Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Feedny – Create Polls and Get Opinions

For people interested in learning and discussing topics of interest with other people, there are tons of apps that offer this kind of experience. However, if you want to get relevant answers on any topic you are interested in, we have one app that offers you to create polls, ask any question and get opinions to help you learn more on any topic you are interested in. Read more about it.

General Intro
Developed for IOS users, this social polls and voting app is easy to use, offering you the chance to socialize and learn. Feedny offers a clean user-friendly interface and gives you the ability to create online polls on topics that interest you and get opinions of other users, asking questions and getting honest and relevant answers by other users to educate yourself and help others do the same.

App’s Features
This social polls and voting app has variety of features to offer. You can create social polls and use pictures. The app allows you to use up to 4 photos for your polls and any polls can be created in less than a minute with ease. Users can give you opinions on topics that interest you. All you do is ask a question and you will get answers by others. 

Experts and influencers are featured within this community that will give you relevant answers on many topics. Learn and socialize by browsing the home page, voting on polls, liking and commenting on posts and exploring questions and answers on any topics of your interest. Compare results of the polls you’ve created and limit questions to specific areas and locations to get opinions from locals. Discover new people and follow users to learn and socialize within the app.

Download the app on App Store to create online social polls, socialize and get opinions!
App Store Download Link: Feedny