Monday, December 2, 2019

Where is My Soup? Is a New Super-Fun Word Search Puzzle for Android

Word games have been a part of my life (or anyone else’s) since school when my English lessons involved such word making adventures. Coming back to 2019, the very essence of the word-making games lives in me, and I, much like various other grammar Nazis, have a thing for expanding our vocabulary.

That’s why today we introduce you a new word game called Word Search 2020 – Where is My Soup? that will challenge you if you’re already fan of this genre looking for new challenges to beat the boredom in your free time and replace it with some mind exercising gameplay.

Short Introduction – Where is My Soup?

Where is My Soup? is a word search puzzle in which the goal is to find the proper words by swiping before the times go out. It leads you on a fun quest with unique story where you need to show sharp thinking and great vocabulary.

Challenging Word Puzzler

If we can describe this game with two words than they are: addictive and challenging. The word game features high-quality graphics and a colorful style that surely won’t leave you indifferent. About the words language you can also change between Spanish and English.

When you get stuck or nervous you can use the hints as game assistance or use the roulette wheel to get the daily prizes. Beating the timer, collecting rubies, unlocking new stages and completing levels with all languages are the challenges that await the future players of this exciting and mind teasing game.

Word Search 2020 is available for free downloading on Play Store link below.

Google Play Download Link: Word Search 2020