Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Priventis Security Assures Ultimate Security & Privacy for Your Android Smartphone

If you want to feel safe and secure when using your smartphone and to protect your phone’s privacy, there are variety of tools especially designed for this purpose. To make the search easier for you, we looked and discovered an all in one app that offers the protection and privacy you need as well the tools you need to improve your phone’s performance. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction
This mobile tool offers an advanced protection and security. Developed on the Android platform, this all in one app is a great choice because it offers your phone a perfect antivirus security, VPN, junk cleaner, and a booster, malwares protection with high speed scanner, secure web browsing, cleans your phone from junk files and manage apps as you like and normalizes the speed and performance of your phone.

VPN, Antivirus, Booster, and More
Priventis Security with its advanced algorithm includes a ram booster, a cache cleaner, a junk cleaner, a storage and memory cleaner for improving the speed and performance of your mobile. The scanner has high speed and it will detect apps that need permission to access your phone so you can review each app and mark it to remove it or as trusted. 

Online security and privacy is given to you with the app’s VPN service so your online activities are protected and you anonymously surf the web. Prevent unauthorized access from accessing your apps with the app locker and use the same feature if you need to restrict some apps from kids too. You can lock apps as well by setting patterns. When you don’t use some apps you can remove them quickly with the one click app manager available.

Download it on Google Play to secure your phone and improve its performance!
Google Play Download Link: Priventis Security