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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

App of the Day – CFA Total Recall

What is CFA Total Recall? 

An AI powered question engine for you to take your CFA level 1 exam preparation the next level. It’s one of the best education apps with relevant questions and access to the curriculum for you to prepare for CFA level 1.  


Standout features: 

  • AI powered question engine  
  • User-friendly clean interface 
  • For CFA level 1 exam preparation 
  • Create as many mock exams as you want  
  • Relevant exam questions of each topic with unlimited access  
  • Access to the entire level 1 curriculum 
  • Free for download 





Uniqueness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 

Fun of play: High  



Compatibility: IOS 12.0 or later  

Requires: Android 5.0 and up 

Developer: Finlingo 

Official Website: CFA Total Recall  

App Store Download Link: CFA Total Recall  

Google Play Download Link: CFA Total Recall 


Educational Game of the Week - Kiddos In Candyland Kids Games

A few days ago we featured Kiddos In Candyland Kids Games on our site. Because the app impressed us and we believe it can help parents and children across the globe, we decided to pronounce it as our Educational Game of the Week. Read more about why!

What is Kiddos In Candyland

It is a new educational game collection containing 10 different learning games in one app. Made by the renowned android kids game developers Ara Ohan Mobile Apps, it is another educational game in their amazing series of kids games.


The game feels like an adventure in candy land and that’s why we think kids will instantly engage with it. There are cool kid characters all over the game that will guide your kids from game to game. Kids can choose from different games to play in the candy land. The game includes different challenges all aimed to help your kid boost their knowledge and development including match link game, 2 math games, abc letter learning, word game, kids sudoku, shape matching, cooking game, kids memory game, and kids time.

Each game is simple and adjusted for toddlers and preschoolers. Besides the simple challenges and controls, there is also a fun soundtrack and engaging sound effects. All in all, Kiddos In Candyland Kids Games is another great app produced by these famous developers. If you are a parent of toddlers, preschoolers, or first graders, this game is an amazing choice.

Google Play Download Link: Kiddos in Candyland Kids Games

Developer: Ara Ohanian Mobile Apps

Monday, October 25, 2021

Game of the Day – Word Building

What is Word Building? 

A word connect puzzle game for you to train your brain, enrich your vocabulary and better your spelling skills. It's one of the best word games where you get to connect letters and form words to find new meaningful words and solve tons of word puzzles.  


Standout features: 

  • Word connect puzzle game  
  • Fantastic interface 
  • For all ages  
  • Over 1000 levels to train your brain 
  • Connect letters vertically or horizontally to form words  
  • Get coins for each word you find  
  • Find extra words for to get bonus coins and unlock gifts 
  • Use hints to help you get through challenging levels 
  • Free for download 




Uniqueness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 

Fun of play: High  



Requires: Android 4.4 and up 

Developer: JOIA Studios 

Official Website: Word Building  

Google Play Download Link: Word Building 

Subway Bunny Adventures - Endless Fun with This Endless Runner


If you are into mobile gaming then you’re definitely familiar with the running games where you have to keep running for as long as you possibly can in order to score the highest points. Getting a high score or beating a friend for a better score? Those are some of the most satisfying experiences. And these games provide some of the best you can get. As this category is one of the favorite for mobile game players we present a game we found recently and took our attention called Subway Bunny Adventures.


What is Subway Bunny Adventures and how to play it?


At Subway Bunny Adventures you character is a sweet bunny that tries to escape the police man and running into obstacles while trying to get the highest score and collect as much as possible coins. The graphics are pretty good, controls are easy as all you need is just to swipe right, left, up or down. Right and left for changing the lane the bunny runs as you have 3 lanes you can pick from, up for a jump and down in order to duck and move under the obstacles.


Once you start collecting coins your mission will be to collect as much as possible so you can unlock new characters to play with. Also you will need coins to get new boards to have better movement and better response rate. There are also lot of other upgrades to choose from like jetpack, super sneakers, coin magnet etc. So, you should plan your purchase and think what would get you even more coins and advance you through the game. Don’t wait for more download Subway Bunny Adventures from the link bellow and start your adventure. 


Requires: Android 5.0 and up

Developer: Prozone

GooglePlay Download link: Subway Bunny Adventures