlock and play the B-Ball Arcade mode based on challenges.

The controls of the game are really simple and well-adjusted. Graphics-wise and sound-wise (tastefully selected hip hop music), the game is top-notch. So, it is easy to conclude that if you love street art, basketball, and simple 2D basketball games, you’ll love Lejon Brames Basketball Challenge. The game is available for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Lejon Brames Basketball Challenge

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Arcade Game of the Month – Amazing Endless Walls

Few days ago we reviewed Amazing Endless Walls. This exquisite arcade game impressed us from the very start. Being one of the best arcade puzzle games we reviewed this month, we decided to make it our Arcade Game of the Month. Read more why!

Simple but challenging game

In this endless cube matching game, you need to navigate the dice around a block of dices and try to make a high score. Pretty simple, right? In the same time, it will get insanely challenging as you progress in it. Also, it’s a great way to kill some free time. Another great thing about this addictive game is that is completely free!

You just have to navigate the dice around the block of dices and make the best possible high scores. Try to solve the upcoming fast puzzle blocks as quickly as you can – it’s a real test to focus.
See how quick will be your reactions. It will be a great mind training. Every second in the game is about how to solve the puzzle of which shape the wall is coming and how you should set the block to pass through it. 

Well, then why wait? Download this amazing and addictive game right away and see how far you can get.

App Store Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls

Google Play Download Link: Amazing Endless Walls

Action Game of the Month – Street boys

We covered Street boys a few days ago. This stack jump action game impressed us and it is definitely the best action game we reviewed this month. That’s why it is our Action Game of the Month.

What is Street boys?

Street boys is a stack jump game in which you need to jump on the constantly coming stacking blocks. Each precise jump earns you a point, while if you jump on blocks that are precisely stacked you will earn bonus points.

8 Levels & Fun Characters

When playing, try to go as high as possible and get as many points as possible. Making 3k+ points will enable you to open the next level and by scoring more, you can open all levels. Each levels comes with different environment and new characters.

Overall, we liked the game because it has optimal difficulty, fun and simple controls, and entertaining soundtrack and sound effects. It is definitely an entertaining casual game which can become your new favorite Android game. Try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download LinkStreet boys

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mac OS App of the Week – Asset Catalog Creator

Asset Catalog Creator was covered on Hightechholic a few days ago. This icon generator impressed us and because of the fact that it can be of great use for developer’s and publishers, we decided to make it our Mac OS App of the Week. Read more why!

What is Asset Catalog Creator?

This time-saving app creator can generate icons from your images depending the project and asset you need.

Why it’s amazing?

Because it can generate a set of icons from any image. Instead of you resizing the icon manually and wasting time to meet the requirements for the platform where you need the icon for, this app will do all the hard work for you nice and easy.
Here is a full list of supported asset types:
App Icon, Launch Screen, iMessage Icon

App Icon, Complication

App Icon, Launch Screen, Top Shelf, Top Shelf Wide

tvOS Game Centre
Leaderboard, Dashboard
App Icon

Universal and device-specific image sets, in @1x, @2x (Retina) and @3x (Retina HD variants or as single vectors )

The best thing is that it features the latest updates to apple standards and also retains the images to vector. There is automatic image renaming and naming, previews, preset sizes and so much more. It is indeed one of the most amazing icon generator tools for developers. Try it for free!

Mac App Store Download Link: Asset Catalog Creator

Most Useful App of the Day – Off-Remote Control Shutdown

What is Off-Remote Control Shutdown?

Off-Remote Control Shutdown is an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android app which makes it easy to turn off or restart any computer on your network. With some advanced features like the shutdown of multiple computers, sleep timers and adding custom schedules, Off-Remote Control Shutdown is one of the best remote shutdown apps!
For the app to work, you need to install the desktop versions which you can get here.

Standout Features:

- turns off Mac/Desktop PC remotely
- very easy to use
- turns off multiple computers on the same network
- works with most mobile devices and Windows/Mac
- enables you to set sleep timers, custom schedules and more

Uniqueness: High

Usefulness: High

Potential of going viral: Medium


Average rating: 3.2

Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later; Android 4.0 and up

Developer: Mark Bridges

App Store Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Google Play Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Apple Watch Download Link: Off-Remote Computer Shutdown

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

T.Blocks is a New Ultra-Fun Logic Puzzle Block Game

What is T.Blocks?

T.Blocks is an android puzzle block game with 2 game modes. This logic puzzle is a tetris-like puzzle where you can compete by completing levels, or you can challenge your logic under pressure in the survival mode. With intuitive controls, beautifully sophisticated graphics and cool sound effects, it is a pure pleasure for puzzle block gaming fans!

