Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Arcade Game of the Month - ThiefBoy Run

We introduced all lovers of exciting and challenging endless running games to ThiefBoy Run, the game that will push your boundaries as you try to overcome all obstacles and win. We loved this immersive game world and what it offers so much, we decided this game to be our Arcade Game of the Month. Read and learn more. 

General Introduction 
With stunning details, amazing visuals and exciting immersive gameplay, this endless running platform game will push your boundaries with something new and exciting each time you play. Developed on the Android platform, in this game you need to run and jump, using all the tools offered and your skills to complete the levels, overcome the obstacles and win.

Game’s Features 
No Internet connection is required so you can play the game whenever you want to. Collect as many coins as you can when you play and use those coins to unlock new characters. To have even more fun playing, customize your game experience. With randomly generated levels, your skills will be tested with a different set of enemies in different worlds. 
It’s really easy to play in this immersive platformer world. Just use 3 buttons to jump and shoot enemies and when you lose a level, you will restart in a different world. On your way, you will find many traps, challenges, and enemies so you need to overcome all those obstacles to win the game.
Download this game on Google Play now for free to run, jump and shoot enemies!
Google Play Download Link: ThiefBoy Run