Monday, June 1, 2020

Tap Game of the Week - Ballooned

We discussed about Ballooned here already as the color match puzzle with an innovative tap gameplay that will take you on an adventure and put your skills on test. We really enjoyed this game and all the wonderful features it offers so we decided to pronounce it as our Tap Game of the Week. 

General Intro
Ballooned is a color match puzzle game which is developed for Android and IOS users that would like to test their matching puzzle skills by color matching balloons and getting them to pop. With an innovative gameplay with simple tap controls as well as super entertaining sound effects, Ballooned will take you on one exciting puzzle adventure that will challenge your mind.

Game’s Features
Getting you addicted to playing fast, Ballooned will push you to think fast and hard in order to match balloons of the same color and pop them. To crush the balloons you need to connect the ones with the same color. Form loops of same-colored balloons as the balloons come from the top. Different strategic and mind-teasing levels are available in this game to put your skills on test and each level has a different goal for you to reach. 

Before you run out of moves you need to complete each level and get to the next matching puzzle. Power-ups like bombs, lighting, move and time freeze are available to help you through challenging levels. Complete each level and get scores and collect coins in each level to use them in the game’s shop for buying more lives, moves, and power-ups.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store to tap and match balloons to crush them!

Official Website: Ballooned
App Store Download Link: Ballooned
Google Play Download Link: Ballooned