Features at a glance:

▪️ free puzzle block game
▪️ dark futuristic graphics and design
▪️ 2 game modes
▪️ modern soundtrack and effects
▪️ fading effect of where the blocks will exactly fall
▪️ easy controls with cursors
Uniqueness: medium
Gameplay quality & graphics: high
Potential of going viral: medium


Average rating: 5.0
Compatibility: 5.0 and up
Developer: Zeor
Google Play Download Link: T.Blocks

Monday, August 5, 2019

App of the Day - Dockit is a Helpful Social Calendar Event Organizer & Discovery Platform

Cool and truly exciting events are easy to miss, especially if you live in a large city. That’s why today we will cover an app that will help you discover the best events, create your own and have it everything in your own personal calendar. We are talking about Dockit.

What is Dockit?

Dockit is a social events calendar app for iOS & Android where users can create and discover events, add them to their personal calendar and follow other users. It is a simple way to never miss anything important or of your interest in the city you are living in.

Easy event creation and discovery

We loved the simplicity of event creation and event sharing on Dockit. You can literally create an event and invite tons of people in minutes. Additionally, you can make an event public and all users of Dockit in your city will view it (excellent for promoters).

If you see an event, you like you can easily add it to your calendar (which you can link with google calendar) and also follow users who create and post events that interest you.

Overall, this is a handy app for event creation and discovery, and if you are all about unique social experiences, then you should get Dockit for free!

Google Play Download Link: Dockit

App Store Download Link: Dockit

Website: Dockit

Friday, August 2, 2019

Real Estate App of the Week – InvestFar

InvestFar proved to be an amazing tool when we reviewed it few days ago. Because it can really be an amazing tool for real estate investors, we decided to make it our Real Estate App of the Week – read more why!

Find great investing opportunities remotely

The unique thing about InvestFar is that you can search and find investing opportunities across the US, without even being in the specific city. They made remote investing easier and more convenient. Just open the app and start exploring, networking and connecting. Additionally, you can contact vetted investment consultants and be sure to get found advice before making an investment.

Manage Your Listings

If you decide to invest (or if you are just a property owner), you can then use InvestFar to manage your property and everything related to it. For example, you can contact and hire home improvement professionals to repair, renovate or improve your properties.  Alternatively, you can even search property management companies and background checked contractors.

Then you can list your property for selling or renting (you can find real estate pros to do it for you too), and start earning from your real estate investment.

So whether you are up for remote investing, or just looking for an app to manage, sell and rent your properties, InvestFar is it!

App Store Download Link: InvestFar

Website: https://investfar.com/ 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

App of the Day – flashlight and flash on call

Everyone knows the grouchy feeling of a missed call which was important. That’s why today for our App of the Day section we have an app that will save you from such instances and let you use your flashlight whenever your phone is ringing.

General Info

Flashlight and flash on call is an android tool which enables the simple functionality of flash on call and flash on sms. This makes it extremely useful in various instances and a great addition to any android user.

Control the flashlight

Unlike other similar apps, this app gives you additional control features that you may make use of. You can set mode settings to which the app will work, turn off the flash on call or flash on sms feature, adjust the interval, number of flashes and battery threshold.

Our daily usage showed that it never fails to deliver. This, and the fact that it does a good job of being effective both on RAM and battery makes it a great solution for a flash on call app. Download it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: flashlight and flash on call

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Cross-Platform App of the Month – TOTLE

The team of Hightechholic reviewed TOTLE a few days ago. Since we always appreciate high quality and innovative tech products, we decided to pronounce this media and digital token wallet app as our Cross-Platform App of the Month. Find out more about this media aggregator and token wallet below!


This media aggregator mixes the very best and most popular youtube videos, trendy news, fun popular stories and everything from the pop culture in 1 place. This means that you can easily scroll and get top content without searching the internet. If you need specific info about something you read or viewed, you can use the in-built Google Search bar.

TOTLE Tokens

While the media aggregator and player is a neat touch, the most unique thing about TOTLE is its TOTLE Tokens (TOT). These Ethereum based tokens and currently on Crowdsale until October 7 and you have the exclusive opportunity to purchase 1 or more to become part of the early adaptor user base and get exclusive opportunities in future.

After you purchase tokens, they are then connected with your TOTLE wallet (which btw you can view your transactions on Etherscan). The tokens of this wallet can also be accessed with other wallets after the conclusion of the pre-sale.

So whether you want to become part of something big like the TOTLE tokens and the TOTLE Merchantnetwork, or you want to enjoy fun media videos and news, TOTLE is a great option for you.

App Store Download Link: TOTLE

Google Play Download Link: TOTLE

Website: TOTLE