Monday, November 30, 2020

App of the Day – Logo Esport Maker



What is Logo Esport Maker? 

A simple and versatile logo maker for you to create and design original logos on your phone with ease. It’s one of the most advanced logo design apps for you to make professional and impressive logos with variety of professional tools.  


Standout Features: 

  • Easy to use and versatile logo maker  
  • Apply 30+ different textures to your esport logo  
  • Easy to change color design touch 
  • More than 20 different fonts 
  • Transparent background to export it easily to other media 
  • Sophisticated editing tools for small changes in detail 
  • Create professional, unique and impressive logos 
  • 3D logos and 3D icons 
  • Huge collection of categorized Art, Graphic Elements, Shapes, Backgrounds and  Textures 
  • Professional photo editing and text editing tools 


Uniqueness: Medium 

Usefulness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 


Requires: Android 4.2 and up  

Developer: Wild Dev Labx.Inc 

Google Play Download Link: Logo Esport Maker