Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Parent Sense – Make Every Step of the Baby’s Development Enjoyable

The first year of a newborn's life can be critical for his or her mental and physical development, but it can also be tough to navigate everything that goes into making sure they're healthy and thriving. That's where these baby apps come in. We came across one amazing baby app that offers all tools, tips, and knowledge you need to take care of your newborn. Read more about it.

General Intro
Developed for IOS users, this baby planner, tracker and scheduler is easy to use and quite advanced offering an all in one tool of tips, knowledge, baby guide books and tools to track each step of your baby’s development. This baby app can guide your baby in a flexible feed and sleep routine, schedule and plan its routines, and help you make each stage of your baby’s development smooth and enjoyable.

App’s Features
With Parent Sense you get to craft the perfect routine for your baby depending on its age, prematurity, feeding methods, sleep times and more. Get tips and a weekly summary of your baby’s sleep, health, feeding and milestone outcomes. Learn what to expect at each stage of the baby’s development. Developmental outcomes for each week are given and daily routines are available for what to feed your baby, sleep times and feed times. Track the baby’s sleep cycles so you know immediately if anything changes. 

Learn what to feed the baby and when with the feeding tracker and get tips for quantities and balanced nutrition. Track the weight of the baby as well as the vaccination and get notifications for any upcoming vaccinations too. Health tips are given daily and the parenting guide can help you in each step of the development, taking all the guess work of your baby’s care.

Download the app on App Store and Google Play to make every step of your baby’s development enjoyable!

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