Sunday, February 16, 2020

Shopping App of the Month - findThat

Users that want to buy and sell online with ease and find the best deals around them were already introduced to findThat, the online classifieds that makes buying, selling and advertising online possible without much effort. We enjoyed this app and all that it offers so much, we are pronouncing it as our Shopping App of the Month. 

Basic Introduction
findThat is developed on the IOS and Android platform as the local online classifieds for users that like to easily buy or sell, finding the best deals near them. Discover services, advertise, sell, buy and make money with this app that offers a clean user-friendly interface with variety of features to choose from. International users can also use the app to search and find the best overseas deals.

App’s Features
Safe and hassle-free experience is guaranteed on this app and you can make money, sell, buy and advertise with ease. To sell items, snap photos of the items, list them within seconds on the app. You don’t need to pay any additional fees for listings or transactions. Your ads are quickly listen on the app and if you have questions about any ads, you can read open questions and even meet other people from the community. 
Read reviews, leave reviews and give ratings within the community. Browse through variety of categories to find the best deals and message sellers using WhatsApp. In your ads you can include YouTube videos or share the ads on social media. If you have any issues with untrue sellers or questionable items, report it. Fantastic subscription plans are available for traders and agents and you can choose a membership depending on your budget.
Download the online classifieds on App Store and Google Play to buy, sell and advertise with ease!
Official Website: findThat
App Store Download Link: findThat
Google Play Download Link: findThat