Thursday, May 7, 2020

Education Game of the Month - Sight Word Superhero

Sight Word Superhero was already discussed here as the educational game for kids that is super fun to play and very engaging, offering a gameplay and game features that will keep kids entertained while they learn sight words. We liked this app so much, we are pronouncing it as our Education Game of the Month. 

General Intro
Sight Word Superhero is developed for Android and IOS users as one very fun and engaging kids’ educational game that is very easy to play. With great design and cool sound effects, the game will get kids interested in learning and playing. In this game, kids get to learn sight words while they have fun defeating bosses and completing exciting levels by hearing words and selecting the right sight word.

Game’s Features
With variety of fun learning features and an engaging fun gameplay, this game will keep the kid’s attention each time. Using magic, the witch stole words from the kids’ favorite story books and the kids’ task will be to take those words back. Different levels are available where kids get to fight different bosses in order to complete the levels, get the words and unlock new sight word stories and new game features too. 

Kids have limited time to complete each level and select the right sight word. For each completed level, kids get coins for their achievements. The fun mini games and the timed mode offer power-ups. This game can be customized by parents or a teacher. The timed mode gives choices for words that appear. Sigh Word Superhero has a 5 star review from Educational App Store. You can also choose between an American boy voice and a British woman voice too.

Download the game on Google Play and App Store for kids to have fun learning sight words!
App Store Download Link: Sight Word Superhero
Google Play Download Link: Sight Word Superhero