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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Organize Your Personal & Social Life with the Fineday App

We are constantly forgetting some important things to do! In our modern world filled with various activities and distractions, we often forget to do some important tasks or even we are forgetting important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of our loved ones. Luckily for us, there are apps to help us and remind us of the dates we need to remember. We have the right date reminder for you to organize your personal and social life. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is Fineday all about?

Fineday is developed for Android users, very easy to use and yet very practical date reminder app that is more than just a simple birthday and anniversary reminder. With the help of this reminder, users are able to get information and name-days of 21 countries and use various tools to organize their personal and social life better. Six widgets are offered to users with different customization options they can choose from as well for themes with 4 different color combinations.

Fineday’s Best Features

To organize yourself better you need this date reminder app with its various feature available. Read the daily report that offers news like sunrise and sunset, moon phase, name-days, list of contacts with name-days, birthdays, anniversaries and list of notes or events stored in the calendar of your phone. A searchable list of devices contacts is displayed based on the name-days, birthdays, anniversaries as well for contact’s with multiple dates so you can search a preferred date or dates and contacts without name-days so you can add a date yourself.

Giving you a list of name-days for 21 countries that are organized per month, you can search based on the name or the date, even delete, add or edit your entries. Available for users, there is an Easter calculator and even they can enjoy the visual representation of the moon and various astronomical data too. The app’s notebook helps you in managing your notes and you can sync it with your Google Calendar as well. Users are getting notifications for each name-day, birthday and anniversary of their contacts in their smartphone.

Download it now for free on Google Play to organize your personal and social life with date reminders!

Google Play Download Link: Fineday

The Shapeshifting Detective - Investigate & Manipulate Relationships to Solve the Murder

The murder mystery games take place in the fictional environment full of puzzles, mysteries, and objectives. The player as the detective must investigate the crime scene, interact with the environment to find clues, analyze them, interrogate the suspect and find the person who is guilty. For users in the search for this type of game, we are here to help you out. We have found one incredibly fun and addictive murder mystery game you need to try. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is The Shapeshifting Detective?

The Shapeshifting Detective will get you hooked on your first try while you try to solve the murder and catch the killer. The user’s detective skills are tested as he tries to unlock the secrets of the suspects by shapeshifting in other characters. Developed for iOS users, the murder mystery game is quite simple and yet exciting and fun to play, featuring more than 1600 full HD video responses, as well for a simple questioning interface, with unique delete mechanic and the murderer is randomly chosen at the game’s start.  

Gameplay & Standout Features

To solve the murder you need to investigate and stop the real killer. With the murder of Dorota Shaw, your three suspects are the tarot readers that have the ability to predict or commit a murder. The task you have is to find out what else they know and use your shapeshifting ability to become any character you like because they won’t reveal their secrets to anyone. Branching storyline and randomly chosen murderer at the beginning are offered as well for an in-game radio station featuring short dark fiction plays between visits.

If you don’t want to ask a specific question, easily delete it. With voice-overs from original actors, the game is offering a large multi-location, multi-suspect FMV world to explore. Instead of a map screen, get a taxi cab. Shapeshift in characters to manipulate relationships, enjoying the suspense and catalytic events, and remember every choice you make matters for you to solve the murder.

Download it now for free on the App Store to investigate and manipulate relationships to solve the murder!

Official Website: The Shapeshifting Detective

App Store Download Link: The Shapeshifting Detective

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Discover Professional Statistics for NHL Teams, Players and Games - Center Ice Lineups

Whether it's the regular season or the playoffs or if you just can't get enough of the NHL, a quick visit to Google Play will provide you several apps to both keep you informed and entertained. Because of the popularity of these apps, it can be confusing to choose the best one with all the features you need to stay informed. We searched and we discovered a hockey stats app that will keep you on track with your favorite NHL team and players. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is Center Ice Lineups all about?

The Center Ice Lineups is especially created for hockey lovers that need a simple and quick way to discover info and stats about their favorite NHL team, hockey games and players. Developed for android users, simple for using and user-friendly, this hockey stats app is offering users to discover professional hockey statistics about a team, players or games of their choice instantly, directly on their phones. Just choose the NHL team you need to inform yourself by entering the Time Lineups.

