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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tool of the Week – Ninja VPN

Some sites and services can be blocked and restricted, so you can’t access them because of many reasons, for example, the country you live in or the school you go to, etc. If you want to browse the Internet freely, without any restrictions, we suggest you check out our Tool of the Week – Ninja VPN. This is a great free VPN proxy app brings you the unrestricted and unlimited experience of browsing through any website.

What is Ninja VPN all about?

Ninja VPN is a free VPN app developed for Android users is quite easy for using with efficient features to enjoy unrestricted and unlimited browsing experience through websites using any geo-restricted service easily and securely. A high-speed secure connection is offered for the users on the app with a wide range of VPN servers worldwide with unlimited bandwidth offered. Connect to different servers worldwide and simply change the IP address to freely browse the Internet with an anonymous identity. Access any geo-restricted service, app or website by encrypting the traffic.

Standout features

This VPN app allows users to use its features in order to easily and simply choose the VPN server they like to connect to and browse blocked services and websites with the highest speed using a simple on-tap connect. The available power of the servers is one of the main advantages of this app and the unlimited bandwidth allows users to connect to a safe, secure and fast server easily. With the help of the app, users are able to check their social networks that maybe are blocked by their country, watch a movie through any geo-restricted video streaming service, listen to podcasts and playlists without any bandwidth limitation or any lag.

The app makes sure the real identity of the user is hidden with establishing a secure connection safe from 3d party tracking. It doesn’t matter how the user is connected to the Internet, through their cellular data or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, they can be sure no prying eyes will track their behavior as they are browsing through websites and apps. A wide range of VPN servers and the high speed VPN connection is offered in different countries with unlimited bandwidth with safe and secure servers.
Download it now for free on Google Play to change your IP address and browse the Internet 

Google Play Download Link: Ninja VPN

Health App of the Month - My Nutrition Assistant

There are loads of health apps on the iOS platform, but which ones are actually worth a download? We tried some of them and decided to present to you our choice for a Health App of the Month with you. The app that we’re talking about is called My Nutrition Assistant, and it’s now here to help you calculate nutrient value of your recipes. Read our review to see that the app offers and to learn how to use it with an ease.

What is My Nutrition Assistant?

My Nutrition Assistant is created for iOS users, it is an informative and highly efficient health app that’s quite easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It provides the users an ability to track and manage their health and diet while staying on track with all foods and nutrients entering their body on a daily basis. This personal nutrition tool is giving you the chance to simply by giving a recipe to instantly calculate its nutrient value and manage your health and diet better with all information and tips you need to do that.

My Nutrition Assistant Features

My Nutrition Assistant and its features are giving you the ability to stay on track and informed about your diet and the nutrients and foods you are taking, learning what is good for you and what you should have in your diet. Just give the recipe and app will calculate its nutrient value. Also, save your searches easily and sync and track the nutrient information you are getting from the app. If you like to add more protein, fiber, and nutrient to your diet, with this app you are getting a database of nutrients and foods which will help you build a better diet and a healthier life.

Providing you with instant recipe information, the app is offering you a natural language nutrition assistant. Daily motivational tips are given to you in order to motivate you and keep you going to stay on track with your healthy diet. Read food facts available on the app to manage your health conditions better and track your daily food intake easily to constantly stay informed about the foods and nutrients you take.

Download the app for free on App Store now to build a better diet with useful information and tips!
Official Website: My Nutrition Assistant

App Store Download Link: My Nutrition Assistant

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Most Addictive Game of the Month – Froggy Dodge

Our team discovered Froggy Dodge last week, and we are still kinda hooked to this addictive and challenge swipe game. Because of the entertainment it is still offering us, we decided to give it another acclaim by pronouncing it as our Arcade Game of the Month. Read why this iOS & Android game is our favorite.

Cool fast swipe gameplay

Froggy Dodge is a fast swipe arcade game that requires simple swipes and “avoid the objects” gameplay. This quite interesting arcade provides intense and exciting game play. Players need to showcase a great amount of concentration, reflexes and reaction skills. The game gets harder and harder and it is extremely hard to top the global leaderboards.

