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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Enjoy Life with the Free Music App: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player for your Android Device

A lot of folks these days have transferred to some sort of music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. However, there are those of us left that hang on to our collection of media because streaming isn’t quite good enough yet. If you have your own music collection and the stock music player isn’t doing it for you, then here is our pick of the best music player app for Android!

A Perfect Music Player App

We have an amazing proposal of an app for all of you “junkies” of high-quality music that is worthy of attention. Namely, we want to introduce you the Free Music App: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player that allows you to enjoy any song, anytime, anywhere and the opportunity to save the internet data usage. As a user of this cool music app, you can also search, listen and discover the latest free music and videos that are actually on top of the charts in the world.

The App’s Features

It’s free to use, without any hidden charge, so you better don’t miss it! Another great thing that we must emphasize is that Free Music App has a floating player that will be floating for multitasking or watching videos to avoid interruption of music playback. The app also supports you to stay with the trends in the modern music by personalized recommendations or other option is to create your own playlists and save your songs to the library. You can pick your favorite genre from the list of Electronic, Chill, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Disco, Jazz and more.

Free to Use

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and download Free Music App on your Android device for free. It’s available on Play Store, so get it immediately and enjoy life in the rhythm of your favorite music tracks!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Supafanz – Follow & Discover Trending Celebrities to Get Updates First-Hand

Celebrity gossip is one of our favorite guilty pleasures. From watching the latest viral videos to the top 10 must-read books to getting late-breaking celeb updates, there are apps that can help you stay on track with your favorite celebrities and get updated on the latest news and gossip about them. To make your search for the right app easier, we did our research and we found one great entertainment app for the trending celebrity news and gossip worldwide. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS and Android users, easy to use and highly fun and interesting, this is one entertainment app that allows users to keep track and get updated on the latest celebrity news and gossip in one place, getting information on first hand. By using the app, users will get to look at trending news and gossip about their favorite celebrities, discover and follow celebrities and stay updated on the trending news around the world. Without the need to flick between apps, the user will be able to get all interesting information in the app’s hassle-free social feed, without spending time looking for news.

What are the best features offered?

The Supafanz is offering its users different and fun features that will help them to easily get updated on the most interesting news about their favorite celebrities. By using this app, users are able to choose from many different artists, bands, actors, and sports celebrities worldwide and get news and gossip about them directly from the celebrities itself. Users can look at posts from other social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus and YouTube, finding all posts on their social Supafeed without any effort. The users will be able to hear the latest news and gossip about celebrities on first hand or they can choose to go back in time to find out what their celebrities were up to then.

Users can also use the app to get links in order to buy tickets from the profile of the artist they like and the app can also be used for following as many celebrities as the user likes. By choosing their favorite celebrity, users can compete with other users to become the number one fan of that celebrity. The posts on the app can be ‘’loved’’ by the user or saved for reading them later. Users can discover trending celebrities and follow them as well. With earning Supafanz points by liking and sharing posts or by spinning the Supafanz wheel, users can get high on the global leaderboard ahead of other celebrity super fans.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to get updates on your favorite celebrities in one place!

App Store Download Link: Supafanz

Google Play Download Link: Supafanz

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Travel App of the Week – MyJourneys

Never forget a trip again, always know exactly when and how you experienced it with your very own travel diary. Our Travel App of the Week this time is MyJourneys, an incredible app where you can log all your trips and keep them in one single place. With great features and intuitive UI, this app is one of the best travel tools we’ve ever reviewed. See why below.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for android users, easy to use and very entertaining this is one travel log journal app which is offering all users to capture the travel experiences they have into a diary. With the help of this app, users will be able easily log all their travels and experiences from each trip they take, writing down all their memories and get reminded of how the trip felt and when it was, whenever they want just by using their smartphone. The app will help users enjoy their travels more and keep the memories forever to share with their family and friends.

What are the best features offered?

