Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Rocky – Guided Journaling for Mindfulness and Leadership

Self-reflecting and working on yourself and your skills every day can be really important if you want to improve and reach the most important goals of your life. How can you do that? Well nowadays there are apps that can guide you through the journey. That’s why we looked and introduce you to the guided journaling for mindfulness and leadership. Read more about it.

General Intro
Rocky is developed for IOS and Android users as a lifestyle app that offers guided journaling for mindfulness and leadership. With this app you can learn to practice soft-skills, self-reflect on your days and master reflective thinking to never fall of the track. This app would be a great choice for entrepreneurs, talents, high performers, motivated people, and all people that like to reach their goals. 

App’s Features
Learn to own each day and take control in your life, developing supporting routines and habits. All you need is to choose soft-skill you want to practice and describe your personal growth goal. Choose the favorite topics you like and change them when you want. Coaching questions in guided chats can be added to your diary and priorities can be set for each day so you can reflect on the outcomes daily. Make effective progress and develop mindful leadership traits with the app’s user-friendly interface and journaling-like chat-bot. 

Rocky offers challenging questions and curated content like tips, inspirations and motivational quotes for you to gain competence. With easy to understand content and various personal development tools you get a personal guide and training for your skills of choice. Ideas, comments, and questions can be shared with like-minded people. The articles available follow up on all starting experiments and best practices. Like articles, set reminders and give advice to people, accessing thousands of leadership coaching questions with optional subscription on the app.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store learn to take control and develop leadership skills!
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