Try to get as much crowns as possible

Just on the first try you’ll notice the fun and interesting design and sound that surely won’t leave you indifferent or bored in every moment of your play. However, your main target in this ultra fun arcade is to collect crowns and avoid bombs for high scores. Yeah, the challenge is to stay as longer you can and collect much crowns as possible in order to master the game and help your little hero to become a king. Sound interesting, doesn’t it?

React fast, become the leader

Visit the Play Store or App Store links to download Froggy Dogde on your IOS or Android device for free. React fast and conquer the global leaderboards. Give it a try and share your experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Froggy Dodge

App Store Download Link: Froggy Dodge  

Official Website: Froggy Dodge

Food App of the Week – Foodilog

Never again waste your time on choosing a good place to eat! No with the Foodilog app, users can easily improve their dining experience. Foodilog is basically a dining out tracker that helps you to make good dining decisions, with few taps only. We’re sharing this wonderful app today with you, our readers, as a Food App of the Week!

What is Foodilog all about?

Foodilog is developed for both Android and iOS users that consider themselves as foodies or like to eat out as an very informative and efficient dining out an app which helps them to capture and share their dining experiences and get information from other users for restaurants and foods they would enjoy or not. Easily discover restaurants, select the ones you like and browse the menu. Enjoy great food and make good dining decisions, posting and sharing experiences with your friends.

Foodilog Standout Features

This amazing app has to offer all foodies various incredible features that will help them to make good dining decisions and decide easily where they should go and eat, getting all possible information they want to decide without much time wasted. Using this app will help you to enjoy an amazing dining experience and easily find restaurant listings based on your location and all that with easy to navigate menu information and dish lists. The app makes ordering the best dishes of specific restaurants easy with the dish specific feedbacks available.

No need for reading essays, just using photos and emojis, the app is helping users to learn all they need to know. Simply with a click, users can make posts on their social media for friends and family to learn about their experiences. Other foodies can learn from you where to go and eat, what to avoid and what to order and restaurants can learn how to improve. Rate your experiences, discover restaurants and find foodies easily directly from your phone.

Download it now on Google Play and App Store for free to find great food and restaurants easily!

Official Website: Foodilog

App Store Download Link: Foodilog

Google Play Download Link: Foodilog

Arcade Game of the Week - Hot Potato Catch

Catch as many potatoes as you can in one of the most addictive cross-platform games right now - Hot Potato Catch. Hot Potato Catch is an arcade game with simple gameplay, intuitive controls and fun features. Although it’s easy to play, it is very hard to master! Keep reading to find out everything about it and why we’re making it an Arcade Game of the Week.

What is Hot Potato Catch?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this arcade game with an addictive and fun catching gameplay is challenging the players and their fast reactions as they try to catch the potatoes falling from the blue sky without burning their hand. The fun design with simple gameplay is suitable for both kids and adults, challenging and entertaining the players at the same time. All the player needs to do is to use the hand to catch the falling potatoes and watch out not to burn the hand.  

Hot Potato Catch Gameplay

The Hot Potato Catch for the arcade lovers is offering amazing features to keep their attention each time they play and test their skills while they have fun playing. On this game, the player needs to control the hot hand to catch the hot falling potatoes from the sky and react fast to catch more of them. In the same time, the player needs to watch out and try not to burn the hand, simply catching the potatoes briefly and keeping them in the air.

As a player, you are getting 6 lives and just by pressing play you can start your game and catch potatoes. Restart or pause the game anytime you want to. By progressing further, the speed of the falling potatoes is increasing and you need to react even faster to catch more of them. Lasting longer in the game without losing all your lives gives you the chance to win high scores and become the best catcher of the game. Just use the hot hand and react fast to catch the potatoes.

Download the game for free on Google Play and App Store to use the hand to catch the falling potatoes!