MyJourneys is offering all its users amazing features which will allow them to make each trip they take memorable and fun. By using the app users are able to record all the things they did on their trip and even record the things that they still need to experience, helping them to easily track each activity on the trip. With the help of this travel app, users are able to add texts and photos to their current travel location, making the most unique travel journal on their own. If the user has travel wishes he can put them down into the journal and that will help them to easily decide on the next trip and experiences he wishes to do. Also, users on the app are able to share travels with a mate by using their email, WhatsApp or other apps by preference. With different interesting statistics on the app users will get an overview of their travel activities that will certainly keep them motivated to travel more and to gain new experiences with every new trip.

Download the app for free on Google Play now to log all your travels into a memorable travel diary!

Google Play Download Link: MyJourneys

12 Week Transformation Program – Get Fit With Dario

Unless you really know what you are doing, it can be easy to waste time when working out, aimlessly drifting from machine to mat without doing much working. You can solve this problem with a personal trainer, or extensive planning. Thankfully, it's 2018 and shelling out cash to meet one-on-one with a certified personal trainer isn't always necessary when you're equipped with a smartphone. Lots of inspiring trainers on Instagram may get you excited to work out. But when you're ready to create a personalized fitness plan, you're going to want to use an fitness app to focus your workouts, track your successes, and plan your goals.
More than 300 different bodyweight workouts
FitWithDario is a health and fitness app which offer its users a free 12-week body transformation program, developed and designed to help them with getting their bodies in the best shape. The FitWithDario app contains a 12-week program to take the users from their current shape to a point at which they will be able to complete a 50-minute-long high intensity workout without dying of exhaustion along the way. This app’s 12-week body transformation program contains more than 300 different bodyweight workouts. The professional certified trainers Dario, Gaia, Aurora, and Christina help the users of the app at every step of their 12-week body transformation journey.
Free nutritional diet plan
As for the nutrition and diet part of the app, the plan offers huge number of free recipes. You can find Vegan, Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and many other meal recipes you can enjoy. The nutritional plan has recipes to accommodate almost any kind of diet. Healthy eating does not mean awful tasting food, and with the help of this app you’ll learn to prepare delicious meals and stay healthy and slim down at the same time. FitWithDario is an app that will provide you with the opportunity to transform your body in the comfort of your home or anywhere you find it most convenient.
You don’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships anymore, just head to the Google Play Store and download the FitWithDario app and give the 12-week transformation program a try!
Google Play Download Link: FitWithDario

Create Amazing Images with Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio

These days pretty much everyone uses their smartphone to click photos and that means the market is flooded with photo editing apps. If you just got yourself an Android phone and are looking for an app that lets you touch up your photos, we’ve found the best free photo apps on Android and you can download some of these to take your photo editing skills to the next level. We downloaded many photo editing apps and tried to highlight apps that offer something unique, and chose one from the many to present to you today.

What is Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio?

Meet Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio, an amazing Android app that takes photo editing on a different level. If you want to make your photos a lot cooler or just to have fun, then you should definitely try it out. It provides with awesome tattoo and piercing stickers that you can add to your images, it is designed with intuitive user interface and it’s totally free-to-use.

Why do we love it?

There are many reasons why we chose Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio to present to you today. First of all, it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is add a photo from your gallery or take one with the app itself and then start editing it. The app offers awesome tattoo and piercing stickers, from amazing free "body piercing", to "face piercing", tragus earrings, tongue piercing, lips, nose, cheek and eyebrow piercing for men and women, belly button rings, and so on. You will enjoy lots of fun editing and modifying your ordinary pictures, adding amazing piercings and tattoo using the app’s studio. You will be able to save your edits in your device’s gallery or share them with friends via social media as well.

Make beautiful photos with few taps only, download Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio from the Google Play Store for free and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio

Humanitarian ATL-B&W Party App for Raising Awareness and Compassion

Shopping online is pretty much the way to shop these days. Brick and mortar stores are fun, but at the end of the day, the ability to pick up your mobile device and search for stuff online is just infinitely more convenient. There are a ton of ways and apps you can use to shop for stuff on your mobile device. Here is our pick of the best shopping apps for Android.

What is ATL-B&W Party App?