Standout features

To enhance your hockey experience in multiple ways the app offers various features to make it easier for you. Professional real time detailed statistics are given to you for your favorite NHL team or any team of your choice you want to keep track with. The app is offering also the ability to discover info such as the position of the player, the number of goals they have in the current or previous season, as well for their careers too. More than that, with the app you can find daily schedules for hockey games, find out if yours NHL team is playing that day simply with the app’s launching. Easily stay up to date with your favorite hockey team lineups with the apps daily updated data and player’s information. If you like to make your fantasy hockey game stronger, enter the ‘’My Fantasy Team’’ feature to pick players based on their statistics.

Download it for free on Google Play to discover professional statistics for NHL teams, players and games!

Google Play Download Link: Center Ice Lineups

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BULK – Tailored Workout Programs & Customized Meal Plans

With smartphone fitness apps getting more and more sophisticated, there are some pretty good—and totally free, at that— personal training options to help boost your fitness, tracking your workouts and meals so you can reach your goals faster. To make it easier for you, we did our research and found an amazing workout tracker that offers tailored workout programs and customized meal plans depending on your fitness goals and needs.

What is BULK?

Developed for both Android and iOS users, this workout tracker is available to be your personal trainer that can help you improve your workout routine in and out of the gym with giving you access to tons of workouts and meal plans so you can reach your goals to gain healthy weight and build muscles. Using this app, you can gain weight, build muscles, track your weight and log calories and much more directly on your phone. Customized workouts and meal plans will help you reach your fitness goals.

BULK Functionalities

BULK: Workout & Meal Plan offers users to enjoy their own tailored workout program that is based on their fitness assessment. All the workouts available will adjust and change over time-based on your progress and each of the workouts includes the right amount of weight, sets, and reps to stimulate and perform the best muscle growth. To ensure you with the right form, animated GIFs are offered for each workout and any of the workouts can be replaced.

You are recommended to use the rest timer too. The customized meal plans will help you reach your nutrition goals and they will be generated weekly while you can use the daily Macro charts, food group distribution, built-in calorie counter, and meals log to keep track of meals, grocery tracker generated on the fly with photos, ingredients and directions for each recipe suitable with your needs and calorie goals. Your body progression is constantly tracked and your weight is being monitored as well. The app can be integrated with Wear OS to view workout summary for the day as well with Google Fit, link your profile and sync your exercise data and workouts.

Download the app for free on Google Play and App Store to get a tailored workout program and customized meal plan!

Official Website: BULK

App Store Download Link: BULK

Google Play Download Link: BULK

Travel App of the Month – Places Explorer

Travel guide apps are very popular among travellers that need help in discovering new and interesting places to visit, read reviews, look at photos and get the information needed to reach those places easily and quickly. Places Explorer is the perfect personal travel guide which offers you all these features so you can make the best of your trips. We liked the app so much, we pronounced our Travel Guide of the Month.

What is Places Explorer all about?

Places Explorer is an easy to use, efficient and quite practical travel guide for all travellers to enjoy extraordinary trips. Developed for Android users, the app allows you to find the best places nearby wherever you are, check the weather forecast, hire a taxi or get directions to any place you choose. Directly from your phone, get access to millions of places and tourist attractions around the world. The app will show users amazing places around them and even give them directions to reach those places easily and quickly.

Standout Features

This travel guide offers amazing features to help travellers find places nearby quickly and easily. The easy to use interface will simplify the travels and will allow you to discover all the places you look for around you fast, helping you to reach them quickly and accurately. The app offers you the chance to find places within any city, with reviews and pictures of the chosen place. On the app, you can check the weather forecast of the city you are in and you can discover the best routes to reach your destination.

Detailed information about the estimate duration to reach any destination, the petrol required and the distance is available for you. Find routes for bicycle, car or a pedestrian too. With live info about the traffic, you can choose the best route and save time, getting informed about the estimation for the cost of fuel for your trip. Within the app, hire a taxi cab if needed and with the app’s AR navigation system, navigate through places easily with augmented reality technology and real-time instructions and road signs. 

Download it for free on Google Play to find the best places nearby and get directions to reach them easily!

