Monday, October 26, 2020

Daily App Recommendation – LR Filter: Lightroom Presets

It is a well-known fact that the presets for Lightroom by Adobe can turn your mobile phone photography into stunning one; however,  this app offers limited presets that are already used by millions. That’s why today we will present you a new app that offers new free presets for Lightroom that you can apply in seconds.

Introduction - LR Filter: Lightroom Presets

This simple Lightroom presets for photos app gives you tons of free presets to apply to your photography projects and social media photos. Catergorized and with desccriptions, you can find and apply unique presets that will make your photography stand out.

Discover, Favor, Apply

As a user, you can choose from a variety of categories such as Travel, California, Yellow, White, Vintage, Urban, Indoor & more. When you find a preset to your liking, you can read the description to see potential uses and then copy the preset and its settings to a particular photo in Lightroom.

Make sure to explore all the presets because there are some really amazing ones. You can also add the presets as your favorites to use them later.

Want to discover new presets for Lightroom and improve the quality, looks and feel of your photography? LR Filter: Lightroom Presets is definitely a must-try app. Get it now for free on App Store!

App Store Download Link: LR Filter: Lightroom Presets