Saturday, September 11, 2021

Baby App of the Week - Calm Baby Sleep Sounds

Calm Baby Sleep Sounds was introduced here as the baby sounds app with huge selection of baby sleep sounds for your baby's peace and calm. Because we really loved this app and all that it offers for immersing your baby to sleep, we are pronouncing it as our Baby App of the Week. 


General Intro 

Developed for IOS users, this baby app offers a huge selection of calm baby sleep sounds like ambient sounds, loops, classical music, and mixes. It can help you immerse your baby to sleep and calm it down. The app offers peace and calm for the baby and relaxation for the mother. Combine your own mixes with millions of combinations with this app.  


App’s Features  

This baby app with its features offers the solution of peace, calm, and relaxation for both the baby and the mother. There are over 300 ambient sounds available and the chance to create millions of combinations from them. Sounds like white noise, womb, ocean, birds, heartbeat, dryer, car ride, fireplace, streams, storms and many more are available. 

Many ambient sounds, loops, classical, music and mixes for relaxation are available with unlimited number of selected sounds to combine in your mix. Adjust the volume and play the audio in the background to save battery. This is a universal app that requires no Internet connection and works in Airplane mode. Just play it to your baby to comfort him to sleep and relax yourself, all possible with this app. 

Download the app on App Store to calm your baby and immerse it to sleep! 

App Store Download Link: Calm Baby Sleep Sounds