Saturday, November 2, 2019

MapTO is the new All in One Maps App for All Travelers Around the World

Most of you have heard of Google Maps and Waze, and you know those are navigation services, for which Android apps are available. There are quite a few more navigations apps available for Android, though, and some of them are really, really good. That’s why we here. We’ve done little research and found the MapTo app.

Why MapTo?

We loved the all-around usefulness of this navigation app. With 8+ key features, MapTo is an amazingly helpful navigation travel map app that can be used in different ways, like to measure your every movement or to find specific locations you are interested in, find nearby places and more.

Features & benefits

If you really want to know in details, MapTo can serve as a tool for measure your walking, cycling or driving speed or as an orientation and guider system when you visit new country, cities etc. As a user you will have the privilege to use the 3D Panorama 360 degree maps & amp, but also the advanced guiding voice commands that will lead you directly to your wanted destination.

The MapTo features with many tools and options like: route finder, speed detector/police camera alert, speed camera radar, traffic alert, my location, favorite feature, share locations, analog speedometer, compass etc. which makes this app a perfect partner on the road to never get lost again!
With all these handy features, we are sure you’ll find a way to make use of MapTo. Download it for free from the link below.

Google Play Download Link: MapTo