Saturday, May 16, 2020

Tap Game of the Week - Pick Color

If you are looking for a casual fun game that will put your fast reactions as well as your focus on the test to train your reflexes, we already talked about Pick Color, the color match tapper that offers all this and more. That's why we decided to make this fun addictive game our Tap Game of the Week. 

Basic Introduction
This brain game is quite fun and addictive with sharp graphics and sounds offered and one simple to play and yet challenging color swap and color match tapper gameplay that will put your focus and reflexes on the test. Developed on the Android platform, this game requires from you to get the cube through the barrier with shifting and matching colors on time to get your high scores. 

Gameplay, Scores, and More
Pick Color offers you to go on a color swap quest that will put on the test your reactions and your focus while you try to be fast and switch the colors on time for the square to get through the barrier. From top to bottom, in this game the cube is bouncing and to pass through the barrier and get to the other side, the cube needs to be the same color as the rectangle. 

Use taps to control the rectangles in the barrier and choose the right moment to swap the color and get your scores. Try to get through all the barriers you can to win high scores. Enhance your focus with this color matching game and train your reflexes, maintaining sharpness while having fun on shifting and matching the colors.

Download it on Google Play to match the colors and get the cube through the barrier!
Google Play Download Link: Pick Color