Thursday, February 6, 2020

App Review – RSVP’d

Invitation cards convey that you are celebrating something special in your life which is close to your heart. The celebrations get even more important when it is joined by the loved ones from your relatives and friends. Nowadays you can create invitations straight from your phone. That’s why we wanted to discuss RSVP’d the first invite app that allows you to create but also send and receive invites.

Basic Introduction 
With RSVP’d the invite rsvp app developed for both IOS and Android users, you can effortlessly, without wasting much time, send and receive unlimited digital invitations to family and friends. The app is very easy to be used and it works as well as a meeting scheduler, scheduling app, event organizer and booking app to help you in organizing your events with reminders so you never again miss any event.  

App’s Features 
Make reservations for services, book services, send and receive unlimited invites with RSVP’d. Invites can be also sent through Twitter and Instagram usernames as well as through phone numbers. You can choose and select any of the response options and put notes with the invites you send or even insert images into the invites or capture them with your phone’s camera. 
Any of your invites can be saved into the calendar of your phone easily. Invite up to 25 people with each invite and responses from invitees will be listed in different response groups along with their notes for each created invite you send. For this app to work, the people you invite with it have to have this app installed and registered on their phones too.
Download the app on App Store and Google Play to organize events, send and receive invitations!
Official Website: RSVP’d
App Store Download Link: RSVP’d
Google Play Download Link: RSVP’d