Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Touch Me Not – Follow the Path and Make the Ball Reach Home

Looking for a new challenging arcade to play on your phone? Among so many of these games developed, finding a dynamic arcade with an innovative concept can be hard. That is why we are here to talk about Touch Me Not, the simple, fun and yet demanding drag line arcade game that will put your skills on test with each new level you try.

Basic Introduction
This challenging and yet fun don’t touch game will get you hooked with its exciting gameplay fast. Developed on the Android platform, Touch Me Not is very dynamic and it will challenge your fast skills and precision as you try to make the ball reach home without touching the wall. Get challenged and enjoy this do not touch the line crash quest. 

Game’s Features 
The rules in this drag line arcade are simple, just drag the ball to follow the path and don’t touch the lines, collecting the diamonds on the way. Tons of exciting levels are available as well for 3 game modes to test you. See how long you can go in the quest. In various levels of Touch Me Not, the challenges can be quite difficult to complete. 
The first levels are simple but as you progress further they are getting more complicated. Be calm, precise and very attentive, showing your best skills and getting through the most demanding paths and make the ball reach home while avoiding all the obstacles on your way. 
Download the game for FREE on Google Play to follow the path and make the ball reach home!
Google Play Download Link: Touch Me Not