Thursday, February 13, 2020

Play to Learn about Inspiring Black History People - Black History People Game

What is Black History People Game?
A fun and casual fast paced trivia game that does not require any previous knowledge, just touch and spell to recall the greatest black history people of all times. It’s one of the most inspiring educational games to build awareness of black history heroes.

Standout Features:
  • Enjoyable casual fun for all ages
  • Super easy to play
  • Harmonic Hip Hop music
  • Turn music on or off
  • 30 engaging levels
  • Builds awareness of black history people
  • Perfect for tablets or phones
  • Touch, spell and score
Uniqueness: High
Fun of play: High
Potential of going viral: Medium

Average rating: 5.0
Compatibility: IOS 12.2 or later
Requires: Android 4.1 and up
Developer:  Quikthinking Software
Official Website: Black History People Game
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Google Play Download Link: Black History People Game
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