Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Music App of the Month - Tips Bucket

Tons of music app are available for you but if you enjoy live music or you an artist looking to promote music and get tips, we discussed Tip Bucket here a couple of days ago as the app for all live music fans and artists. We were impressed of the innovative features it offers and we decided to be our Music App of the Month.

Basic Intro
Tip Bucket is the innovative one-stop music platform for all fans and artists of live music to connect. This music tool developed on the IOS & Android platform offers a friendly interface with advanced features for fans to discover live music, tip artists and much more while artists can get tips, sell their merchandise and engage with their fans while promoting their music. 

For Fans and Artists 
As a fan of this essential music platform, you will never miss a show again. Track your favorite artists, discover new bands and original music, tip artists directly from the app, find music based on genre, venue, location and artists, request songs in real-time on gigs, buy artist’s merchandise and listen to sample songs. 

On this music app, artists can easily promote their new music, sell their merchandise, engage their fans and get more tops. Tip Bucket offers artists to get 90% of the sales and tips that go through the app while fans are guaranteed a secure, fast and cashless way to show their appreciation for their favorite artists.

Download the one-stop music solution on App Store for all live music fans and artists!

Official Website: Tip Bucket
App Store Download Link: Tip Bucket
Google Play Download Link: Tip Bucket