Today we have covered a very special app that gives information about the prestigious black and white party which was created to raise awareness and generate funds to foster the goals of Orphan kids Help Foundation (OKHF). The mission of the OKHF is to support the children to sustain their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and emphasizes the need of building awareness for the orphan children around the world and the possible ways in which their needs can be addressed.
Another cool thing that black and white party emphasizes is the dress code to remind us and stimulate us while partying to make a great cause, so we can visualize ourselves in unison trying to achieve the same goal. It’s quite a nice thing to have in mind while we celebrate the good things and we enjoy the life carelessly, that a little help for the less fortunate ones is always welcomed.

Get More Info

In order to get more info download the app on Play Store and raise your human compassion because that is what is the most needed in the world today.

Google Play Download Link:  ATL-B&W Party
App Store Download Link: ATL-B&W Party

Monday, April 23, 2018

Cross-Platform App of the Month – PokeRAIDchat

Want to get notified when Raid events are organized? Here’s an amazing app for that – PokeRAIDchat. Designed with intuitive user interface and tons of fun features, this app is here to connect you with other players and all organized events in the world. It’s our pick for a Cross-Platform App of the Month. See why below.

What is so special about the app?

Developed for Windows, IOS and android users, this app is very practical, efficient and effortless, allowing all its users to easily keep track and get informed about Raid events that are organizing. With the help of this easy to use app, users just by creating their profile and choosing their usernames will be able to stay anonymous and get all the information they need directly on their phone, quickly and simple. Users will easily connect with their team and fellow players, chatting and tracking all Raid events in the moment.

What are the best features offered?

The PokeRAIDchat is containing a lot of useful and efficient features for all the users to easily stay on track with the Raid events and easily connect with their team and other users as well. On the app, users can send or receive videos, photos, voice messages, documents, connecting with their fellow players, sharing their location or exchanging contacts by preference. With the help of this app, users will also have the chance to customize their wallpapers by choice and to even set the notification sounds as they want to. Users will easily track their email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts in the same time and use the features for slash screen and login screen to choose how to login on the app, connecting directly, using the login pass or using temporary ID.

Also, the app has to offer to users to easily choose their team, set an area of interest, create and delete events by choice and to even use the features for single events screen and events screen to get informed about users who liked and event and paid for it or to easily get info about all the events in their area of interest happening in the moment that they would love. With the push notifications, the notifications for new events and the clear chat option, users will effortlessly find all Raid events and connect with fellow players easily.

Download the app now for free to connect with fellow players and to track Raid events and connect with your team - it's available on Google Play and soon to be released on the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: PokeRaidChat

Official Website:  PokeRAIDchat

Star Tactics Redux – Show your Strategy Skills in Awesome Space Battles

It would be a serious tactical blunder to assume that strategy games are for hardcore PC gamers alone. Head on over to the Google Play Store or the App Store, and you'll find dozens of top quality strategy games that play beautifully on mobile devices. And we're not just talking about casual experiences here either. You can get the lot, including epic historical strategy, squad-based sci-fi strategy, stripped-back abstract experiments, and massively multiplayer social city builders.

So, sit back, engage the strategic part of your brain, and start playing one of our favorite strategy games for Android and iOS devices. It’s called Star Tactics Redux!

What is Star Tactics Redux?

Star Tactics Redux is an incredible turn-based strategy game that can be played on iOS and Android devices (it was already available for download on Steam as a PC version), a 3D tactical space strategy that will take you on a space adventure full of battles and combats. Prepare to be challenged and to experience over 30 hours of gameplay. How about we show you how the game is played?

Turn-Based Strategy Full of Spacefleet Battles

The gameplay is quite simple, yet extremely challenging. You play as a cold-hearted space battle officer, who is on a mission to lead his fleets to victory in the raging war between the Corporation and the Theocracy. The main objective is to think of the best strategic battle plans and to destroy the enemies. Choose from 36 ships from smallest Scout to tremendous Command Dreadnought, use special abilities such as missile or torpedo strike, afterburner, forcefield, U-turn and others, 9 weapons of different tactical roles which projectiles shine like little stars, and so much more.

Pick the game mode you like and engage yourself in hours of fierce battles with dozens of ships involved, infinite amount of challenging tactical situations, tough decisions of how to compose your fleets and pure joy when destroying an enemy ship. The game consists of 3 game modes: Campaign Mode with over 20 hours of gameplay, Skirmish Mode with procedurally generated battles, and Expeditions, available via one-time in-game purchase.

Designed with astoanishing 3D graphics, upbeat visual effects and cool authentic music, Star Tactics Redux is free for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Get it now and enjoy hours of fun.

Google Play Download Link: Star Tactics Redux

App Store Download Link: Star Tactics Redux

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

JabMix – Schedule MMA Training Sessions & Fulfill Your Self-Defense Training Needs

For everyone that are looking for the easiest way to start self-defense training or are looking for the right MMA trained partner in their area of living, there are apps developed specifically for this purpose. In order to help you with your search, we did our research and we found one amazing fitness app for unified and simplified self-defense training by setting and scheduling training sessions with partners in your surroundings, as it suits your needs. Let’s discuss it.

What is so special about this app?

Developed for IOS users, the JabMix is an efficient and helpful fitness app for self-defense training, allowing users to easily setup their profile and look for their right MMA trained partner based on their location. With the help of this app, users are offered to find MMA trained partner nearby, in their area of living, setup and schedule training sessions as it suits them. The app is highly efficient, easy to use with user-friendly interface, allowing users to fulfill all their self-defense training needs.

What are the best features offered?

By using this fitness app for self-defence training, users are offered many helpful features that will allow them to easily find the perfect MMA trained partner and meet their self-defence training needs. On this app, users can use the chat to discuss with other users about their workout routines, their training needs, their availability for training or anything that they want to know. Users are also offered to schedule training sessions with users that live close by them, choosing the time, the date and the location for the training. The app has also to offer the option for profile review, allowing users to set their photos, location, and their MMA interests like Kick-boxing, Boxing, Karate, basic self-defence, Jiu Jitsu, Muay-Thai or Karate. Just by using their location, users are able to schedule meetings with partners in their area of living, whenever they want to and wherever it suits them. With the app users will easily and efficiently find the right MMA partner, meet all their training needs, choosing the dates and the locations by preference, without any effort.  

Download the app now on App Store for free and easily meet your self-defense training needs!

Official Website: JabMix

App Store Download Link: JabMix

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PharmacyPal - The Simplest Way to Purchase Your Prescribed Medications Online

PharmacyPal is the medical app that will completely change the way to order and buy your prescribed medicine. This is an app designed and developed to help people order and buy their prescribed medicine from the comfort of their own homes. Getting the medicine delivered at their doorsteps or picking it up at the closest pharmacy, the app offers both! This app presents a simple way to order prescription drugs online, its completely free to download and install and the process of ordering the medicine is simple and fast.

Pick them up or get them delivered to your doorsteps

Once you install the app, you need to set up your profile. This process is quick and easy, simple enough that anyone can do it within seconds. Then all you need to do is upload a photo or scan of your prescription, search for preferred pharmacies based on their opening hour, location, or delivery services, or run a price check to find the most affordable ones in your area. After you choose the pharmacy you can place your order, pay for it with your credit card and it’ll be ready for you to go and pick it up. If you’d like the medicine to be delivered to you, the app will find the pharmacies that have your medications and have delivery services.

Find, order, pay, all within the PharmacyPal app

If you have multiple items on your prescription, you can specify which ones you need by entering the names of the medication after you have taken a photo or scan of your prescription. You are not required to purchase them all. You can also choose which brand of medications you want, if you don’t want the Pharmacy Brand, but make sure to unclick the Pharmacy Brand checkbox before you send your prescription for checking prices and availability.

You can find and download the PharmacyPal app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Google Play Download Link: PharmacyPal

App Store Download Link: PharmacyPal

Official Website Link: https://pharmacypal.com.au

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