Thursday, January 2, 2020

News & Magazine App of the Week – USA News

A few days ago, we reviewed USA News. This US news app impressed us with its simplicity, great reading experience and variety of media sources included. For that reason, it is our News & Magazine App of the Week. Read more why!

Basic Information

USA News is an Android USA newspaper app where you can find, favorite, share and read news from 1000+ US media sources. Divided into 3 basic sections and lightweight, the app offers one of the neatest reading experiences seen in a news app.

How it Can Help You?

The app accumulates tons of relevant news sources. With 1 tap you can save your favorite news sites and read news from them. You can explore the list of media on the front page or simply search in the bar for a specific medium. You can also explore newspapers by state and category.

To make your reading experience the best possible, you can change fonts and size until you make the reader to your best possible preference. Additionally, you can share any of the news you read on various social media & messaging apps.

If you feel that some of the media you know and like are not present in the app, you can also suggest them to the creators of USA News and they will be added for later viewing. The app is free and available on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: USA News