Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Knockout Boxing VR - Be Part of the Thrilling Boxing Ring Experience

If you want to experience the most realistic boxing ring experience directly on your smartphone, all you need is the right VR boxing game. To help you with the search, we discovered Knockout Boxing as the best combination of VR and AR gaming that will bring you lifelike boxing experience every time you play it. Read and learn more about it.

General Intro 
With Knockout Boxing VR, the exciting and realistic VR boxing game, players will enjoy a clear design with stunning graphics while the game offers simple VR games UI/UX with the best VR boxing gaming experience directly on your device. Developed for IOS and Android, the game offers you to learn new tactics, train and participate in lifelike matches to try and box off your opponent. 

Levels, Matches, and Leaderboards 
On the game, you will enjoy the great VR and AR gaming combination while learning to gain control over opponents and rule the ring. Coaches will give you real-time instructions and comments and you will learn new boxing combinations so you can move up levels and win more matches. Follow the VR games instructions and create cardboard game equipment, earning points by participating in matches or drills. 
Lifelike matches and tons of levels are available where you need to box off the opponent to move up the leaderboard. With different characters and remarks, exciting background music and sounds and cool boxing match stadium and audience, the game will bring you a realistic boxing experience every time you play, learn, train and box.
Download this game on App Store and Google Play to be part of the thrilling boxing ring experience!
App Store Download Link: Knockout Boxing VR
Google Play Download Link: Knockout Boxing VR