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Game of the Day - Flapping Dragon Hidden Mushroom

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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Finance App of the Month – KryptoGraphe

KryptoGraphe has easily been chosen as a Finance App of the Month here in our office. Brought to you by KryptoGraphe Inc, this incredible crytptocurrency portfolio manager and tracker will give you a hand in making informed decisions about all kinds of crytptocurrency investments and deliver real-time insights every day. See why we loved the app so much in our review below.

Cross-Platform Game of the Week – K’BRO

If you want to develop your emotional resilience skills throughout a fun and playful game on your Android or iOS device, then you should definitely try out the K’BRO app. This is one of the safest place where teens can share what’s troubling them, a place especially designed for sharing personal thoughts and feelings.

Express what you’re feeling in a fun way

K’BRO is an amazing and powerful cross-platform (iOS & Android) emotional resiliency app, built with one idea in mind – to help users process their feelings in a more fun and safer way. We know that growing up isn’t that easy, it can sometimes be very overwhelming. So stop worrying and let K’BRO help you out. It is created and designed by a cross-functional team of experts, from game design, to psychology and adolescent assessment. The developers created a platform where teens will build their emotional resilience.

Captures data about your emotional state

This incredible app is available in over 60 countries provides an online global community that works as a support group for young teens. Transformed into an entertaining game, this innovative platform is a true mix of social features, gaming features and an interactive community where users can play and learn how to build their emotional resilience. It consists of multiple games: “Am I OK?”, “My Tribe”, “Deal With It”, “Speak Up”, “What’s Up” . As a user, you will learn to identify your emotions, you will find helpful advice on how to deal with your everyday problems, you will be able to practice on how to advocate for yourself, and of course, to share the best things that happen in your life to your own personal journal or with My Tribe.

It is never too late to start developing these resiliency skills and to reach for support when you need one. Get to know yourself better and receive the best advice on how to deal with all kinds of challenges that life’s throwing at you. Download the K’BRO app for free from the App Store or from Google Play and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Play Store Download Link: K’BRO

App Store Download Link: K’BRO

Photo Editing App Retouch Me

You don’t need to look far to get yourself a really good photo editing app. The AppStore does have a few available. However, none really compares to Retouch Me which allows you to touch up literally everything on your photo. If you have photos that you aren’t happy with and wish that you can revisit that moment you took it then you are in luck. The app cannot let you go back in the pass but it can certainly adjust and fix your photos to just what you want.

You can fix the crooked teeth, get rid of the extra tummy, gain muscle, slim any body part down, add some tanning, and make a smiling face. Literally anything you can think of on your body you will be able to correct.

The great thing about the app is the fact that the work is done by designers using Photoshop in-order to edit and fix all the issues that you have with the photo. Once you upload the photo, you select what you need done to the photo. Once you’re happy with what you need edited you then tap on “Send to designer”. The designer at the other end will do your adjustments and within no time you will get the edited photo back. If you are not happy with the adjustments you can ask for another redo. The developers are very accommodating and helpful. That’s the good thing, everything is done within the app.

The body and face editing app Retouch Me is just the perfect app to get your photos retouched without others even realise that it has been edited.

Retouch Me is free to download, but you must have credits which you can get either purchase through in-app purchase or earn free from watching promo videos or liking the developers on Facebook or Instagram.

Create Relaxing & Soothing Ambient at Your Home with LifeHue Lighting App

Are you looking for new way to improve your home and make it more comfortable and fresh? If it is so, then continue to read carefully, because we have great news and interesting ideas to make it happen. Homes are a very important institution for every human being and that why need to be carefully taken care off. 

Bring more happiness, peace, and joy at home

On our repertoire for today is a fantastic app that will bring more happiness, peace, and joy into ones home. If you decide that your home needs for new treatments or ways to bring freshness than we found an app that will be quite useful for you to realize your desires and vision. The app is called LifeHue, a personal wireless lighting app that magically will turn your rooms into shining diamond. 

Light every room as you wish

With this ambience app, you can create a lighting ambient and atmosphere just as you want and wish, and just in a few second with a couple of clicks on your Android mobile. Yes, it’s possible, to make an amazing chill and relax lighting ambient for family hangouts in the living room, or nice and sweet romantic for your love partner at the dormitory room, or fresh and sunny light atmosphere for playing and laughing in your children’s room.

LifeHue contains multiple types and samples to catch the lighting ambient of nature or from some beautiful surrounding and place it in your room you want it. Fantastic, right? The new update of LifeHue is an improved version of the app, like improved brightness settings, bug fixes, and features new album/scenes of blooms (flowers).

Surprise your neighbors, friend and the family with this great magical app and download it for free. It’s available on Google Play Store, so don’t miss this opportunity of an app to make your home shine like never before.

