Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Social App of the Month – Taggery

Taggery is a new social app that offers great tools to make your social life is more enjoyable, more entertaining and functional. We’ve already made a review of this app on our site, but here we will emphasize why it is our Social App of the Month. 

Short Introduction - Taggery

Taggery is a social media platform app which offers tools to enhance the quality of your social media activity and the time you spend on it. Made from German company and initially released in Germany, Taggery offers a variety of features to enhance your social network experience of posting pictures and videos and enhance the quality of your social media activity.

Amazing Design & Great Variety of Social Networking Features

What’s cool about this social media app is the design and variety of features they offer to the users.
As a user you will have opportunity to discover great content via hashtags, post or view story, and enhance your reach by searching for hashtags and the Discover feature. You can notice on this platform that the videos are playing automatically and can be paused holding your finger on it for a few seconds. New updates and improvements are also coming because this is the initial release. So visit the official website to stay tune with it if you’re interested in this social platform.

Taggery is available for free downloading for android users at Play Store and App Store for IOS users.

Google Play Download Link: Taggery

App Store Download Link: Taggery

Official Website: