Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Productiva – Plan, Track, and Achieve Your Career Goals

Do you find it hard to choose a career? Do you need help in planning your career goals and stay on track with the plan until you achieve them? No worries, nowadays there are apps to help you plan, track and achieve your biggest goals. When it comes to career planning and guidance, we have the right app for you to try. Read more about it.

General Intro
Developed for Android and IOS users, this career planner can help you find the career that suits your skills the most and set the goals you need to achieve it. Plan, track and achieve your career goals with Productiva, getting access to resources and connecting with like-minded people. Find the career path that suits your skills and follow it with the help of this app. 

App’s Features
This career guide with its unique algorithm can help you find out the odds in variety of careers and give you suggestions of career options based on the skills you poses. Choose a long-term goal and proceed by setting short-term goals to help you stay on track. To help you realize your goal, the app will suggest the resources you need such as articles, books and Internet videos. To every task you can assign priority and date for reaching the target and change priorities as you progress. 

Track your progress in each task and set reminders with custom messages for completing each one of your tasks on time. Get connected with like-minded people to share ideas and any materials you need for your career. The app will motivate you to follow your career goals by rewarding your for your progress. A small one-time fee can be payed if you want to get unlimited access to the app’s community feature without ads.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store to plan, track, and achieve your goals!
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