Google Play Download Link: LifeHue

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games – A Thrilling Puzzle For All Ages

Marble is a sub-genre of match-3 puzzle with simple yet addictive gameplay. Player shoots a ball to other balls in order to form a match-3 line. We love a big free-roam game with superb graphics as much as the next gamer but I have to admit we had a serious weakness for ‘Zuma’ in the past and pretty much anything that has similar gameplay. We’ve played the Flash version, the original, ‘Zuma Blitz’, ‘Zuma’s Revenge’… Basically if they’ve made it, we’ve played it. The other daywe went looking for similar games, we’ve got to keep our skills sharp after all. This is our findings – an awesome game like ‘Zuma’ that you once played. You’re welcome.

What is Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games?
We’re so excited to share with you this cool marble puzzle game called Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games. Developed for Android devices (both phones and tablets) this marble shooter is perfect for kids and adults. We loved its overall user interface – the graphics are stunning, the sound effects engaging, and its controls – 100% intuitive. Now let’s talk more about the gameplay.

How to Play?
Marble Puzzle’s gamplay is pretty simple to play, but do not fool yourself - it’s hard to master. The main objective is to shoot marbles of the same color and blast them to earn points. Aim and try to be as precise as possible, be quick with your fingers in order to blast all the marbles before they reach the hole at the end – or else you’ll lose. Shoot at least 2 of the same colored marbles, collect rewards, make higher scores and unlock new levels. There are more than 150 challenging levels featured in this game, powerful boosters for you to create marble chains and combos, a leaderboard to compete with other players, etc.

Shoot the marbles, complete missions and have fun with this incredible marble quest. Get the game for free from the following Google Play link and enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games

Friday, March 16, 2018

Messaging App of the Month - Chat Styles: Text Stylish for WhatsApp

The basic messaging fonts on Whatsapp are quite boring. Recently we introduced an app that can help you change and make them more beautiful. Since it is such a great tool that can really make a difference in your day-to-day communication, Chat Styles – Text Stylish for Whatsapp is our Messaging App of the Month. See why!

App for Online Messaging “Junkies”
In this context, we want to introduce our proposal application on today’s menu that will change your chat conversation in new exciting and entertaining way. The whatsapp fonts app is called Chat Styles: Text Stylish for Whatsapp and it’s created for all the fans and online messaging “junkies” on social platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, and many others.

As a user, you can get many cool and beautiful stylish shaped fonts to type messages to your close and loved ones in order to surprise them with epic letters that will bring freshness in your chat conversations and make it a lot more joyfully, exciting, entertaining etc. What’s new about the Chat Styles: Text Stylish for Whatsapp is the updates of 20 new font styles and the change of the app bar color.
Get for Free
With this tool application, the messaging will never be the same, we can guarantee that from our personal experience, so we will advise you to download it on Google Play Store for free and enjoy your conversation online like ever before. Take a try now!

Google Play Download Link: Chat Styles: Text Stylish for WhatsApp

Enjoy Infinite Arcade Adventures with Zero Mission

They are a lot of games in the Play Store, and finding the games that are worth your time can be difficult. But don't worry; we've done the hard job of playing through the most promising titles out there to bring you only one today. If you own a smartphone then you’re definitely familiar with the running games where you have to keep running for as long as you possibly can in order to score the highest points. Well, if you’re still not familiar with the genre or need some suggestions for your next running game then keep on reading because we’ve got one of the most addictive running games for your Android device.

What is Zero Mission all about?

The game that we’re talking about is called Zero Mission, now available for all devices that support Android 4.1 and up. It is offered by Leviia Games, the developer team who created the amazing Hero Escape game. Zero Mission is designed with arcade themes, adventurous and thrilling gameplay, and tons of challenges that will tease your brain and hook you up in no time. See how it’s played below.

Exciting & Endless Racing Gameplay

Created with simple objectives and intuitive touch screen controls, this game will provide you with hours of fun. Your main task is to guide your vehicle on the road and keep away from dangerous upcoming obstacles. There will be multiple cool vehicles for you to choose from, many different types of obstacles on the way, all kinds of rewards and challenging goals. You will have to stay focused and be quick to dash and not crash. Because if you do, you will lose the game! Simply swipe left or right to move the vehicle left or right whenever you see an obstacle on your way. Stay on the road as long as you can to earn moiré points and to place yourself higher on the online leaderboard. Easily snap and share GIFs/PNGs of your gameplay on social media so your friends can see your gameplay.

Download the Zero Mission from the Google Play Store and enjoy infinite fun – it’s completely free for download!

Google Play Download Link: Zero Mission

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Word Game of the Month - Word Travel

Our Word Game of the Month is an incredible word guessing game for all Android and iOS users that want to immerse themselves in a word journey around the world. Word Travel is here to engage you in tons of challenging levels, brain-teasing word gameplay and amazing HD visuals. It is a real mix of geography and history in one word connect adventure, so let’s see how the game is played and what it is all about.

