Thursday, February 13, 2020

Super Jon’s World Will Take You on A Super-Fun Adventure with a Classic Platform Run & Jump Gameplay

Platformer games are among the oldest and most popular games offered online. This is because platformer games are offered with fun yet straightforward gameplay. Due to its popularity, many platformer games that were released recently can now be accessed and played using your android smartphone. If you love this kind of game, read on, because today we have one of the best new ones for Android – Super Jon’s World.

Basic Introduction

Super Jon’s World is a new android platformer run and jump adventure where you need to get your character safely to the castle. With a variety of cool environments, hard obstacles and enemies on the way, you can either jump or fire your way through. The game requires focus, fast reflexes, and anticipation, and that makes it fun to play. Especially since you have limited time and lives.

Crazy Adventure with Fun Boosters

We loved how the game offers great gameplay, easy controls, and exciting obstacles and enemies. Along the way, you may also collect coins and stars. But don’t get greedy, as collecting them may lead you to lose the game because of the risky jumps.
While the game starts easily, in some parts it may be too hard. Here is where the available boosters will help you collect many coins, protect yourself from outside danger and pass through your enemies.
The game is fun, challenging and a must-try for all platformer games fans. Try it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Super Jon’s World