Thursday, January 30, 2020

Education Game of the Month - Math Challenger

Keep your kid engaged while learning with a fun and interactive education game for smartphones. To help you out in choosing the right game for this purpose we already discussed about Math Challenger but because of all the features this game offers, we are pronouncing it as the Education Game of the Month.

Basic Intro
With Math Challenger, the interactive, social and easy to play math learning game designed for kids age 5 and up, kids can practice the four basic math operations while playing and engaging. The game is developed for IOS and Android users, offering a friendly interface and entertaining design to keep the kids interested while they play, learn and practice math.

Game’s Features 
Kids in this math learning game can choose between playing and practicing as single players or kids can join groups and interact while learning and playing. Math Challenger offers to practice the 4 basic mathematical operations: multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. The game’s easy mode offers kids to practice and has fun while with the timed play mode kids can test their mathematical skills while trying to solve the operations with a limited amount of time.

Just choose a player, edit the player as you like and add players to a group to play and learn with you. To roll the dice, just tap the cup and solve the operation. Get a bonus for playing it right to get a lead against the other players. 

Download the game on Google Play and App Store now to have fun, play, interact and practice math!

Official Website: Math Challenger
App Store Download Link: Math Challenger
Google Play Download Link: Math Challenger