Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Strategy Game of the Week – Castlepoint


A few days ago we reviewed Castlepoint. This RTS game impressed us with its story, simple gameplay, and overall entertainment it offers. That’s why we decided to make it our Strategy Game of the Week. Read more about why.

Basic Intro - Castlepoint

Castlepoint is a new real time strategy game for android inspired by chess and old-style strategy games. Available to play in 1vs1 game mode against AI (the developers announced that soon there will be 2v2 and multiplayer modes) in which you not only need to get your heroes to the enemy’s area, but you also need to defend your area from the enemy’s opponents.  

Enjoyable, Versatile, Resourceful with Offline Availability

The retro-inspired gameplay accompanied with medieval-themed graphics and soundtrack is perfectly executed. Once you open the game, you can first view the How to Play tutorial. Once you understand the game (it’s really simple actually, and we already explained it here), you need to select an era and heroes. The goal is to get 5 heroes to your enemy’s area without allowing enemies to get in your area.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. There are 15 heroes and different areas to be explored. Choose from the different difficulty modes that require better strategy, quick decision-making, and focus. And with the new game modes soon to be published, and the ability to play Castlepoint offline, you are sure to be entertained. Try this fun new strategy game for Android on Google Play.

Developer: 3DGY SOFT oy

Google Play Download Link: Castlepoint