Google Play Download Link: Places Explorer

Monday, February 18, 2019

Puzzle Game of the Week – Bunny Puzzle

Hundreds of puzzle games are available for our smartphones to test our skills while we enjoy a fun and exciting puzzling experience. Bunny Puzzle is one highly addictive, fun to play and yet challenging puzzle game to sharpen your brain while you enjoy adorable, cute and comic rabbits each time you try to solve a puzzle. We liked this game so much, we decided to pronounce it as our Puzzle Game of the Week. Read more about it.

What is Bunny Puzzle?

For lovers of puzzle games, this puzzle games is highly fun to play and very addictive, offering you the chance to test your puzzle skills while enjoying the cute and comic rabbits. Developed on the Android platform, the game is available in both English and German language, suitable for adults as well for kids. Perfect for in-between games, your task is to tap on the respective tiles to rotate the puzzle pieces correctly and solve the picture puzzle with the most adorable rabbits.

How to play Bunny Puzzle?

Bunny Puzzle with its features and simple but fun gameplay offers the chance for you to try and solve more than 100 different puzzles with adorable rabbits from the Wackelnasen community. With new levels constantly being added, the game will get you addicted to playing fast and keep your attention. To land your rabbit in the game, you need to just contact the fan-page of the game.

To solve each picture puzzle your task is to tap on the individual fields and each field consists of 4x4 fields, each field rotated by 90 degrees too. The game will be finished and the picture will be solved for you as soon as you turn all parts correctly. Completely playable without an Internet connection, enjoy the puzzling experience with cute and comic rabbits anytime and anywhere, just rotate the pieces by tapping on the respective tiles.

Download this addictive puzzle game on Google Play for free, the perfect choice for in-between games!

Google Play Download Link: Bunny Puzzle

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Groomit In – Get Matched with Professional Groomers in Your Area

Grooming your dog in a stress-free environment, keeping him relaxed and comfortable it’s most possible if you bring these grooming services at your home. How to find these home grooming services? You need the right app that will help you discover all the grooming services and groomers in your area without wasting much of your time and money. We did our research and we have an incredible home service app for all these purposes.

What is Groomit In?

Developed for Android and iOS users, the home service app with providing you with home grooming services for your dog at the convenience of your own home. An array of grooming services to choose from and bring the spa for your dog into your home are available to choose from and make the grooming experience less stressful. Groomers that are highly trained and fully insured and have years of grooming experience are available for you and your dog in multiple U.S cities.

Groomit In Highlights

The Groomit In is available for dog owners and their dogs, no matter their breed and size at the most affordable prices, in your own home, in a stress-free and comfortable environment at the most convenient time for you. The app will help you get assigned with a groomer to bath and groom your dog, from start to finish and all that with premium pet insurance for every appointment as well for 24/7 customer service. As an owner, you just need to create your dog’s profile, choose the grooming package you like and request the time and day that suits you the most.

You will be matched with only one professional groomer in your area and then you can communicate with him directly.  When your dog is fully bathed and groomed, pay directly from the app with complete security and even write your review about the service. Bond with your dog and monitor his health, as well for other benefits for you and your dog can be enjoyed with these services. Customize the experience in real time.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to get matched with professional groomers in your area!

App Store Download Link: Groomit In

Google Play Download Link: Groomit In

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Exchange Rates - Offline Rate Conversion App Currency Calculator for Instant Information on your Phone

The conversion rate is one of the golden marketing metrics that is measured across most channels, and for mobile, it’s no different. Mobile app conversions go far beyond downloads; in fact, the real conversions happen in-app, when an engaged user converts on a specified goal. But as prolific as mobile apps have become, marketers feel they don’t have the insights to optimize their in-app experience to prompt purchases and other key conversions. So today we’ll speak about Exchange Rates – one of the best currency conversion android apps.

Simple, Easy, Highly Practical

However, we have found an incredible currency converter app that is surely worthy of attention and it’s perfect for those of you who travel more often, so you don’t have to struggle in mental calculation about the money. We talk about Exchange Rates – Offline Rate Conversion App, a quite simple, easy and highly practical currency calculator that will do the job in anytime or at any place in the world.

Works in the Offline Mode

We can guarantee that the app is issue free, because contains universally approved exchange rates and also is constantly updated and refreshed at your speculated time when you check the live rates. Another amazing thing about the Exchange Rates is that the app can work even in the offline mode, so you don’t have to worry about your internet connection where ever you are. With just a few clicks with your fingertips, you can get all the necessary detail information about the currencies from any country in the world.

You can have Exchange Rates App on your mobile right now, just visit the Play Store link that we have posted below this article and download for free. Get it, try it and share your impressions with us!    

Google Play Download Link: Exchange Rates - Offline Rate Conversion

Tool of the Month - All in One Unit Converter

Few weeks ago we presented All in One Unit Converter on Hightechholic. Since it is a super-practical, fast, easy to use and versatine converter that can convert almost any convertable unit - we decided to make it our Tool of the Month. Read how and why this is an amazing tool.

The All In One Unit Converter is an efficient and yet effortless unit conversion app that is developed for android users, easy and super-light tool that will allow you to convert dozens of different units in just a few seconds. The productivity app offers more than 15 units available for conversion and it also can serve you as a currency converter. The premium unit converter is all in one app that will show you the needed results instantly simply by selecting the unit you want to convert.

Standout features

To convert any unit of their choice, users just need to select the needed unit and the results will be given to them in micro seconds. The app includes a dark and a light version so the users can customize the look of the app as they like to. Users such as business owners, students and anyone other in-between can find the app quite useful and practical because it offers features for everyone’s conversion needs.

The app can be used as a unit converter and currency converter as well for conversion calculator and measurement converter with metric conversion available too.

This all in one tool for conversion includes cooking, currencies, energy, fuel consumption, length and distance, mass and weight, speed, temperature, time, volume, digital storage and much more. Save time looking for separate tools and enjoy this premium all in one converter.

Download the unit converter on Google Play for free to convert dozens of different units in micro-seconds!

Google Play Download Link: All In One Unit Converter

Thursday, February 14, 2019

BcLapp - Prepare Shopping Lists, Identify Healthy Products & Get Informed

Nowadays we use our phones to stay informed and on track with everything around us. So, why not use our smartphones and the apps available for them to keep track of our health and stay informed about the products and recipes that are the right choice for our health. Many apps offer you this type of help but not many of them offer all the features you need in one app. We did our research and we have one-stop solution for personal shopping management.

What is BcLapp?

BcLapp is an iOS & Android personal shopping manager and represents a practical and helpful tool for all users that need a one-stop solution for shopping management of products, recipes, and utilization. Once you sign up, you can start utilizing the best features of the app, and there is a handful of them.

For example, you can get informed about the best practices for food storage and get notifications about product recalls [you need to upload receipts for this feature]. You can use the app to prepare shopping lists, identify healthy products and access needed information about all products and recipes you want to be tracked.

Everything in one place

BcLapp offers features that will help you to stay healthy and to make informed decisions for all products and recipes you like to try, allowing you to search based on the ingredients, nutrients, and allergies of your choice.

Each of the items on your list can be searched within the app and you can get detailed information like price and nutrition data. The prices* are mostly from Walmart* and you can choose and shop a specific product that fits your price points and needs.

When you prepare a recipe, buy an item or eat, you can use the app’s in-built calorie calculator to track daily calorie intake and also benefit from expense tracker. This alone can make a drastic change in the way you consume your food and lead to weight loss and lifestyle improvements.
You can also store and share lists, receipts, loyalty cards, coupons, warranties, gift cards and more, and in this way, you can get notified before the expiry date. BcLapp can automatically identify the best photo with human faces to print and print it also at nearby Walgreens* or a cloud based printer.

Additional Features

With the app, you also get the ability to scan and store many kinds of labels even including SmartLabel, Digimarc, Barcode for thermal labels, digital images, and audio. If you hate to type you can use your voice to create shopping lists and give commands, just make sure you read the commands guide within the app.

This advanced shopping tool can be used 7 days for free and after that, you can get the free plan with limited features or subscribe. 

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for free to get informed and prepare shopping lists!

Official Website: BcLapp

App Store Download Link: BcLapp

Google Play Download Link: BcLapp