Thursday, November 21, 2019

Vloggah is a New Vlogging App That Everyone is Talking About

We’ve all read those condescending profiles about millennials and their habit of pointing cameras at themselves for a living. But has anyone actually tried to make a vlog filled with attractive content that people actually watch and share? Today’s app that we will cover gives the opportunity to fulfill your vlogger’s dreams.

Short Introduction

Vloggah is a social vlogging app enabling you to create, edit and post video material on your vlog channel. The videos can be live or can be uploaded as already recorded. Another purpose of this app as vlog editor to trim and edit your vlogs is that it can be a great platform to create your channel where you can post your unique material, grow an audience and become the next vlog star.

Source of Great Vlog Videos

Another important thing that we should emphasize about Vloggah is that it also is perfect for hardcore fans of vlog videos because it lets you find the finest one in many different categories from sport vlogs and family vlogs, to personal and fashion vlogs. While the app has just rolled out, you can find some cool content.

Like other social/online platform, Vloggah also offers the opportunity to follow other users and vloggers and to communicate with them or to comment on their vlog media.

For all of you who find Vloggah to fits your taste and interest visit the Google Play & App Store links where you can read more info or download free.

App Store Download Link: Vloggah

Google Play Download Link: Vloggah

Website: Vloggah