Official Website: Hot Potato Catch

App Store Download Link: Hot Potato Catch

Google Play Download Link: Hot Potato Catch

Racing Game of the Month - Double Space Race

We’ve tried many games this month, each one unique and fun, but we decided to select a Racing Game of the Month. Meet Double Space Race, the exciting racing game where you need to control both spaceships and race through space. Avoid obstacles, win high scores and have loads of fun!

What is so special about the game?

Developed for IOS and android users, this 2d space racer is fun for everyone that like racing games and to challenge their skills while they have fun playing. Players will enjoy the exciting space adventure and try to control both spaceships in order to get far in the game while avoiding the obstacles on their way without crushing into them to get high scores. With cool space sound and sharp graphics to enjoy, you will get addicted to playing and trying to get as far in the game as possible.

What are the best features of Double Space Race?

The Double Space Race is getting players hooked to the exciting racing gameplay with its amazing features offered. Players will enjoy racing while they are challenged to race fast and in the same time avoid the obstacles on the way trying to end the game for them. The player needs to be careful not to crush into the obstacles in order to get far in the game. You need to control both of the spaceships maximally and avoid the obstacles as long as possible.

To progress further, players need to avoid all obstacles that become more and more challenging and testing his fast reactions in order to get high scores. By racing fast and avoiding all obstacles on the way, staying in the game as long as you can, you will get high scores. Test your skills and try to win the highest scores, share the best results with your friends to challenge them and see who will be the best racer.  

Download the game for free on Google Play and App Store to race through space as long as you can!

Official Website: Double Space Race

App Store Download Link: Double Space Race

Google Play Download Link: Double Space Race

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cross-Platform Game of the Week - Math Tapper

Our Cross-Platform Game of the Week is an awesome math quiz solving game called Math Tapper. We chose Math Tapper because of many reasons. First of all it provides with a fun and addictive gameplay, then it’s designed with an innovative interface, and last but not least – it is perfect for player of all age groups. Let’s see how the game is played and why do we like it!

What is Math Tapper?

Developed for both iOS and Android users, this tap math quiz game is created as one challenging and exciting math test that will test the players’ math skills and enhance his solving skills as he has fun playing and training his brain. With simple smooth touchscreen controls and colorful graphics with catchy toons, the game will get players hooked to playing fast. All the player needs to do is to tap as fast as possible to solve the math problems with the ability to play the game whenever and wherever he wants, on the go.

Math Tapper Highlights

Math Tapper with its various fun and challenging features, as well with its interesting tap gameplay, will keep players interested in the game every time they play. Just by tapping as fast as possible, the player needs to guess the correct math answers to the down scrolling equations and see if he able to get far in the game. Three levels of different difficulty are available for the player to choose from and he can choose easy, hard or medium to show off his math skills. When the mathematical equations are continuing to scroll down the player’s screen, there are left only two possible answers from which the player needs to choose the right one. 

The right answers need to be selected so the player can continue his game. With multiple basic math equations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division included, you need to solve as many as possible to increase your scores. More answers answered correctly, higher the scores for you. The game’s leaderboard is here so the player can compete with other players worldwide and try to win the highest scores of the game.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to test your math skills and select the correct math answer!

Official Website: Math Tapper

App Store Download Link: Math Tapper

Google Play Download Link: Math Tapper

Monday, December 10, 2018

Shopping App of the Month - Qpon.in

Our Shopping App of the Month this time is a unique shopping platform called Qpon.in. This is a innovative way for both Android and iOS users to buy and sell things in nearby areas. Easily keep connected with buyers and sellers, see what the app is all about in our review below and share your thoughts with us!

What is so special about the app?

Developed for Android and iOS users, this is an online classifieds for you to discover items for buying and to sell your own items near your locations, using the instant chat to connect and chat with sellers and buyers within the app. With a user-friendly interface, very easy to use, this shopping platform allows you to buy and sell online with a single tap, directly on your phone. You will get a chance to make and save some extra money, constantly finding deals and buyers for your stuff.

