Tuesday, June 2, 2020

App Review – Telefit

Nothing beats having a personal health and fitness app to guide you and help you break bad habits. Among so many of these apps available, finding the most effective workout app can be hard. That’s why we looked and came across one great fitness tracker for you reinvent your health and fitness strategy. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction
This personal trainer finder app is a great tool for all people that look to improve their health, improve their fitness and meet their goals. Developed on Android platform, easy to use with clean user-friendly UI, Telefit can offer unlimited access to a wide range of exercises, healthy meal plans, and consultation sessions with professional coaches and a lot more.  

Database, Tracker, Exercises, and More
Telefit has a database with more than 5 million foods. You can scan barcodes to log food, add ingredients, log menu items, create your foods and save a favorite lists. Calculating calories from your foods is automatically done and with the app you can also track weight and water intake, syncing burnt calories from other apps for a complete daily net calories picture.  The app offers more than 1,100 exercises and routines and you can create your own routines. 

The video demonstrations are all in HD with description to help you learn to perform them. Goals for weight loss or gain can be set on the app or you can create your own goals. Connect with a fitness professional to set goals for you. In a graph format get all the progress you are making. Search to find a fitness expert that suits your needs and goals, message him and chat to help you stay on track. You can invite friends to join you and the progress you make can be shared with others on social media.

Download it on Google Play to set and reach your health and fitness goals!
Google Play Download Link: Telefit