What is so special about this game?

Developed for both IOS and android users, this is one very addictive, fun and highly challenging word guessing game which is allowing the players to enjoy exciting journey around the globe by answering the word puzzles fast and correctly. With neat graphics and simple controls, players will enjoy the entertaining gameplay while connecting letters into words and guessing the right words, getting their chance to better and test their vocabulary skills. Players need to only hop in the airplane, start their adventure and earn the fuel needed by guessing as many word challenges as possible.

What are the best features offered?

The Word Travel game and word puzzles offered on it has amazingly interesting features which are allowing players to enjoy the puzzle adventure and better their vocabulary skills in the same time. All the players need to do on the game is to hop on the airplane and earn the fuel for it by guessing words and connecting letters in the right words as fast as they can and correctly. This adventurous word puzzle game is mixed from history and geography with 10 different exciting chapters and each of the chapters with 30 levels unique in ambience and difficulty.

Players on the game can also use hints when they need help answering a word puzzle correctly. As the player guesses the challenges right he will progress in the game and come across even harder challenges. Each player that guesses as many puzzles as possible and earns high scores will get to reach the global leaderboard and even get his chance to become the ultimate word traveler of this incredible word puzzle game. Download the game on Google Play and App Store for free to enjoy true word connect adventure!

Google Play Download Link: Word Travel

App Store Download Link: Word Travel

Puzzle Game of the Week - Smoke Bubble & Smoke Monsters

For all Android users that want to enjoy a fun, challenging, relaxing and up-beat bubble shooting experience that never ends, we have the perfect recommendation – a wonderful saga consisted of two different puzzle games. The games are called Smoke Bubble and Smoke Monsters – free to play and fantastic bubble pop games for all ages. Let’s see what the gameplays are all about and why we chose it to be our  Puzzle Game of the Week!

What is so special about this saga?

Developed for android users, easy and fun for playing, this is an addictive and challenging puzzle saga that is testing the player’s skills of puzzling. The saga is divided into two different but highly fun puzzle games, the bubble pop puzzle game and the match 3 puzzle game.  No matter which of these 2 games the player is playing, he will enjoy the HD graphics, amazing themes and cool sound effects as he solves the puzzles and progress in his puzzle adventure. With many different levels, surprises, bonuses and achievements, the players will enjoy puzzling and have fun in the fantastic puzzle lands.

What are the best features offered?

This saga and the two games offered on it has many interesting features that will get the player addicted to puzzling fast while giving him a chance to test his skills and win many achievements as he progresses. The Smoke Bubble is the first game offered on this saga where the player is enjoying the amazing and fun shooter puzzles. On this game, players need to shoot the bubbles and avoid the obstacles on their way in order to pass with their magic monster and go to the next level. With over 100 different puzzle levels and incredibly gorgeous themes in each level, players will enjoy shooting and solving each puzzle.

The Smoke Monsters is the second game offered on this saga where the player needs to match the cool monsters and characters to crush them and go to the next even harder puzzle level. This game is offering players the chance to win many bonuses in each level and discover amazing surprises as they play, and use the blast combos offered to get high scores and beat others. With collecting foamy starst in every level and winning all the special prizes, players can use those achievements to unlock even more interesting adventures and levels.

Download the game now on Google Play for free and have fun progressing in the fantastic lands!

Google Play Download Link 1: Smoke Bubble

Google Play Download Link 2: Smoke Monsters

CaxStudio Google Play Link: Smoke Bubble & Smoke Monsters

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Challenge your Arcade Skills with Pio Farm

What makes addictive games so addictive? Generally, they tend be games that don’t take long to play. However, they provide a challenge of some sort that you want to master. Between mastering the game and trying to get the high scores, a person can sink into a game for hours without realizing it. There are tons of addicting games on Android. Unfortunately, they’re not all equal. Here is one of the most addictive games for Android - Pio Farm.

What is Pio Farm?

Pio Farm is an incredibly fun and upbeat arcade game, developed on both Android and iOS platforms. We chose this cross-platform game app to present to you today because it provides with endless adventures, great gameplay, HD graphics and catchy music that will engage you even more. Playable on both phones and tablets and suitable for all ages, let’s see what does Pio Farm’s gameplay offer.

Game Highlights

In this game you will be playing with a tiny loveable chicken called Pio. Pio has to overcome tons of dangerous obstacles in his farmland and get all the way to the very top of the space. Your main goal as a player is to help Pio get as further as possible. Tap on your screen to flap and go up, tilt your device to direct him in the right way and avoid the obstacles. Collect the stars on your journey and get the highest scores. Note that the new update of Pio Farm will come with more adorable characters, challenging levels and more new maps and playing systems.

Have hours of fun with the didactic and fun playing system that Pio provides you, enjoy this amazing game by downloading it for free right away. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Pio Farm

App Store Download Link: Pio Farm