What are the best features of Qpon.in?

Qpon.in and its features offered will offer you the chance to sell and buy your stuff online without wasting much of your time. The sellers using this app only need to snap the item they would like to sell, post it on the app and let other users discover it so they can sell it. New and used items can be sold on the app and users are offered free listings. The instant chat available offers you the ability to connect and chat with foreign and local buyers and sellers with a single tap. 

Users can use the app to make some extra money and to save money by discovering some great deals. Different categories are available on the app for buying and selling like electronics, fashion, vehicles, pets, property, services and much more and the users will always discover anything they are looking for. Notifications are given to users so they can always be notified about deals they are interested in. Share this app across your social networks to invite your friends and interact with them. 

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to buy, sell and make money by discovering great deals!

App Store Download Link: Qpon.in

Google Play Download Link: Qpon.in

Paly totems - React Fast to Match the Balls & the Totems to Test Your Reflexes

Most color matching games can be pretty lame and won’t test your skills when you play, but the good ones are very creative and fun, challenge you and your brain to its limits. Finding a quality color match game is hard among so many of these games developed but luckily for you, we did our research and we discovered an exciting and fun ball destroyer game with fast color match game to improve your reflexes and train your brain each time you play.

What is so special about the game?

Paly totems is created for android users. It is easy to play and yet very challenging ball destroyer game which will test the player’s reflexes and agility while he learns about the mysterious structures and venture into wild environments. The simple and intuitive gameplay of a click, with colorful original style and dramatic hand-drawn graphics, will challenge the player as he tries to turn the totems and match them with the same color balls, training his brain and trying to improve his reflexes to reach high scores and rank high.

What are the best features of Paly totems?

The Paly totems and the amazing features offered on it will get players addicted to the game fast as they try to react fast and challenge their skills. Three different game modes are available and each of the modes has to offer unique environments and relics to test the skills of the player while he is trying to overcome his best brands. Before the inevitable destructions of the totems, you need to give as many gifts as possible. Because of the easy-to-learn mechanics, the player will have direct fun.

You can choose to compete against players from all around the world to win the highest scores and try to climb the rankings. The balls roll at high speed and blow up figures and because of that, you need to react fast. The game is simple and yet challenging, testing your reflexes and pushing your brain to puzzle with the different ball colors. Players will enjoy the doodle drawing style with the chance to play the game without an Internet connection, on the go. 

Download the game for free on Google Play to test your reflexes and react fast to match the balls and totems!

Google Play Download Link: Paly totems

Friday, December 7, 2018

Antarmy is a Perfect Shopping App to Buy Incredible Stuff Overseas and Earn Money Online

All thanks to the addictive shopping apps for they have wiped out the requirement of going out even to the nearest shopping mall. Skipping those long queues has only become possible with the top-rated best shopping apps. However, often, these apps miss features for overseas shopping and reliable shopping communities. Today we’ll speak about Antarmy which is a great shopping app with great shopping overseas features and reliable shopping community.

Unique shopping experience

In simple terms, Antarmy is an online overseas shopping app that lets you buy items or sell online to people from around the world. This amazing application also gives the opportunity to their users to join the Moments community and share their stories, experiences, ideas or collected items with Antartmy and of course have some great fun with the people from the rest of the world in the whole process.

How it Works?

The first step (after you download the app) you should make is to upload your shopping list with all your selected items and then relax and wait for great offers that will be offered by overseas order takers.

Next step is to upload the shipping information and pay for it. You can also control your payment by confirming it on the official page with the “Receive” button until you receive the package from the seller.

You can also do online shopping by selecting various items already offered by other sellers.
Similar is the process for selling, just upload your items information in couple steps and wait for your customers.

Get it for Free

For more info visit the Play Store or App Store link where you can download Antartmy on your mobile device for free. Get it now and jump into your shopping adventure. Have fun!

Google Play Download Link: Antarmy

App Store Download Link: