Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Cash4Brain – Answer Questions and Win Gifts

Quizzes are quite popular among smartphone users that like to always learn something new but in the same time have fun playing. Tons of these apps are developed which makes it hard to find something different but yet simple and fun to keep your attention. We discovered one great general knowledge quiz to test your knowledge with the chance for you to win gifts.

General Intro
Cash4Brain is a fun general knowledge quiz that offers you the chance to enjoy learning while testing and improving your general knowledge. Developed for IOS and Android users, this quiz app is very simple and user-friendly with attractive design. To win scores and get a chance to receive cool gifts in this quiz, all you need is to answer the more questions you can correctly.

App’s Features
Create your account to start the quiz and answer questions daily to win stars for every correct answer on the quiz. Collect and use your stars on the special challenge within the app each Friday if you want to increase your scores. Each level in the quiz has 25 questions and 25 stars. In the variety of levels available, you will get to answer different questions and each level brings you a different prize you can win.

Only one player can win the gift, the player with the highest scores collected. Answer questions correctly and answer the fastest you can to get the highest scores. Complete levels and unlock new ones to challenge yourself and get the chance to win even more interesting gifts. Share the app with friends so when they play and win, you win too. 

Download the game on Google Play and App Store to answer questions and win gifts!

App Store Download Link: Cash4Brain
Google Play Download Link: Cash4Brain