Monday, November 18, 2019

Status Saver for WhatsApp is a Helpful Whatsapp Tool

Smartphones are, at their core, tools. Because of this, many developers have created tons of tools for them that work really well. The genre is actually quite diverse. There are tons of Android tools and utility apps out there. You can do a whole bunch of stuff with Android.

However, we have made little research and found quite useful app called Status Saver for WhatsApp
Short App Intro

This status saver app is a helpful status saver tool for WhatsApp users who are active on the WhatsApp messenger, sharing stories, etc. Using this application will allow you to download or share your WhatsApp status, avoiding ads and other distractions.

How does the app work?

There are a few steps that we will explain how the app works. The first step is to find the status you're interested in, then open the status saver option to choose the download option and final step to hit the save button. Status Saver can also fit and on the other platforms like Business & GB etc.

It’s easy to use and you can collect your desired statuses or HD images to the gallery, then you can enjoy it with In-Built WhatsApp Status Viewer and Video Player. We must emphasize that all the users who want to re-upload some of their collected statuses should first get approval from the original author of it.

More details to read about Status Saver for WhatsApp visit the Play Store link where you can also download for free.

Google Play Download Link: Status Saver for WhatsApp